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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day the 66th

Reader, I did it. I exercised. Yes, yes, I did.

All was "only" 6 minutes on the rebounder,at a pace that wouldn't make a real athlete breathe harder. At all. But then, I'm not a real athlete. Just a middle-aged woman who is overweight and out of shape--but not for long...

I now have a dedicated work-out outfit, and I have a plan. I'm increasing the time 1 minute per day until I reach 30 minutes. Then, I am working on running faster and harder on my charming little rebounder. When I've pushed that pretty far, I'm increasing the time again 1 minute per day until I hit 45 minutes. I'm going to post every single day about this. Oh, next Weigh-In Wednesday is January 26, 2011. Mark your calendars...

Got a feelin' that I'm going to love this. Right now is the hard part--the getting started, but I had a major sense of accomplishment last night.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.

I have taken that step. We're goin' on it now!

And ate yogurt with blueberries, walnuts, agave (a sweetener with a low glycemic index--so it doesn't make your blood sugar spike and trigger a flood of insulin from your pancreas...this is all not good for you and I don't want to take time to go into it. You can get agave at the grocery store these days. It's all the rage), and cashew butter. Oh, the yogurt is the wonderful Fage Greek yogurt--which is thicker AND it is higher in protein. It's good stuff--and if you read the label, Fage doesn't have a bunch of (or any) junk in it.

And had a pear. A Bosc...and my other Boscs need to ripen more. They were--in the words of my late and dear mother--as hard as brick bats. I guess that's pretty hard...





  1. Very good Weltha. I was diligently exercising 5 days a week BEFORE the holidays. Then THEY came; but then I got sick and lost appetite, so I didn't gain anything....just now have to work back to exercising again. Ugh! Gonna join the gym across the street tomorrow. WAAAY to cold & snowy to do anything outside here.

  2. Way to go Girl! Keep it up. Know you are not alone....I need to lose another 25 pounds. Lost 20 so far.


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