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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day the 69th

Once again, the exercise answer is NO.

I am terribly adept at ignoring ways to just do it. I mean, breakfast yesterday with a friend, an afternoon of errands, etc., and finally, dinner and a movie with another friend.

I didn't eat terrible things, although I didn't drink enough water. I did manage enough sleep--and everything I read says that not enough sleep impairs our ability to manage our weight.

And today is going to be philosophical--I've been thinking of the ways in which discontent can become nothing more than a bad habit. I mean, all of us want more something--more job security, more money, more "out of debt", more things we genuinely need. And unfortunately, American society tends toward immediate gratification. Not enough money to buy a new sofa? Put it on a credit card or use the store's charge plan. Never mind that you pay through the nose--you have what you want right now.

And the sense of entitlement--I see it in students at times, in adults, and even in myself. I'm tired of that. I have a feeling this is part of what has managed to make my weight go up. I'm entitled to eat (fill in the blank) because I'm single, I'm lonely, I don't have anything to do today, I'm bored, I don't have lots of money, I don't have a new sofa [are we detecting a theme here?], I can't buy a new car yet...

I've really had enough of it all. I mean, enough of this "I deserve what I want when I want it."

So...I'm listing some of today's things for which I am grateful right here on the blog:
  • The money I do have. It pays the bills and some is left over.
  • My job. I have one.
  • My blue eyes--I mean, I didn't do anything to have them, but I do like them. I like what I look like. Even the large, economy size, I like it.

So that's it...we only have today, and we really can choose to make it a good day and enjoy life, or we can be little brats and whine.

I think I'll pass on the whiny-osity...

And eat something good for me tonight. And run on the rebounder. Catch you tomorrow...




  1. You go, girl! I totally agree that we have a choice so we might as well choose to be happy.


  2. Scott / Bonnie--you said a MOUTHFUL!


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