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Friday, December 31, 2010

Day the 53rd New Year's Eve!

And the weight's already "down"--I knew it would be. Too much of the wrong stuff...It was a joy--yes, a joy--to get on the scales this morning. And besides....['s a secret] my undergarments are fitting looser...I KNEW I was losing real weight.

I think my SPARKLE is almost back! I hate losing my sparkle--do you know what I mean? When I was a little girl and I had been sick or was upset over something or was just "down in the mouth", my mom would say, "Honey, you seem to have lost your sparkle!" I think SPARKLE is one of the most important things to have--the sense that life is good no matter what, the enthusiasm to "get out there" and do what we need (and want!) to do, the sense of God's goodness in our lives no matter what. This has been a hard week in Weltha World, and I am so glad that it is ALMOST over and we are heading into a NEW YEAR. Sometimes, when we are saying good-bye to the past, it rears up and kicks us a good one. One of my BFFs had the same experience this week--and we have both decided life is too short to be involved in is to accomplish our purposes and it is also to be ENJOYED. I'm all about that enjoyment and that purpose-accomplishing!

Well, that's my story, and I'm stickin' wit' it...

My TWO RESOLUTIONS for the New Year of 2011:
  1. MORE...of movement and exercise, of raw and unprocessed foods--particularly fruits and vegetables, of the right amount of sleep each night, and of vitamins-minerals-herbs that my body needs. MORE of those things. And we know if I fill myself with MORE of these things, there's a whole lot less room for the other stuff.
  2. MORE...of great encouraging friends, of wholesome and healthy fun and frolic, of encouraging and loving other people, of being faithful at St. Jerome's and in the Choir, and of pursuing the dream and vision God Himself has placed in my heart.

Do you see what I did there? I decided this is not a year to be "giving up" things. I'm not giving up watching movies--or reading books--or just sitting and talking to friends; it's just that I will have to working these in with walking and rebounding and lifting weights. I'm not giving up chocolate--or ice cream--or cookies; it's just that I don't know where I will put them because I am going to be filling up with the good stuff.

I'm not GIVING UP--not on anything. is my New Year's Challenge:

  1. Make your life about MORE and not about LESS.
  2. Make your life about ADDING ON and not about GIVING UP.

And now, independent women (and men!) please post--either on my FB page or on this blog--what you are going to have MORE of in your life this coming year.

I don't use my blog to preach--partly because that's not what this blog is about and partly because some of my friends do not self-identify as Christian, and I'm not trying to badger them. However, let me say this about that: I end 2010 and begin 2011 more determined than ever to serve God my divine Parent and Jesus Christ my Sovereign and to accomplish by their grace and help--coupled with my own will and effort--the reasons I was put on earth, that is, the divine plan and purpose of God for my life.

Sermon over! [take up the collection!]

Let this be a GREAT NEW YEAR for you, and let us all allow the past to drop away as we forget what lies behind, and we reach out for that which lies ahead!

Thank you for joining me on my journey...I could not and can not do it without you! And what YOU are going to have MORE of in your life in 2011!




  1. I love it - especially the "more" not less idea...

    This year I want to drink more water
    Read a chronological reading plan of the Bible
    And take my girls for walks more...
    More love, more blessings, and more focus on what's important

    Have a lovely 2011 Miss Weltha!

  2. Happy new year. WE won't give up. Go team go. I love you very much - m


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