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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day the 62nd Sunday 1/10/11

And this is gonna be fast...Sunday...I ate nothing. I mean, I meant to eat something but I got into Major Cleaning Mode, and the day just zipped by as I cleaned in the kitchen, cleaned some more in the bathroom, cleaned on a closet in the bedroom...

I cleaned, Reader. I cleaned.

And I drank water.

And periodically, I sat down and read a book or crocheted on Jenny's baby's afghan or watched a movie.

But mostly, I cleaned.

It's like a metaphor for weight loss...we clean up our eating, we clean up our food habits, we clean out our bodies by not eating junk and by eating GOOD FOOD--and it's contagious. Each little change leads us to the next.

So here we are, 10 days after New Year's. Make a step. Even a small one. Conquer it. See how contagious success is.

Don't try to change everything at once. Change just a few--maybe just one.

And watch what happens. Does anyone have a success story out there?




  1. I'm taking baby steps here. I'm not consciously cutting anything out. That always backfires. But I'm making sure one thing I eat each day is an apple or another piece of fruit. I did it every day last week and today, too. (I think I missed a day this weekend.) What I did notice, is that today, after having an apple and cheese and some crackers for lunch, it seemed dumb to go buy a candy bar out of the machine. So I didn't. Whaaaaaat??? I know, right? Thanks for the inspiration!

    And now that I'm blogging a little myself, I totally understand your need for comments and followers. I'll do better about commenting, but I do read every blog. :)

  2. Nesser...this is brilliant of you. ADDING in and not cutting out. I totally love that you are reading my blog!!!

    And I totally love that you posted this because it's inspiring to all of us. Yes, we put in more GOOD to push out the BAD. I am so proud of you because trust me, I have been a major candy-bar-from-the-machine addict. Major one. As in, I need to go to a meeting about it!

    Love you and yes, we have to do Pei Wei sometime.


  3. I do the same thing when I'm cleaning-- forget to eat. I can't wait to see that afghan. The Lord loveth a healthy, well-fed crochet-er, and so do I.


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