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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day the 54th New Year's Day

So, I was a total bum today, after my big "St. Crispin's Day Speech" on Day the 53rd...

And that's perfectly all right. January 1 was a day to relax and indulge--and I did. Oh, I did.

All right, all right--it wasn't that kind of indulging. I mean, I didn't go out and kill off a bottle of Grey Goose and use it to wash down, at all.

No, I ate a bunch of trail mix my friend Martha the College Buddy had sent me, and I lay around in my pjs on the couch all day and watched BBC's The Mayor of Casterbridge by the wonderful Thomas wonderful, so British, so depressing...I loved it, of course.

And I gave myself a wonderful pedicure and removed the black nail polish on my toenails that was still there from Halloween..and used this yummy stuff to get rid of the yucky dry skin and make my feet feel like satin...and used a face mask on my little face...oh how much fun that was...I felt like I had gone to Weltha Spa...

And finished Northanger Abbey by Miss Jane Austen, which I loved more than ever. Poor little Catherine Moreland--but what a happy ending for her and Henry Tilney...

Oooh....I forgot to mention, I saw TWO--count 'em, two--movies on New Year's Eve. Saw True Grit (yes, Jeff Bridges is extraordinary, and it's hard to see that lovely man he is under Rooster Cogburn-get up) and then saw Black Swan with Natalie ("if she's not nominated for an Oscar, there is no justice") Portman, and Winona Ryder and Mila Kunis and...Vincent Cassel, whose name should be pronounced with my hand miming a beating heart...

So...I had a lovely New Year's Day with No Guilt--because this is a Guilt-Free Zone. And I started a journal...but you will have to read Day the 55th (January 2) right underneath this post...



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