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For every woman who has ever tried to just lose the extra weight and feel good...overall and about herself...and who lived to tell the story.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day the 109th

I will post again on Monday...No Saturday or Sunday posting this weekend but will post for both on Monday.

THE MOVE is this weekend, and I will be up to my eyeballs in moving and all the fun that goes with it this weekend.

In other news, I am going to buy a new scale and have thrown my old one out--it was just...not in good shape. I promise to buy one BEFORE my next Weigh-In Wednesday!

Major shout-out to my movers: Rack, Eric, Marke, Mike, Gary, Havah, Lee, Elmer, and Michael (he of the Cher-like legs...Day the 102nd...with his permission, I added the pic to the post...don't miss it...he's up to 61 page views and will probably never forget the trauma of it all...). Thank you, men and woman--you are the BEST!!!

And in yet OTHER news, I had a veggie bagel on Asiago at Old School this morning...and this is my tiny little the library for a few and then back home to continue to get ready...the hours are tickin' down...

Love you all--tune in on Monday!



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day the 108th

Today, I celebrate yet another of the dear friend Grammy Jean.(I's a weensy picture...and she is a little person...but there she is with MR. Jean and the grandbabies...)
But first, I have posted in the shout-out blog to Woodstock a picture taken at a Halloween party where he came as Mother Mary Woodstock in nun garb, fishnet stockings, and stilletos. [I showed up as Princess Alice Cooper Grad Student, which means I wore my Master's gown and hood, a tiara and loads of smeared black eyeliner. No, I have no pictures of that...why do you ask?]. Anyhoodle, he posed showing his lovely Cher-legs, and they are the envy of every woman I know, particularly me...

Here is the link to his shout-out on my blog and the picture of his legs...

And now...on to Grammy Jean...

Jean and I met because I was working one summer at my Christian school where I used to teach, and she had just become the Office Manager for the school's Superintendant. I was on a project, and we were both fairly new to the Wonderful World of Computers (does this tell you how long ago it was?). I sat right near her and sure enough, we bonded over WordPerfect.

And we have remained friends ever since even though I have done everything and its brother since that time, and she is the director of a wonderful organization that works with children with developmental disabilities. I have watched her children grow up, marry, have their own children, and through it all, Jean and I go to lunch about once a quarter, exchange Christmas and birthday gifts, and stay in close touch. To say that she has been a rock and a true friend is to call the Grand Canyon a big hole in the ground...

One of the things I love the MOST about Jean is that she always sees the best in any situation and always believes the best about people. She has always done this with me--and she has remained totally enthusiastic about my plans, ideas, people in my life, and where I go to church.

And yes, Jean is another one of those 24/7, 365-days-a-year-no-let-up sort of Christians, so when she says she is praying for me, I take it to heart and know that I am indeed prayed for. I say all the time that I don't know how or why prayer works, but that it does change things--as Bishop emailed me today, "it moves mountains!"

Here is the short list of cool things she has done:
  • Celebrated with me my graduation from grad school with my Master's in Language and Literature

  • Rejoiced at how happy I was--and am--to find St. Jerome's as my church

  • Laughed at anything funny I said

  • Commiserated when things didn't go so great for me

  • Prayed for me when I was out of work and broke

  • Given me the coolest and most thoughtful gifts--and I have them all to this day

  • Shared with me the comings and goings of her own life and allowed me to be a part

And you know what? In all of this, she became one of my Best Friends Forever.

Jean--you are also celebrating with me that I am losing weight and doing this blog! You are a true friend--one whom I will know and love for the rest of my life. I am so glad we worked together that summer...little did we know... is to real friendship, hanging together as women or buddies or whatever, and making a difference in each other's lives...



Wednesday, February 23, 2011


[drumroll...] And the envelope, weight today was....223-224.

I'm holding fluid. Either that, or the bagels done got to me...

Either way, I'm not worrying about it. Right now is not a normal time because I'm moving...packing, packing, packing, and dealing with various logistics. It's not horrible...but it's not like a picnic in the park (which, with our lovely weather, is sounding very nice right now...)

AND YES I HAD A BAGEL THIS MORNING, ALL RIGHT? I had the Veggie Sandwich on Asiago this morning. I mean, I just wanted to. It's a little treat.

It is not--as I frequently remind myself--the same thing as making a big bowl of Jello Chocolate Pudding and then eating the whole thing on one sitting. And yes, I have actually made the Devil's Food Fudge version WITH chocolate milk...and then we wonder why Weltha has been the large economy size...

Actually, we don't wonder at all. We know why...

Last night, I was extremely tired, and I went first to Wal*Mart Neighborhood Market only to discover that they did not--horrors!--have the Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus. I went to Food Pyramid, which did INDEED have it--and also an eyeshadow thingy that I wanted (a 2-ended crayon that creates the proverbial "smoky eye") and...get was not marked with a price. So, I took it up to the checkout and asked them to check the price because, see, if it was in the $6-7 range, I wasn't going to bother right now. But, if it was lurking around $4-5, was going home with me.

There was no price on it. Period. It came up as $0.00, which would have been fine with me, but the lovely young checker felt I ought to pay something (and she was right) so she charged me $1.50. Which is like nothin'...

I'm still smiling over that.

Today, I ate the rest of my Roasted Garlic Hummus later in the day after my bagel sandwich (and the hummus was kinda salty so let's blame it all on the hummus...) and then salad bar (are you getting tired of hearing that? Just for the sake of my blog readership, I may have to come up with a new lunch menu...) and probably nothing else today. I'm really not hungry right now, and it's getting time to go...

Choir practice tonight--and get this. Jeff the Choirmaster is a grandfather to a darling little girl. We are all very excited for him. She is a little sweetie...and he is a big (but not too big; Jeff the C has been losing weight, too, and is looking so skinny it's not even funny, but rather inspiring...) sweetie himself.

People, people, people. Honestly, I will be so happy when this move is over...but it's not the worst thing in the world. No, not at all, and if I'm complaining, I'll stop right now.

Love you all...and once the move is over, I'm hittin' the weight-loss and exercise good and HARD. There's that High School Reunion in October and then there are the holidays and Woodstock's graduation.

Not to mention who-knows-what-else...

Tomorrow, we have a major shout-out to another BFF--Grammy Jean.

Love you all...



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day the 106th

Tomorrow is...WEIGH-IN WEDNESDAY. Hope you'll be here with me to see what's goin' on! and of course, I hope that Bagels-R-Weltha haven't made me show up big on the scales...we will see...

Had some baba ghanoush from Helen of Troy for dinner last night, and boy, was it good. And it was devoured on top of warm, soft pita bread and washed down with Blackberry-Jasmine Tea from Old School Bagel Cafe. Yes, nummy-licious it was.

And this morning, I just had to have a couple of spoonfuls of cashew butter. Honestly, honestly, it's good. Just ask yourself, if you're hesitant to buy some, if you like cashews. If the answer is "yes", you'll like cashew butter. I prefer the "raw" variety and am convinced it's better for you.

Lunch today will be the ubiquitous work salad bar, but hey! I like it, it's good for me, and it's cheap. Yesterday, we had tiny little corn, and cherry tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs and mushrooms and really good lettuce (think "field greens") and raw spinach and...coleslaw. I love it. Love. It.

A thought for attitude is everything. I came to realize this as a member of the Choir of St. Jerome's. I went through a stage griping about the fact that I didn't "get" to sing solos--and honestly, why would I care? I mean, why am I in choir--to show off? because it's "fun"? Well, yes it's fun, but it's really a chance for me to serve my church and serve God. I am not a solo voice--I'm first alto-second soprano sort of person. I add warmth and depth--and I have a fairly good voice, but I really don't want to sing solos--and that's really not what I do best for the Choir.

I think it's pretty much the same all over. If I look at work as a pain and nitpick over every little thing that I don't "like," then I'm pretty much a jerk and a pain to be around. If I look for the things that are right--and here we go--have the Serenity Prayer attitude--courage to change what I can, serenity to accept what I can't change, and wisdom to know the life and the lives of others are much happier.

If I whine about what I "can't" eat, then...I'm a jerk and a pain. Honestly, do you know people like that? Whether it's an issue of losing weight or doctor's orders or whatever, they have to spell out in painful detail what they cannot eat and what they must anyone cares? My feeling is this: eat what you're served unless you really can't eat it--try to act like it's an issue of "full" or whatever, and only talk about what you "can't" eat if you are forced to. And be a good host--the good host never presses anything on people who say, "No." But back to what I can't eat--I tell people all the time that I can eat anything I want and drink anything I want. However, I choose to eat certain things and not others because no one knows what works well with my body like I do, and I enjoy feeling good and happy. And this is only when I am pressed about it. Otherwise, I keep my yap shut.

Whoa! I just read that, but one of the things most of us (I really include myself) have to master is just keeping our mouths shut--food or talk.

Honestly, I am so grateful to live in the US. I don't mean that other nations aren't great because they are. But I look at the difficulties and troubles other countries experience, and I am happy to be here. Life really is easy here--and I think I will end today with some things I am indeed grateful for!
  1. It's easy to find a variety of food. I mean, I can pretty much find whatever it is that I want and need to eat. That's huge.
  2. Reliable, safe drinking water. Add to this that I have a Britta pitcher and am going to buy a big Britta for at home--hey! This is a great thing. Too many places in the world do not have safe drinking water.
  3. The electricity is reliable. SO reliable in fact that we are always shocked out of our gourds when the power is off. Hmmmmm...let this be a lesson. Some places experience a great deal of the power being off.
  4. I feel safe. I mean, I feel safe physically and I feel safe from the government. I know that some people enjoy acting like Barack Obama is the spawn of Adolf Hitler and the Anti-Christ, but I don't fear being thrown into prison without benefit of the writ of habeas corpus. This is an incredible right.
  5. As a Christian, I don't fear persecution from my government for my beliefs. Yes, this matters. Sometimes people act goofy because I'm a believing Christian--that's their choice, but they aren't allowed to hurt me or use hate speech against me.

All right...spoiler! Soap box rising under my feet, but I think it's time for all of us to simply grow up and stop griping about every little thing. Yes, I think we must address injustice and wickedness wherever we see it, but the spoiled-brat attitude of too many US citizens is something I want to avoid. I want to be grateful for the good in my life, and work hard to eliminate those things that are wrong in the world--and realize that life isn't perfect or created to make me "happy" all the time!

And there you have it!



Monday, February 21, 2011

Day the 105th

Ah...moving toward...the move. Collecting boxes, putting things in them, throwing junk away...I love moving...I love it like a midnight fire at sea...(this from Dorothy Parker's "The Waltz.")

And yes, I had salad bar at work today for lunch. Very good salad bar it was, too.

But now, I want to talk about another BFF--and this time, it's one of the girls so I don't have to deal with "well, I WAS sort of embarrassed, but I know it comes from a heart of love, and it is what it is." Yes, yes...I love men, but they embarrass way too easily...

The picture of the lovely blonde above (and this picture does not do her justice because she is the most glamorous and put-together woman I know...years ago, she told me: "You need to wear more make-up, and you need to dress sexier. I don't mean 'what street corner you workin'?' but not so much buttoned up to the neck, and 'boy stuff'." I've been faithful in the first and am working on the second.) is my friend Debbie from California. She is the one whose blog, Ribbonwood Cottage, I follow, and she's also the one with the great Etsy shop. I love Debbie.

She is married to...Mr. Debbie (who would be rolling his eyeballs out of his head to know I had called him that. Mr. Debbie has been my boss not once but twice, and he is a major prince. He ought to be because he's married to Debbie.

In addition, they have two boys--Son of Debbie I and Son of Debbie II--and a lovely daughter who is as beautiful as her mom: Little Debbie.

Debbie and I have known each other for almost 30 years, and we have been through it together--rough times in both of our lives and also the sort of stuff that happens when people are friends for long periods of time. Let me tell you why Debbie is one of my BFFs (like my friend and blog-follower The Ringmaster, who has her blog at Because It's My Blog, I loves me a list...):
  • Debbie is a Christian--and I mean the 24/7, 365-days-a-year with no time off sort of Christian. She's serious about Jesus and following Him, and she has been a major example to me. AND a major encouragement. I can tell her anything and she will pray for me, and if she feels that God has shown her something to encourage or help me, she will share it. And she has been such a gift to know.
  • We have fun together--just put Debbie and Weltha together and we can have fun shopping, looking at clothes and jewelry, looking at magazines, watching Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald movies, and just sitting and talking, talking, talking. I miss her because she lives out in California and I live waaaaaaaaaaaaay back here, and because we don't get to talk much.
  • She and Mr. Debbie have her parents live with them--if you have ever considered what it means to have your parents live with you as they age and need more doctor's appointments and just generally have more needs, you know what it takes to do this. And she is uncomplaining about it all. All right, there have been the stray remarks about the chickens Mr. Debbie keeps, but she has gotten past her chicken fixation, and does it all with...if not always with gladness, at least with willingness, and that so impresses me.
  • Our famous shopping trip after she had Little Debbie--we hadn't been to a certain nearby mall, and this was the Big Trip to buy new things after the baby was born. We jumped in her Hyundai, put Little Debbie in a stroller, and ran like we were being chased by The Furies into the mall. Several hours later, we forgot where we had put the car...and ran around outside the mall with Little Debbie in the stroller hunting down the Hyundai...if you don't think this was a bonding experience, you don't know women...
  • The dress she made for me one Christmas--Debbie made this really cute plaid dress for me one Christmas and I proudly wore it to a wedding. I didn't have anything new or cute, and she made sure I did. This is a friend.
  • All the times I got to come over and decorate the Christmas tree--when you're single and you aren't putting up a tree, you can sometimes really miss the family things that people do. And I was always welcome to come decorate the tree and hangout for goodies and just yak. Of course, Mr. Debbie and I got into a major convo about a documentary (he's King of the Documentaries...sometimes to Debbie's chagrin...) on the concentration camp in France at Drancy and all the horrors of it until Debbie had to remind us that we were decorating a Christmas tree and maybe this wasn't the time to be discussing the Holocaust. Not to mention the time I got to come over and watch the Oscars because I had seen all the big movies and wanted to see the outcome. It takes real love to let your friend come over and stay until late on a Sunday night.
  • The fact that she has stuck with me--a few years ago, I made a decision that really bothered Debbie (and Mr. Debbie)--I mean, really bothered them. Sometimes, our friends do things that seem so...crossing the Rubicon...and we wonder what will happen with the friendship. And I think that because we do understand ourselves in terms of our friends, when a friend does something that seems...really out affects our sense of self. Anyhoodle, I am happy to say that Debbie and Mr. Debbie are still my friends--they wouldn't make the decision I made, and they don't agree necessarily with it, but they love me and have been extremely big people about it all. Trust me, if you knew what I was talking about, you'd understand that they have been extremely understanding and wide-thinking.
  • Her blog--Debbie has the coolest blog with all these pictures of really cool things she does with her table and china and her china hutch and decorating and more. And she has an Etsy shop of really great country things. You can see her blog at the right--Ribbonwood Cottage--and you can click on that and then her Etsy shop is right there. I'm really proud of Debbie because she has created such a great outlet for her God-given creativity. And sometime, I have to ask her about putting pictures all over her blog, because putting her picture and Woodstock's picture on my blog are the extent of my ability so far...and it was Debbie who encouraged me so many years ago to start blogging...
  • Her thoughtfulness--Debbie really cares about other people and is terribly thoughtful and kind. In a world where so many people are just in it for themselves, Debbie is a truly kind and selfless person. People, this stuff counts!
  • Her incredible fashion sense--in all the years that I have known Debbie, I have always looked up to her in terms of really looking great--doing cool things with her hair and her jewelry and her clothes. This might not sound like much, but when a woman does this without breaking the bank, oh, let me tell's major...
  • I have had a rough few years--really starting in 2006 when we realized I was going to have to have surgery for an aneurism. Debbie and Mr. Debbie flew out here to be with me. And then during all of the other difficulty in my life (and people, it has been is just now calming down which is why I have the energy and the mental space to lose this weight!), Debbie has been there faithfully. Faithfully. Anyone can be a friend when everything is fun and easy and happy. Very few people can and will stick with you when you are a cryin' mess for years at a time. When every time you turn around, it's another crisis. Debbie and Mr. Debbie have always "been there" for me. That's what counts in a friendship.

I could go on and on. Debbie is one of the dearest people on earth to me--her whole family is. Her children are just...outstanding men and young woman. Her husband is a great, great guy. And Debbie? She really is a Queen Among Women.

Someday, I hope to meet my own Mr. Weltha and plight my troth with him. Debbie will be one of my attendants because how else do you honor a friend who has been through thick and thin with you?

Debbie--I sure do love you, too.

And yes, I am being a good little eater these days, people. Here's a thought: who is it in your life who is a BFF--a Best Friend Forever?



Day the 104th Sunday, February 20, 2011

Readers, I was too busy. I'm movin', I tell ya, and I just wasn't able to post yesterday...Sunday...but so much to tell...

I think I am stress-eating. I don't mean I am eating huge amounts of chocolate or having pie or cake or french fries at Sonic or any's just that I have been Queen of the Bagels the last few mornings, and that's kinda all right.

I am so happy I have a great place to move, Rack B and the guys from St. J's are moving me, and it's all working out really well. But it's a big deal, and I feel a bit of the stress. And I'm treating myself. Little treats. Nothing major. And nothing that falls in the category of "Oh, honey. No."

It's not as though I decided to go to Cheesecake Factory and get one of their 2-million-calorie desserts. Or went to one of those chain restaurants that have 1300-calorie entrees. I'm not doing any of that.

And today, yes, I had a bagel for breakfast on the way in to work...with cream cheese but so what? I'm in this for the long haul. Besides, Francine said I looked GREAT at church yesterday. And that was worth everything.

Speaking of St. Jeromes, my heart is...broken. All right, all right, not broken (I was vaccinated with a hyperbole as a kid...), but our wonderful organist, Scott the Organist, is leaving us. He and his better half moved back out to the lake house and then he was offered a postion as Director of Music at a Presbyterian church. Hmmmm....let's see....tiny salary, limited control, 375-mile round trip commute each week to St. J's vs. better salary, total control of the music, and walk across the street...golly, so hard to choose.

Losing Scott hurts because first of all, he's one great guy. He's intelligent, sensible, really understands the spiritual landscape of our town (and it's quite a landscape...), and is an exceptionally gifted organist. Well, I think so because he plays it all just like I like it. It's hard to see them go--but we're all hopin' we'll somehow get to see them again. I've been promised a trip to the lake house and there you have it. But as good as change can be--and it's going to be REALLY good for Scott--it's difficult, and we will miss him. I love Scott dearly. Boo and hoo...

Went to lunch yesterday with the Church Gang at...Mazzio's Pizza and had the salad bar which was not half bad. AND...I am going to get in the habit of making up some salad dressing and taking it with me to church just in case we go someplace like that and then I have have my nummylicious dressing that doesn't have a bunch of yuck in it. And in my current fine habit of treating myself, went to The Brook for dinner and had a great salad with grilled chicken. And was waited on by the most stellar of wait-persons, Mark the Wait-Person. It sort of assuaged the impending loss of Scott the Organist as of March 6, his last Sunday with us...Jeff the Choirmaster referred to him as Benedict Arnold and immediately, the Choir thought, "Uh-oh..." But seriously, it's the best for him, and I am glad for that. And very envious of that Presbyterian church, although I realize envy is a sin and oh great, now I have to repent of that...

So...bigger things on my head than food right now, BUT, I also realize that I have such good habits in place that I am not going to go out and do something wacky.

And...I received an email from Dan T. I not only went to high school with Dan T but we were in kindergarten together (this back in the day of private kindergartens), and then in Junior High and High School. Dan is married to his high school sweetheart Jane, for whom I used to play piano accompaniment for her clarinet solos in band competition.) Anyhoodle, Dan told me that my 40th (yes, people, my 40th...) high school reunion is this October and YES, I am going, what made you ask? And there will be a lot less Weltha when I go...I am so excited about doing this! Actually, I should be extremely close to "wherever" when I go to the Reunion. This is a great thing.

I'll post tonight for today--Monday, Feburary 21, 2011. And I am going to do a Friend Shout-Out to one of the WOMEN friends because they don't get all wackadoo if you say something really nice. Although come to think of it, Poodle didn't get too bent out of shape...

I will try--TRY--to post every day but may not be able to always post to Facebook. You CAN "favorite" my blog and then just check it every day...I know...what a concept...

Love you all--can't do it without you. Sorry the comments doesn't work right all the time. It should be easy to do...I tried to set it up that way, but if you's lonely on the Weight-Loss Bus sometimes!



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day the 103rd

Oh Dear Readers, I did it. I ate it.

All right, before my readership conjures visions of me face-planting in a Sara Lee cake, the truth is that I ate the tamale entree at work's cafeteria.

I am a fool for tamales as was my father before me. These were the real deal, steamed in corn husks. Beef tamales. A bit dry-ish, but plenty of Louisiana Hot Sauce helped that. They were good--I had promised myself that the very next time they showed up on the menu, I would have some. And I did. I enjoyed them.

And now, it's back to very careful eating although I did manage to go to a Chinese Buffet and had mostly vegetables--why? All together now...because I like vegetables, that's why!

Today, I am putting all the finishing touches on plans to move--I have a very fine storage unit all rented (you know, one of those "environmentally controlled" ones--and for a good price), I have bought boxes and tape. I will be doing my Change of Address soon. I am excited.

Life is so good. Not perfect, but good. And I am so happy.

And that's it! I'm going to try to do a little friend shout-out in the next few days to another of my BFFs.

I have the best friends in the world--and the best people in my life.

You're one of them. Thanks for being here.



Friday, February 18, 2011

Day the 102nd

Yes, today is a shout-out to my BFF Woodstock. This is us at the Church Annual Meeting, and yes, for some stupid reason I decided to spike my hair. No, he isn't trying to strangle me...this time.

I tell Woodstock that he's the love child of Sergei Eisenstein (the great Soviet filmmaker--Battleship Potemkin, etc.--and Carl Theodor Dreyer (great Danish filmmaker...) He finds this amusing...

AND HERE ARE HIS CHER-LEGS ABOVE...Women, look upon them with envy...

But first, other matters at hand:

  • All RIGHT, get off my back but I didn't have the banana and cashew butter last night. I took myself to Pei Wei (may its name live in blessed memory) and I had steamed edamame and the Asian Chopped Chicken Salad without the friend wonton but with extra cucumbers and cilantro.

  • And then this morning, because I was feeling so...tired (warm weather = allergens in the air. Must. Use. Neti. Pot. Tonight.), I had a breakfast bagel at Old School, with ham on Asiago. Oh yes, it was good, and you're right, I need to knock OFF the bagel-a-day habit.

  • I have been so tired (see bullet #2) that I haven't exercised at all, and this weekend, although I am packing for Weltha's Big Move Down The Road (let there be trumpets and the Blue Angels flying overhead...), I am going to work in some walks and a jump or two on the doggone rebounder.

And now...Woodstock.

Have you ever had one of those friends you just love to bits and you can't really say why except that you just love them to bits? Well, that would be Woodstock.

Who is Woodstock...what is he?

Well, he's a graduate student, about a year away from his doctorate in Philosophy of Education. He goes to St. Jerome's and sings in the Choir--in fact, it turns out we now sit next to each other. I only have one word to say about that: "Phoebe!" He's brilliant, funny, has legs like Cher, can sing like Cher (well, he sings her stuff and he sings it great...doesn't exactly sound like her but then who does?), and he is my friend. He has two cats, Eartha and Sarah, and he says cats are always sweetnesses. He says other things too but this is a family-friendly blog...I'm totally with him on the cat thing.

How do I love Woodstock? Let me count the ways.

  • He sticks with me. Woodstock has known me during the time I was unemployed, having all sorts of issues on where I would be living, and not doing well with my bipolar meds. In other words, he has known me when I was a cryin' mess, and he still loves me and is my friend. That's HUGE, people. Anyone can be your friend when it's goin' great--he has been my friend through the storm.

  • He is intelligent. I mean, he reads philosophy and that's why he's in this doctoral program. He actually knows what Hannah Arendt published, what she said, and what it means. And he can quote her, although it's not like me quoting Milton. Trust me on this one...No, he can keep up with me when I'm talking about stuff. I like this. I like smart men. He's extremely smart. And he knows stuff I don't know. Well...and vice versa, but still...

  • He is funny. Wednesday night in Choir I had to mouth the words "Please behave yourself" at him because he was being terribly funny and I was giggling like a madwoman and trying to pay attention and not cause a ruckus. If you're my friend, you have to be funny. Woodstock qualifies.

  • He is the kindest person. When I was unemployed, he paid my rent one month [he's cringing as he reads this because he is extremely self-effacing and not the kind who wants to attract lots of attention. Unlike me.], bought me groceries, put gas in my car, got me cat food and cat litter, and even gave me mad money so I could do things like go to the movies. And gave me his second laptop. Which I proceded to spill water under (Mimsey knocked over a glass but I shouldn't have had the glass out...) and it now needs help. But that's not the point. He has been kind to me--and put up with me when I was a mess.

  • He is on my side. Sometimes, he wants to fuss at people he thinks haven't treated me fairly--he doesn't because he's more disciplined that way than I am but he speaks strongly about it. And he is excited at whatever good things happen to me. This is a friend.

  • He thinks I'm really smart and really beautiful. Again, this is a friend. And it's mutual (okay, I think he's handsome, not beautiful. He's a boy for Bob's sake...)

Woodstock is my friend. And I am his. World without end, amen. And yes, our picture together is the first one you see in our church brochure. So we kinda have to stay friends...which we were gonna do anyway...

By the way, he is actually cuter than his picture. And by now, he's really cringing at this post. Well, tough toenails, because I calls them as I sees them...

Next Wednesday is Weigh-In Wednesday. Mark your calendars!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day the 101st

And now...our big milestone has passed...

I mean, it's day 101.

I saw Janis this morning--she's the originator of the whole Blog Your Weight Loss Journey. It was her idea--and who knew how successful it would be?

I am finally, I think (I hope. I pray.) over the exhaustion that comes with the stress of finding a new place to live. There are still some details, but we're moving forward. I'm really excited about moving and having a new place.

Today, for the first day in...several...I didn't go to Bagel-O-Rama, as I am fond of calling it, for a bagel this morning.

And last night, I took myself to the wonderful and extraordinary Helen of Troy, where I grabbed a large baba ghanoush and extra pita, and then a quick run past Old School Bagel Cafe's drive-thru for a large Blackberry-Jasmine Tea before I went to Choir practice. Yes, I went into Choir with garlic mouth but no one seemed to fall over in a faint, and I totally loved the baba. If you live here in "my town", get yourself down to Lewis between 61st and 71st where you can dodge the crummy traffic as that section of Lewis is under construction and wend your way into Helen of Troy and get your baba on.

And today, I had a banana with cashew butter (yes!) and then at lunch, I experienced a first: I went to our cafeteria and got some fairly okay chicken stirfry and also some steamed vegetables.

One of the things I am loving is that I really make food decisions based on what is good for me...not just what I want to eat. All right, all right, the steamed veggies weren't the greatest but they were heavy on the carrots and steamed carrots never harsh my buzz.

I know that didn't make a lot of sense but I have long wanted to use the phrase "harshin' my buzz." There, I feel better.

I think I'll eat my second banana tonight before I leave work, complete with cashew butter... And I need to go to The Market at 81st and Harvard for some cool jewelry, because I need some big, chunky necklace with lots of black. If anyone had told me that I would rekindle my youthful romance with black, I would have said, "Oh, no, not gonna happen..." but here I am. Everything is either black, white or graphite. All right, there is some color, but I'm all about the black. Today, I'm wearing my new graphite sweater over black henley jersey and trousers. I like it. A lot. A who-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-le lot.

This whole journey isn't just about weight loss; I feel like a whole new person. I like it. I feel like I'm becoming the person I always wanted to be.

And that's a good thing.

And tomorrow or soon, I will do a shout-out on one of my friends...



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day the 100th

Have you ever noticed that when you make plans, life tends to happen? No, I didn't originate the cliche...just employed it shamelessly.

Today is Day 100 of the One Year Of Getting Weltha's Weight Under Control.

And I thought it would be a spectacular post today. Maybe I would do a shout-out and homage to a friend. Maybe I would say something really deep and meaningful. Maybe I would cure cancer or create world peace...

But no, that's not what's happening. This morning, because I have been tired, tired, tired from all the excitement of Finding New Digs, I turned off my alarm and thought, "I'll sleep just a few more minutes." I had set the alarm to 5:45 because I needed to get up, do my hair, iron my blouse, do my makeup and get out the door early to get to work...early. Why? Because I was going today to a funeral--the one I mentioned yesterday, for our St. Jerome's Cantor, Kathy C's father, and I wanted to look nice, particularly because a group of us from the St. J's Choir were going to be leading two hymns. And because we're Anglican, and Kathy's father was Assembly of God, these were two hymns that not all of our people were really familiar with. Well, they're ones we don't sing much or sometimes at all. Nothing wrong with either group--we just sing different things.

I mean, I didn't think all eyes would be on me but I wanted to look appropriate. That's why I took myself shopping yesterday for a dress--and saw nothing but stuff I wouldn't wear to a dog-fight (not that I go to dog fights. I'm just sayin'...) so I found a beautiful, elegant, long black sweater and decided to pair it with black trousers and shoes and a white shirt. It wouldn't have hurt if I had had a black necklace but I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

But I didn't get up at 5:45. Or even 6 am. Or even 6:15, etc.

I woke up--thanks to my cat Horatius barfing on the rug--at 7 am.

Keep in mind, I needed to wash and dry my hair and use my flatiron and put on make-up and iron the shirt. And possibly the trousers.

Instead, I took a major fast shower, put serum in my hair and combed it until it was in some semblance of good looks, tried to spray the wrinkles out of the shirt only to create more, and jumped into the clothes, dragged my make-up bag with me, and raced to work. But first, I felt mighty sorry for myself so I stopped at Old School Bagel Cafe and got a lox and cream cheese (with capers. Yes, capers.) on an Everything Bagel along with a Blackberry-Jasmine iced tea and sped off to work only to arrive at 8:30. I never arrive at 8:30. I like to arrive at 7:30 so that I can settle into the morning and then get started a bit early. But no...

Then, I slapped on make-up--and I do mean slapped--during my 10 am break and finally left out of here at 11:15 so I could be part of the practice. Which practice didn't happen and that's okay, but I mean, there I was.

Oh, and during the service, I flashed back to the funerals of both my parents so I sat there and tears leaked out of my eyes and down my face. At least Bishop--who was sitting behind me in our "off to the side" section--also needed a hanky so I poked Preston and got him to hand me a Kleenex. And it was great to be there for Kathy, and I took Rescue Remedy Pastilles like they were M&Ms, but I still felt emotional. And I left and came back to work and felt...that hollow, jittery feeling you have when you have been emotional.

So...I have had the Lox and Cream Cheese Bagel, 2 little lavash sandwiches set out on a tray at work from some meeting (they didn't seem to have too many awful things in them) and now, some cashew-butter-on-a-spoon. All washed down with filtered water and more Rescue Remedy.

The moral of the story is this: don't expect life to kow-tow to your need to Make A Statement On A Milestone Day.

However, I am happy to say that I'm pretty much--as far as I can tell--on target for my weight to be settled out by this Christmas. Which will be more than 1 year, but hey! who's countin'?

Tomorrow, I will be the smarty, sassy Weltha. I sat next to Woodstock at the service and he said I could post the picture Rack B took of the two of us at our church's Annual Meeting, so when I do the Woodstock homage, you will be able to see me looking much lovelier and you will see Woodstock with his eyebrow raised in askance. Or something.

Meanwhile, thank you all for being a community of bloggettes that lets me talk about frivolous stuff, about my weight, about my ongoing battle with actually exercising, and above all, about my life as it is happening.

Oh, one more zinger in this day: at work about 10 minutes ago, I spilled a great big wad of cashew butter...on the new black sweater. And yes, I have been manfully (womanfully?) trying to get it out and will have to do a little gentle soaking with some mild detergent in that spot. So much for a brand new, elegant article of clothing...

Through all of this, I'm smiling to myself because life is so very good. And I have you to enjoy its goodness with me. Thanks. I can't do this without you all.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day the 99th

I love the book of Ecclesiastes...especially the part about "a time to dance and a time to mourn."

Today is both of those.

It's a time to dance because I found a great place to live, good price and just all the things I needed so much. It's all working out--and I can move away from a place where I have known much unhappiness as my life continues to change and I become a "new Weltha"--not just in body, but at least in that. I will be moving out on or before February 28, and moving into the new place on March 7. Many thanks to Alyce (aka The Pearl) for giving me a place to stay for a week. And for having no problem with the cats being part of it all. Mimsey and Horatius thank her and all of you, as do I.

But it's also a time to mourn. Our St. Jerome's cantor, Kathy C., just lost her father from this life. It's never an issue of where people are for me; it's the issue of where they aren't. And although he had had many health problems, I would imagine that she would want him back, as the healthy vigorous man she knew as a child. Maybe I'm off here, but I know that's what I have wanted with my own mom--for her to be back, not as woman with health problems at the end of her days, but as the young, vigorous, strong woman I knew growing up.

So tomorrow, the St. Jerome's Choir (or as many of us as can be there) will sing at Kathy's father's service. I will be one of them--it's not possible for everyone, but it's possible for me.

And here I am, being very serious. Every person and every family is different, but I know that for me, nothing prepared me for the death of my parents. You only get two chances to do this--and one is your only father, and one is your only mother.

So...although I am happy (and relieved. very relieved) about having a great situation to move into, watching the details fall into place, I remember that a family is missing a relative, a woman is missing her husband, my church friend is missing her father--and all of them are dealing with a new world without him.

For me, a time to dance. For them, a time to mourn.

And I had another veggie bagel this morning and a cup of the blackberry-jasmine tea. Somehow, my blog on weight-loss and what I'm eating and whether I can force myself to exercise doesn't seem all that important. At least not today.

So...rejoice with me (and I know you will)--and some of you may also pause for a moment to think of or to pray for Kathy and her family and even to mourn for them.

There is a time for all things. Today is a time to remember that one life ends and a new life for the family as they learn to live without that person has just begun.

Tomorrow, I will be my usual sassy smarty self. I will probably do my shout-out to Woodstock.

But not today. I want to be quiet now before the mystery that is death and the sanctity of the loss and sorrow that Kathy and her family know.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Day the 98th--St. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day...and my heart is singing...

Here is why: I got up this morning and felt...lighter. So...even though Weigh-In Wednesday is not until Wednesday, February 23 [mark your calendars!], I just had to get back on the scales.

Well, it's a great thing I did because the local Poundage of Weltha is now...222.

I'm a losin' woman! Losin' the weight, that is. So I took myself for a combined Wowie-You're-Losin'-Weight treat and a Valentine's-Day-To-Myself gift. Went right to IHOP this morning and had the cream-cheese-stuffed waffles with plenty of syrup and an order of cheese hashbrowns...wait a minute! wait a minute! No, I didn't. Because if I had, I would be feeling so sick and awful right now.

No, I went to my friend Scott the Bagelman's Old School Bagel Cafe and got a Veggie Bagel on Asiago and a Blackberry-Jasmine iced tea (it's herbal; looks like panther pee and tastes like a little cup of heaven...). Sure, it's probably not something I want to do every day. Or even every week, and yes, I did it on Saturday so there, but I needed to give me a little gift.

A major shout-out to my best friend Debbie from California, who just became Follower #34 on this Big Bus Of Weight-Loss! In her words, "Yippee!" Her blog is one of the ones I follow, Ribbonwood Cottage, and if you haven't taken a gander, you should if you are an admirer of all that is cute and country. She also has the most excellent Etsy Shop online, and her blog links to it. Honestly, check it out of you are a country gal (or feller...) and need More Cute In Your Life.

And now...on to the topic of the day. It's St. Valentine's Day, and I wanted to give a major shout-out and tribute to some of my favorite men: The Men of St. Jerome's Anglican Church. Not one of them is a possible future "boyfriend" but you know what? Sometimes, a girl doesn't need a boyfriend...she just needs friends. And these men...they are real friends. I love them all. goes!

  • My Own Personal Jack McFarlane--always and forever BFF. You brought the fun back to my life, and I will always love you. As in...Always. Love. You. [cue Whitney Houston...]. We're in it to the end, we are, we are. If I listed everything about you that counts, I would have to devote an entire blog...and I mean the whole blog, not just one post, to it all.

  • Woodstock--my intellectual buddy and BFF who is so wonderful it's indescribable. Good look with the new hair-cut. You are the best and sweetest, my own personal Carl Theodor Dreyer. And legs like Cher...You have been my friend through the hardest times, and I will love you forever for that. And The Seventh Seal lies before us...

  • The Big Kahuna himself, Bishop Rick--the most spiritual, anointed, funny, compassionate, and "just like the Good Shepherd" pastor on the planet. You're one of the main reasons I love St. J's so much. You are the best--and I promise to personally sing "The Old Rugged Cross" for you sometime...You are the epitome of what a Pastor of the Flock of Christ should be.

  • John V--the biggest smart-aleck on the planet and one of the handsomest and nicest men I have ever known. No one cracks me up like you do. All the time. Every Sunday.

  • Andy K--you give new meaning to kind and compassionate and giving. And you are a man of great grace and courage. Love you, dearest Andy. You are ever in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Rack B--your friendship is a major gift to me. You are the dearest of men, and I think you're a prince. Not to mention one of the sweetest voices and sweetest personalities on earth. And you introduced me to The Pearl.

  • Eric S--no one cracks me up like you do, Eric. If you get any funnier in Choir, I won't be able to sing for laughing at you. And doggone it, you are the epitome of a person who serves others. I love that. And you.

  • Ken--there would be no automotive transportation in my life without you. You went above and beyond the call...and yesterday, you had me at "your mother's meat grinder." You knew it mattered that I got that back. You are the best of men.

  • Raul--I totally love your ponytail these days, and you are fantastic as our [future] deacon. Kind, sweet, funny and good--these words should have your picture next to them in the dictionary.

  • Lencho--all right, you're in San Angelo, TX, but you're still one of my favorite Men of St. Jerome's. Your friendship--your spirituality--your ability to hear from God to encourage me has meant...everything.

  • Eddie W--If the world holds a kinder and gentler soul, I don't know who it is. What a true friend you are--and when you get flustered in Choir and "say things" it tickles me. I love you, Eddie. You are a man among men.

  • Jerry J--possibly one of the most beautiful tenor voices in one of the kindest and wittiest men. I always miss me some Jerry J when you're not around. And I will never forget a ride on a hot day...

  • Paul G--I miss sitting next to you in Choir because you are way too funny in the driest way possible. Dr. G, what would we do without you? I think you are such a spiritual example, and I love your socks off.

  • Preston--You are the epitome of what my Mama used to say--dynamite comes in small packages. Small of stature, you are a giant among men, and I noticed you and your evident love for the Lord from the first time I visited St. J's.

  • Lee W--I love "just Lee"--my favorite "special date"--and I miss being in the Choir with you, you rat! Get that work schedule changed, and bring that tenor voice and great jewelry BACK TO ME. I loves my Lee.

  • Elmer W--from the first, I knew you were a keeper. You are always so sweet to me, and just the fact that you liked my blonde brownies at Virginia's party last year will endear you to me forever.
  • Marke B--I swear, I didn't know anyone could be as sweet and nice as you are without being saccharine, but you did it. I love your socks off, and just seeing you yesterday gave me a big major smile.
  • Mike F--no one rocks a bald head and a fedora like you do, and without question, you're just a big ol' sweetie. I love your sense of humor, and I love that you're part of us.
  • Jeff the Choirmaster--who knew that Choir could be so much fun or that such a small group could sound so good? You are one of my all-time favorite men, and the fact that you are the King of Weight-Loss and are looking so great is an inspiration to me. And I just love you, love you, love you.
  • Gary A--your schedules for the service rotation are always excellent, and just the fact that you and I agreed on a certain person's behavior and attitude at the Round Robin Dinner 2 years ago AND the fact that you forgave me for dissing Miss Ross...well, what can I say? I'm glad I joined up and drank the Kool-Aid...
  • Gary S--Mr. I've-Come-A-Long-Way-Baby...I miss picking you up for Choir practice and hangin' with you. You are the dearest man, and I just don't get enough of Little Gary in my life. At all.
  • Scott the Organist--you are such a kindred talented (not that I are!) funny...such an adult with such a wry take on life. You will never know the encouragement you are to me, and you played Bryn Calfaria for my birthday as the Postlude...I love that!
  • Terry our Pianist--Hands down, you win the nicest guy award in my book. You have been a major encouragement to me, and yes, we've got to do the overnight-at-the-lake thing when it warms up. I smile every time I think of you--AND your talent!
  • Scott the Lector--I love you to bits! You have the wackiest sense of humor and are one of the coolest men I know. There's just something about you that makes me happy every time I see you at church. Or out and about.
  • Dan my Hair Stylist--my hair--and Bishop's, and Poodle's, and Woodstock's--owes you a major debt because no one, no one, no one cuts my hair like Dan the Man. And on top of it, you are one really good guy--funny, caring, loves animals, loves are a gift.
  • Royal W--honey, you had me at "somewhere between John Shelby Sponge and..." Have fun up in Kansas but come back to see us every few weeks, because we can't do without you.
  • Cary--You are the funniest man...and whoever thinks you're quiet just doesn't know you. Period. At all.
  • Sam--My own favorite Sammo, the man with the Good Heart. I love you buddy, and I was so happy to see you yesterday. So. Very. Happy.
  • Howard--all right, you're not with us at the moment but here's hoping that will change. You are a king of men, and I love you.
  • Bob G--who knew that under that quiet exterior lurked Mr. Smarty-Pants himself? You have GOT to be one of my favorite greeters and ushers!
  • Murrel--I love when you drive your sports car in the warm weather. I love it when you kid me. What a great guy you are. You are living proof that like fine wine, age just improves us. You are one of my special men!
  • Rob R--you ARE going to join the Choir, right? You add much-needed calm and sanity to our merry band at St. J's. I'm so glad you're with us. SO glad.
  • Charles--you are the ONLY man who can tickle me in the ear and get away with it. Your bow-ties, your dogs, your kindness and goodness, your incredible talent...well, they do a whole bunch for me. You are a PRINCE.
  • Bill--Our evaluation of the lectorship of St. J's endeared me to you from the first. You are the handsomest man--and the nicest. Good job with Elder Care...looking forward to seeing you at Mardi Gras!
  • David V--Lector Deluxe of St. J's--and the only person who can cover over any goof-ups with grace and wit. You are one sassy guy--and if you want to borrow my chapstick, just let me know...
  • Richard Pierce--we joined up the same day, and sitting next to you is too much fun because you understand that this girl brings a lot of junk to church with her...the look on your face many times is so get me laughing with just a raised eyebrow.
  • Richard Patnode--the husband of the lovely Kat the Fellow Alto. So glad you're with us...and here's to you not being with us so you can be out on the road drivin', drivin', drivin'...the WWWD T-shirts will endear you and the Lovely Kat to me forever...
  • Ed V--I came back in and added you. You were so kind all those years ago to a stranger, telling me your story, letting me tell you mine. One of my favorite moments started with, "Don't call him..." Not to mention you telling me how little bitty child Ed bowed his head and asked Jesus into his heart.
  • Scott the Bagelman--we'll be seein' you soon on Sunday mornings I hear. You have been a great guy and a friend to me from the beginning. I have always just thought you were dandy, and I'm head cheerleader on Team Scott the B. Any man who fought in Desert Storm, likes BBQ, and is a friend of my BFF is just all right by me.

All right...I repeated myself some. At least 2 men crack me up the most. I love the socks off at least 2 men. At least 2 are my BFFs (well, that part is correct). BUT I WROTE IT JUST LIKE I BELIEVE IT!

Men of St. Jerome's--the coolest and realest men on the Planet. I love you all, and you are my Valentines. All of you. And if I left anyone out, please know that I love you, too!



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day the 97th

How do I love this day...let me count the ways...

  1. Went back to my home church of St. Jerome's today. I have been "on vacation" which has been extended by two weeks thanks to illness (mine, not God's) and the rotten weather last weekend. It's always fun to take some time away from our routine, particularly when we can't go out of town, but I got to missin' my home. And now, I'm back. And Bishop's homily was great--really made me think. As in really think.
  2. The weather is warm...up in the 60s. Yes, this is "my town" where we had this hideous cold of below zero and now a week's in the 60s and perhaps will hit the 70s. It feels so good, and the snow and ice are melting, melting, melting...
  3. Went to Pei Wei with Woodstock today. Woodstock is working on his doctoral dissertation and is preparing to write and present a paper at a conference. So...he has been sort of missing in action because he has been the proverbial Mr. Busy. But today, we yakked after church and then went to Pei Wei, and a good time was had by all (of my taste buds...again...) As I did with Poodle, I will write a blog about Woodstock soon.

Not much to say these is continuing apace, and I'm still waiting to hear about some different situations with keep me in your prayers or good thoughts and if you know of anything in my town--an apt complex, someone's garage apt, someone's basement apt, someone who has a house to share with a housemate--let me know. Once I am settled and ready to move, I will let you all know and then it will be dancin' in the streets!

I took out some trash this last week. There was someone--not a "good influence" someone--who was trying to worm back into my life. And I said "no." There was nothing positive or hopeful in this. And I knew that if I left the door open, I would be sorry...So, I slammed that sucker shut as hard as I could.

Probably...I could have been a bit nicer, but I felt that my happiness and future were in the balance, and I am not really interested in people who are users and predators. I're shocked...

Once again, I believe that when we have the wrong people in our lives, there is no room for the good ones. And sometimes, if you want the good people to come into your life, you have to--gently, we hope--move the negative and even dangerous ones out. And this one was...let's say...dangerous to the kind of person I want to be.

My friend Walter Ripley tells a joke about a city fellow who goes to the country. He wanders around this small country village and comes upon a blacksmith. The blacksmith is pounding horseshoes for all it's worth. The city fellow watches the red-hot horseshoes turn to black. And thinking that they are cool to touch, he picks up one only to fling it away because it's still so hot his fingers are about to blister. The blacksmith laughs boisterously and smirks at him, asking sarcastically, "Too hot for you?"

"Why, no," says the city fellow. "It just doesn't take me long to look at a horseshoe."

You know, once I realized that this person was...not a good person for my life, it didn't take me long to look at the horseshoe.

And I'm proud of myself.

And I'm also delighted to say that this morning, my weight was...224.

Oh yeah...we're cookin' with gas, now!



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day the 96th

I've been in a tizzy, as my mom used to say, and I'm glad the tizzy is about over.

But the nice thing (if there is one) about a tizzy is that you don't eat much. Although I DID go to Old School Bagel Cafe today and I DID get a Breakfast Bagel With Ham On Asiago from Scott the Bagelman. It was great. GREAT. And I sat next to these nice strangers named Leslie and Steve--she was having lox and cream cheese on an Everything. Next time, that's what I'm goin' for (if I don't get the spicy Wasabi Bomb...)

It's a beautiful and busy Saturday here in My Town, and the weather is warming up, the icy streets are becoming clear and dry, and generally, people are gettin' out and gettin' on wit' it. Including Sister Wood here.

Yesterday at work, the salad bar was on its last legs so I had lots of macaroni salad and some potato salad. My thinking was: I need lots of calories because I've hardly eaten lately (this is true--trick your body every so often so it doesn't think "Yikes, I'm starving so I'm hanging on to this fat.") and I so seldom eat carbs. Nothing at all wrong with carbs. This is true--but it's good to get "good carbs" such as rice pasta, which is becoming very easy to find--even at Wal*Mart. AND I ate too much. Moral of the story--I felt yicky. Good to know. Too many carbs will make you feel awful. carbs. Eat slowly digesting ones. Eat more rice and less wheat and corn, I've been told. Don't eat too much. Hmmmm....sounds like good advice to me.

Many thanks to The Ringmaster for her comment on yesterday's blog post. I much appreciate it--and you inspire me, too.

I love losing weight. I love putting clothes on and they are looser, or starting to fit or whatever. I love, love, love it. I love getting compliments. I love looking in the mirror and my face (and butt) are thinner. I really enjoy this part of it.

And what else I love is that I don't need as much of my prescription meds. Who knew? Well, apparently lots of people, but do Americans listen? No....we tend to say, "Where's the pill to...lower my blood pressure, even out my mood swings, etc.?" Nothing wrong with prescription meds if you need it--but it's not too great an idea (I don't think) to use them as first resort in every situation. Some people need blood pressure meds. Period. I say "go for it." But if better diet, exercise, etc. help, then why take the meds?

Okay, okay...I'm not telling anyone what to do. I'm just saying...try the natural route first. Eat a LOT less salt. Or whatever it is. Get exercise. And I'm speakin' to me on that one...

Happy day, happy day. The ring is still tight on my finger and my weight registers at 225...which I think means I actually weigh less...and yes, I'm smiling as I write this.

We can do this. I can do this. Thanks for ridin' along with me...



Friday, February 11, 2011

Day the 95th

I am working on a project at work. It's actually a Data Quality project, and it is...endless.

In fact, I am working on a series of Data Quality projects, and they are endless. Not that I mind...the work needs to be done, it cleans up our records so they are more useful, and I am needed to do it. And all at a company I really like. Around really good people. It's a Win-Win all the way around. I am not complaining. Not at all. I'm happy to be working on these projects.

No, I mention this because I have learned a lesson from working on this particular project. One page of the spreadsheet from which I am working (I really don't want to go into detail because it will glaze over the eyes of my readership...suffice it to say that the information I need to do the clean-up comes to me in the form of an Excel spreadsheet) involves making a particular type of 2470 individual customer records.

You read that right. 2470. And they are done one at a time...well, the first part is. After I do Step 1 on these 2470 records, there is an "automated" Step 2 update that I can perform that will make a certain change en masse. But I'm not there yet. Not by a long shot...

I'm somewhere in the...200s. That's right. I'm not quite 10% of the way along. I looked at this today and thought, "When, oh when, will I get to Step 2?"

Why do I mention this in my blog? Because it's exactly like weight loss. What I do every single day makes a difference, and this first step will not get done unless I plunge in and just work on it. I can't look too much at the big picture or I will get bogged down. I mean, really. Contemplate making 2470 changes, one at a time. I mean, the 5th Labor of Heracles (no, not Hercules...), where he cleaned the Augean Stables in one day comes to mind (and you can Google this if no bells are ringing or if no lights are flashing...). Cleaning up after 1000 head of immortal cattle. In a stable that had not been cleaned in 30 years, and no, I don't want to imagine it either.

Sometimes, I think about my 25 pounds of weight loss (huzzah!)...and then I contemplate the rest of the weight I am probably going to be losing to get to wherever it is that my body is designed to be. There is no way that it's going to be losing "just another" 25 lbs and then that's it. Because that will leave me at 200 pounds, and I can tell you right now, that's still not a healthy weight for me. I mean, it's healthier than my starting point of 250 (and still healthier than my All Time Fightin' Weight High of 265...) but it's not where I am headed ultimately.

And that means months and months of continuing to do the right thing, of establishing and reinforcing the habits of drinking water, eating the right things, not eating the wrong things, and exercising [clears throat]. There is a long road ahead of me before my weight stabilizes. Before my body looks like it is supposed to. Before I can fit the cute clothes in my closet.

Work doesn't give me a choice about giving up on the 2470 records, but life will allow me--if I choose--to give up on losing weight. On getting healthy. On being my normal size. On wearing that amber and black party skirt with the black sweater this Christmas...

So here I am. Some progress--very good progress. And now, I have to look back at it, salute it, and move on. Every single day.

I decided failure on this really was not an option. It's my health that I'm dealing with. I want to live a long and healthy life.

I'm actually more than 10% on the way to my weight getting to...wherever it's going to get to. I'm probably closer to 25% of the way. 20 or 25%. Somewhere in there.

The 2470 records will get done much faster than my weight loss. But they are a good analogy. The only way I am going to get those records done do them. One at a time.

And the only way I'm going to lose this weight do what I've been doing...and lose it. Period. One day at a time, one pound at a time.

I wonder what my readers are facing that is their own personal 2470 records?


Weltha (PS...the weight was down today to 226...told ya...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Days the 93rd and 94th

Well...ol' Ms Careful here did not go to work yesterday (Wednesday, February 9, 2011) because we had snow and it was continuing and the last thing I wanted was to be on the roads with this...snow. So...Sister Weltha is blogging for 2 days and sorry, but that's just how it is.

Yes, yes, YESTERDAY WAS INDEED WEIGH-IN WEDNESDAY. [drumroll, please...]

I "weighed" 227. And I am holding fluid--I didn't drink water as I should have after my Adventure With The Nut Thins, and my amber ring still fits very tightly on the middle finger of my left hand. Ergo, I realize that I am holding fluid. I probably weigh right around 225. Or...who knows?...possibly less. I'm holding out for "less." I will be weighing in again (pun intended) in the next few days as I drink more H2O and manage to shed this bloatage...

Last night, I made an omelet--the first of my life. Not the first I've eaten--the first I've ever made.

I beat 3 eggs (because I hardly ever eat eggs) and added some Greek yogurt until it was a bit creamy and then put it in a greased skillet. Actually, it was my mom's 1-serving cast-iron skillet, which I love. By the way, Mom died 7 years ago last Sunday, February 6, and we buried her 7 years ago today, February 10. It was a beautiful service, and I did the eulogy. And I still miss her...but I have these great memories. I am so thankful for that.

Back to my omelet: I added some soy cheese and then sprinkled it with herbs and Lousiana Hot Sauce and let 'er cook. I may try another one, but I need to keep the temperature lower, I think. I might put some asparagus (sadly, the canned variety...not the fresh variety. Not yet!) in it. Oh, and I added lots of fresh pressed garlic to the mixture. Yum. I mean, YUM!

Today, I ate...salad at work and didn't finish all of it. That's fine--I had lots of fresh stuff. That was a good thing.

And now, I want to talk about my BFF, Poodle. I have called Poodle...Poodle for a few years (too long a story to go into how I came up with that nickname), and he is a true friend. Let me tell you why.

I can tell him anything--and no matter how badly it reflects on me, he doesn't condemn me. We have a sort of agreement that although we don't condone things that are wrong, we don't jump all over each other. We support and encourage each other and try to encourage the best. We can talk about the things that really matter, the deep-down-inside things that you need to be able to talk about with someone.

And Poodle is a Christian--so we pray for each other, we remind each other of God's goodness towards us and of our responsibility to be channels of that goodness and mercy.

We have fun together--we laugh at things, we cry at things--he introduced me to Glee and we have sat there watching it, wiping tears away.

He's my friend--he's always on my side. I'm always on his side. We're "in it to the end"--just like a marriage; 'til death do us part. In fact, I think the good friendships are like marriages in a way--committment, loyalty, sticking with a person, bringing out the best in them.

Sometimes, a girl needs to tell people how much someone means to her. And my friend Poodle is a true friend. I consider him one of the great treasures of my life. And the fact that he thinks I'm smart, pretty and spiritual--and funny--hey! that stuff doesn't hurt either.

I have the coolest friends. and in the days to come, I'm going to talk about a few more of them and what they mean to me.

But Poodle...ah, he's the BFF--the Best Friend Forever.

And that always puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart.