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Every day...a new post. Every other real weight. Every pictures.

For every woman who has ever tried to just lose the extra weight and feel good...overall and about herself...and who lived to tell the story.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day the 23rd

Hello, blog-children of mine. Today, I talk about moving and I also give the CORRECT RECIPE FOR GARLIC VALHALLA DRESSING and please forgive the incorrect one [Jane!]

I think I'm going to get moving...and by that, I mean exercise. Regular exercise. As in 5-to-7-times-a-week regular exercise.

How did I decide I just had to, you ask.

Simple. I was reading today about cognitive functions, about keeping them strong and fresh as we age. And of course there was the usual blah-de-blah about lots of fresh vegetables and fruits (check: I am doing this) and Omega-3 oils (check: I am doing this, too. Salmon when I can and walnuts daily).

Then I saw it. The comment about "regular exercise."

Without breaking my arm from patting myself on the back [this phrase is from Mom; she used to say, "Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back" whenever one of us tended to extol our own perfections], I am a smart woman with a good mind. I have a great memory--I can bore the hair off your head by discussing...oh, let's say...The Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Era, or Constructions of Masculinity in Victorian Adolescent Literature, or film history or lengthy quotations from Paradise Lost or from Macbeth. Other people may be bored to yawns, but I like being able to do these things.

And I want to keep on doing this until I turn my toes up and draw my last breath.

And there it was...the bald little statement that one of the keys to long-terms cognitive efficiency is exercise.

Both of my parents lived fairly long lives and had good memories and were sharp as a pair of tacks. Mom may have confused things we said (or she said) but she was always this way. I still remember her telling me that my brother Bill had taught her some Vietnamese and when I asked what phrase, she said, "Konichiwa." Which, as many of my readers are aware, is Japanese for "hello" and probably has other uses but let's not go there today. And when I mentioned that it was Japanese and not Vietnamese, Mom promptly tore my head off and handed it to me. She may have been a bit confused on which language, but she had no doubt at all that Bill had taught it to her. Moral of the story: I have good genes to start with. I would like to enhance their environment.

And of course, there is a complicating factor in this new-found commitment: I am going to Poodle's tonight to watch GLEE (Episode: Special Education), and although I am courageously forgoing a piece of pie during the GLEE-viewing, I will not be home as early as I might because I will be there.

Of course, the truth is--and several of you are laughing your hineys off--is that I would be more likely to go to Central Library to play Mafia Wars [my laptop is down for the count] than I am to hop on the rebounder and job a lap or 5.

However, Fun At Poodle's ends at 8 pm because Poodle has to do homework. I live 5 minutes away. There is time--oh! there is time--to get on that rebounder and then put the little DVD in the player and learn how to use my Shake Weight to sculpt feminine-yet-sexy arms. As opposed to what I am doing right now with it which is use it as a $20 paperweight. In case you wondered. Which you did.

Otherwise, I am eating just what I said I would. Fruit. Yogurt (GREEK Yogurt). Carrots with salsa. I am going to steam the little orange buzzards and see if that doesn't improve the deal. I rationalize it like this: better to get a few less nutrients and actually get them because I EAT the carrots than to wax all sorts of food-related righteous about raw foods and then never eat them because I am not too crazy about them. I am going to eat carrots, and that is all there is to it. I'll report on this tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Blog-Kids (there, I like that one!), here is the corrected recipe (and I do love that word "receipt" which sadly, is not only incorrect, but archaic...) for Garlic Valhalla Dressing:

Juice a lime
Add several glugs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil [no, I'm not Rachel Ray and her "EVOO." Don't get me started...)
Add about 1 Tablespoon (more or less to taste) of good quality BBQ Sauce
Add a squirt or two (about 1/2 Tablespoon) of a good mild mustard (Grey Poupon is a good choice; any Dijon mustard or maybe a mild oriental with Tamari in it works, too. Experiment.)
1-2 cloves of garlic, pressed
A couple of shakes of Herbes de Provence (I forgot it. You can get it at the grocery store, usually. The lavender in it is worth everything. EVERYTHING.)
A shake or two of Ume Plum Vinegar (yes, you have to get it at a specialty store but it will last forever)

Whisk it like a big dog. Feel free to adjust the seasonings as you wish. Or delete some and add others.

But this IS the original Garlic Valhalla. It's good.

And so, as the sun sinks into the West, we bid a fond farewell to our readership...



Monday, November 29, 2010

Day the 22nd

And today is...WEIGH-IN DAY.

I "weighed" 243 lbs this morning.

But that's not really what I weigh.

Monday is a bad day for weigh-in. Here's why...I tend to eat later on Sundays, and if I have had anything unusual that holds fluid, it will be on the weekend.

I don't weigh 243. I probably weigh 240 or maybe even 239. Trust me, I know how this works. I'm not getting too hung up on the numbers...because people (and Weltha) see a difference already.

But I hate posting when it looks as if I GAINED a doggone pound last week.

So...I am making TWO is that I will weigh in every other week. That gives more of a chance to see overall progress.

Second, weigh-in will be on Fridays. It's more realistic. Other than that, I am not getting all sorts of excited about it all.

Some of you have contacted me about making your own salad dressings:

Here is how it all works:

Start with an "acid"--you can use vinegar (and if you do, for Bob's sake, please use CIDER vinegar which has some nutrients in it. Don't use junk made with white vinegar--it's only good to clean things...) but I find it too acidifying for the system. We struggle with that in the US...we eat so much protein, we drink carbonated drinks that have acids added to them, and we don't eat alkalinyzing foods. I tend to use citrus juice (from freshly juiced fruits...the canned or whatever stuff is...acidifying)

Add an oil. I use several good sized "glugs" from the bottle to the juice of each fruit. You'll get an idea of how much--and you can always consult a "real" recipe. I always use extra virgin olive oil--much better for you. Please don't use cheap crap or artificial junk. It's bad for your body. You can also use flax seed oil (or combine the two)

I always add fresh-pressed garlic. Yes, you can buy garlic that is in a little jar and is all minced up for you, but fresh-pressed (with a garlic press) is...that's right...better for you.

You can add a sweetener--try to use real foods such as raw honey or agave nectar or brown rice syrup. You can go online and check the glycemic indices [English prof here: Indices is plural of Index] of the ones you're interested in (you want one that raises blood sugar sloooooooooowly so you don't get an insulin rush).

You can add all sorts of herbs and spices. Even a little sea salt.

You can add peanut butter or tahini (sesame seed paste--you can get it in most grocery stores in their Jewish sections) or any raw nut butter. Don't add much. You won't need it.

Whisk the daylights out of it. Use it within a day or two.

Let's recap:

Flavoring in the form of garlic or minced onion (mince a real onion...) or herbs or spices
Thickener/Flavoring if you want it (the nut butters or a good mustard)

YES, it takes time. Real food takes time.

Make it a habit--get other family members involved if you can. [that's the last of my advice! This is an advice-free blog]

Today...a lot of fruit and some yogurt. This is a light eating week--and I am doing this partly because it is Advent...the season before Christmas...and it's a penitential time for me as an Anglican.

No, I'm not going to the's a time of reflection and examination of my life.

No, I'm not preaching at you...but you want to know why I am doing things, I'm sure, so there you have it.

A bit grumpy over the weight thing this weigh in will be THIS FRIDAY and then every other Friday. I'll get over the grumpiness!

Thanks as always for being on the journey with me...I need you more than you know!



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day the 21st


And tomorrow is....WEIGH-IN DAY!

Today was... a great day at church with lots of compliments on both my short, short hair (Reader, I cut it.) and also that I looked good, and my friend Woodstock (aka Pinky) said I looked thinner. Big *muahh* to Woodstock (aka Pinky) and also to Scott the Organist who told me that he follows this blog DAILY! I love men who follow my blog!

Scott the Organist reminded me that everything is one day at a time. Years ago, I worked with a woman who said that most of the good things in our lives come about because of what we do every day. So...every day I try to move some and make it a point to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can. Oh, and drink water. Drink water. I love to drink water...repeat after me...I love to drink water...

Just yesterday, I read that a great way to keep from retaining fluid is to eat foods that have lots of potassium in them, such as bananas (so yummish) and spinach. My closest friends know that I am a fresh and only lightly steamed spinach addict. I love it, and the cool thing about making your own food is that you can make great dressings that are so good on spinach without all the...yuck, like bacon. I love bacon as much as the next man, but it's so bad for me. So...I came up with a way to make a great dressing that has a hint of the flavor without the bacon. I've used this recipe for years...

And although I have said this is not the place to come for recipes, here it is... the famous Garlic Valhalla:

Juice a lime
Extra virgin olive oil--add 3 or 4 "glugs" from the bottle
Organic bbq sauce made with a good sweetener (no high-fructose corn syrup): add about 1 T or a bit more...
1-2 cloves of garlic, pressed into the mix
3 or 4 shakes of Ume plum vinegar (from the health food store...adds some Oriental "whang" and it's so alkalynizing for the body)

Whisk that stuff up and pour what you need on your salad. Good...and good for you! My friend Poodle says that when I put this on a salad, he just wants to plant his face in the bowl. Yes, that good!

I don't tend to use vinegar in dressings except as a condiment. They are too acidic for best possible health. Instead, I use a citrus juice--freshly squeezed. I'm personally partial to lime because it's more bang for the buck.

Back to work tomorrow after a lovely 4-day weekend, in which I relaxed and thought and enjoyed myself. Today is the first Sunday in Advent--and that makes it my favorite time of the year!

Some of my readers observe Christmas, some Chanukkah and some...just celebrate. I'm determining to enjoy the season without getting crazy. One of the things I am doing is limiting myself to two events a week--and making them ones that I find meaningful and enjoyable. Some people can do more--two works for me. So...please post--what are you doing to make the holidays ENJOYABLE?

Thank you a MILLION for joining me on my journey.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day the 20th

Woo and hoo! Tomorrow is 21 days...3 weeks...of this blog, and I love being on here.

Today, I had some more wonderful Greek yogurt with honey and fresh blueberries. And I bought some sunflower-seed butter--organic and natural. I am looking forward to trying this with the ubiquitous raw carrots, etc. I know those carrots and their beta-carotene are good for me. Repeating to myself, beta-carotene is good for you, is good for you, good for you...

Breezed in and out of Mardell's to get an Advent circle with 4 candle-holders, the candles themselves (3 purple and 1 pink for Gaudete Sunday), and a cool Advent calendar. I love this time of year the very best--and have since my childhood.

And then there is the egg nog and the pumpkin cheesecake. We shall have pumpkin cheesecake...oh yes, we shall have pumpkin cheesecake. In fact, Girlfriend here went online and found not one but TWO (and possibly three, because I don't have them with me and I forget...) lovely recipes for pumpkin cheesecake made with "better" ingredients, including silken tofu, which properly doctored up, is a great egg substitute. I am going to test-drive them (because I would never just slap some recipe up here without personally trying it out. That would be terrible of me...) and then post the best one with my own personal doctoring-up to use the healthiest ingredients.

What I love is that a person (Weltha) can determine to eat well and enjoy all the fun of the holidays.

Two things I am noticing:
  1. My joints are moving much better and hurt less--I'm speaking of my knees. When I was in my 30s (stop me if I have told this a time or 17 before) I fell hard on each one in succession, and my doctors said, "Honey, you're going to have arthritis when you get older." Being young and bullet-proof, I pooh-poohed them (I did. I think I actually thought and perhaps even said "Pooh-pooh!") Flash forward...several years later, and bingo! They were so right. Not eating junk makes my joints so much happier.
  2. The schlera (the "white") of my eyes is clearing up and is much whiter. So my eyes, which are a deep blue-green, look much bluer and brighter. I love this. In honor of my blue eyes and my high cheekbones, I cut off my hair just like Emma Watson's. [For the 4 people who don't know who she is, Emma Watson is the young female star of the Harry Potter films, playing Hermione Granger. She is a student at Brown University here in the US, and she just cut her hair off in a jagged little pixie cute, so feminine, so calculated to show up eyes and cheekbones.] Yes, Reader, I cut it OFF. I mean, I went right into the shop, and I showed Whitney the Stylist Emma's pic, and the next thing you know, Girlfriend here was walkin' OUT the door looking really cute and yet, oh-so-charming and feminine.

This is going to be a fairly light eating week...lots of celery and carrots (because I LOVE the celery and if I can just manage to steam those doggone carrots...) and apples and oranges (yes, I am picking them out by hand and not buying a bag of horrible, anemic, tasteless oranges) and some saladage here and there...and water...wonderful room-temperature water. You hear all this buzz about how you lose weight by drinking ice-cold water, but what no one tells you (unless you have gone to Dr. X, my former nutrition guy) is that your body is wasting energy to heat that ice-cold water back up. So...drink room temperature, and your body now has the energy to create health AND to push out the toxins AND to drop the weight.

Tonight, I'm going to watch the DVD for the Shake Weight--apparently, you use it for 6 minutes a day and ultimately, you have great arms (I'm all over this part...the "great arms" part.) AND THEN...I want to get on that doggone REBOUNDER!

I love the Independent Men and Women who are on here with me, and a big shout-out to Dana the Librarian. Woo hoo!



Friday, November 26, 2010

Day the 19th--and Day the 18th is Below!

This is on the fly....

Girlfriend here had a great morning--drank lots of water. Went to la facilite a great deal.

Watched a movie...ate 3 ripe kiwis (so, so good--and so good for you! What's not to love about a Kiwi? That's right...nothing! They are so good...)...ate some Greek yogurt with blueberries.

Went to the some more movies and a book or two.

and to dinner at Pei Wei tonight with Poodle and LEM...

It's a relaxing day--not participating in the Shopping Madness because I give a very few gifts. so good. So very good!




I'll make it short and sweet...

Went to lunch with Poodle, LEM, and P's family--to the club and I ate lots of vegetables and lots of saladage...and also some lovely salmon, ham and roast beef.

And then, a small slice of pumpkin pie and a small one of chocolate cream pie.


Went home, watched movies, took a nap--it was a great day!

And wasn't hungry until this morning.




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day the 17th

Girlfriend here is thankful:
  1. This blog is so much fun
  2. I am feeling better in so many ways
  3. I have wonderful friends
  4. I have work
  5. I have a fun place to go for Thanksgiving tomorrow
  6. I have learned of and am experiencing the Wonderful World of Water (drinking it, that is!)
  7. Coming out of a difficult year, I have found that nothing good or important and valuable gets lost. This is the BIG THING for which I am thankful!

This morning I succumbed to temptation--no, not to a breakfast buffet with bacon and sausage and the chance to load sour cream and high-fructose-corn-syrup sweetened chili sauce on my scrambled eggs and then drown 25 pancakes [people...I speak in hyperbole...I am a language and literature major--my Master's] in enough Aunt Jemima to float the Titanic.

No, I succumbed to the great temptation of anyone who wants to lose weight:

I got on the scales.

My goal has been to weigh one time a week only. But of course, temptation being what it is, and the cats not jumping in to yell, "No, no, don't DO IT!!", I hopped on.

And wished I had not. My "weight" was up. Boo hoo, I thought. How can I blog and then say, "Hey blog readers, I am gaining weight!"?

Except I'm not. I am, for some reason, holding a bunch of fluid. How did I know? I put my amber ring on my left middle finger (where it goes...) and it was tight.

Why am I holding fluid? I have no idea except I ate out at Pei Wei last night, and although the steamed edamame didn't have additional salt (because I say, "no salt." They know me as "Edamame-No-Salt." Not as cool as "Stands-With-a-Fist" but you do what you can...), the salad had some...stuff in it--the dressing. And so today, I am drinkin' water like a big dog.

All right, not literally like a big dog. I mean, I am not using a dog bowl--just my Big Mason Jar. 2 quarts down the hatch, and 2 more to go today, I think.

Moral of the story: Just like my friend Chatty Cathy said, "Don't get hung up on the scales." This is easier said than done, but I'm planning to do it. It's nice not having to get on the scales every doggone day, anyway.

This has been a rough year financially for me--and in some other ways not so readily apparent. So...I am deeply thankful to God and His/Her many servants, my friends, for helping me through. I cannot thank Him/Her enough, nor can I thank my friends enough.

Here's a great idea for not being first--and last--hog at the trough this Thanksgiving: List in your mind the many things for which you are and know you ought to be thankful while you drink a big glass of water about 20 minutes before the bacchanalia begins.

This year, I am going to remind myself that despite the fun of the feast--and it should be FUN! That's what celebration is about--FUN!--food is only a means to that end. The goal is celebration and thankfulness. I'm very thankful. Very very thankful. And you, Dear Reader, are one of the reasons.

A major shout-out to Annissa--you go, girl! I'm so proud of you for just saying NO WAY to that diet Coke. I know it's difficult!

And now...I'm going to be getting my Holiday ON!

[NOTE: I may post for Thanksgiving Day (Day the 18th) and Thankful Friday (Day the 19th) on the same day, Friday.]



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day the 16th

In which Our Heroine extols the Virtues of Drinking Water & More

Yes, I love Jane Austen...

"Let us now praise famous glasses of water"--all right, it's cheesy but hey! Whatcha gonna do...? (BTW, that was not Jane Austen...)

I have noticed something about drinking lots of water. It leads to softer hands and nicer cuticles--in two ways. Obviously, if you drink LOTS of water, you are well-hydrated and your skin is softer and the cells are filled out. But this also happens: when you drink plenty of water, you have to urinate a lot (I was a biology major for my BA, and I call 'em as I see 'em). Then--particularly when you are in a public place such as work--you wash your hands. A lot. With soap and very warm water.

Unless you want two pieces of leather at the end of your arms, you use lotion afterwards. And I use a bit of Vaseline on my nails and work it into the cuticles. And I have never had such nice cuticles and shiny nails.

Now...not everyone likes using petroleum products. I also have at home--and I could sure bring it to work--this yummy-licious (technical term) shea butter cream with lavender. I'm sure it would work almost as well. And wonderful. I even like lavender in foods--I make a salad dressing with Herbes de Provence, which has lavender in it...

So...what other great products for hands and fingernails, especially but not limited to the more organic ones? I need suggestions, dear Readers!

Meanwhile...the exercise options are a little narrower this week--I am working, working, working--leaving home early and getting home late. So much to do and only a 3-day work week! However, in the after-hours, I am putting those doggone walking shoes on and walking up and down the halls. We have...plenty of halls. Many, many halls. And I'm taking Scott the Organist's advice: do what I can. What a brilliant piece of advice--and applicable to so many areas of life.

I'm looking forward to blogging about Thanksgiving this year. I may have to blog the next day--a blog for Thansgiving and a blog for the day AFTER...

Here's my holiday philosphy:

  1. Studies show that when people who are not kiddies drink 16 oz of water about 20-30 minutes before meals, they eat less. So...water first!
  2. Holidays are about rejoicing and celebrating--I'm an Anglican, and we view life through a sort of sacramental lens. For me, that means that I enjoy the church holidays and the secular ones, too, and see them as something set apart and sacred. So...that means I eat things.
  3. However...I eat with some sense. I start with as many salad-y and vegetable and raw things as I can--and some smart protein--such as salmon or turkey or whatever is available. THEN, after I have eaten slowly, I go back once for my favorite salad-y and vegetable things. And then, if I really want it, I have a dessert. Such as pumpkin pie. [but if there is pumpkin cheesecake, all bets are off! Well, I mean, I'll have the cheesecake and chalk it up to rejoicing.]
  4. Holidays are not the time or place for "I can't eat this." There is always the doll-sized portion, the eat-a-bite-or-two, and the just-didn't-get-some-of-it. Besides, this year, I am going with friends to a lovely buffet at their country club--and I am so thankful for that! Great friends, good food--and lots of fun. Thank you, Poodle!

Tomorrow, I am posting those things for which I am thankful. Maybe this is a good time to be thinking of what all is right in our lives--because so very much is.

So...dear Readers...please post your favorite homemade salad dressing receipes, your favorite natural/organic/just plain works skin lotions, and if you have any great recipes for Thanksgiving foods that incorporate raw and/or really healthy ingredients...please feel free to post over this Thanksgiving holiday season!

It's the season to be PUMPKIN!! Thank you for joining my journey.



Monday, November 22, 2010

Day the 15th, Part Trois


Here I was...feeling--as my dear late father used to say--pretty punk (as opposed to being a pretty punk or being pretty in pink...) because I had a headache from the hot place, and I felt rotten. As in, rotten.

So...I did what I knew to do--I drank water until you would have thought my Big Mason Jar was filled with Ketel One (it's not...).

And now? I feel good again. No more headache, not jittery, eyes not burning, etc.

People--it works. When you have changed the way you eat to include more raw and fresh, you will detoxify. Many times. Sometimes, worse than others. Don't go nuts on yourself and get a bag of Cheetos (Britney!). Drink lots of water, get as much rest as possible, and ride it out. You will lose weight because your body is pushing the crud (technical term) out.

And if you're real hard core [I know, I's really, but I was channeling School of Rock), then have a plain water enema. Hint: in the hot weather, use cool water. In the cold weather, use warm water.

It works. Our grandmothers knew this stuff, but...icky-poo modern America has forgotten it. Don't get me started on American Attitude...

However, I have to admit that drinking water as if the mains were going to be turned off for a few hours is an easier way to go. Especially at work.

I just had to post...I feel so much better!!



Day the 15th...The Sequel

I feel ROTTEN...and I am so glad!

No, I'm not a masochist...I'm detoxifying. This is what you work toward when you are trying...trying... to eat well.

Here are my symptoms:
  • Heachache (and yes, I've eaten)
  • Feel jittery
  • Eyes burning a bit
  • Snivels
  • Joints hurt

No, I'm not getting sick! What's going on is that because I'm not eating junk or eating bad combinations, my body has the energy to push the crud out of my system. Why is this a good thing? First, it is a sign that my health overall is improving (huzzah!!) and second, once your body pushes out the crud (technical term), you see the weight loss on the scales and in your clothes.

I love this...this is why I make this Big Effort to get the junk out of my diet. If all I wanted was to lose weight, I could cut out whole food groups, and that would do it. I would compromise my health, but by golly, I would be thin, thin, thin. Or, I could eat pre-packaged junk with zippo fat and many fewer calores and sure enough, I would lose some weight but it's really hard to lose weight when you're unhealthy unless you are starving yourself. And I'm so not going to do that. Because me likes the foods, me does. Yes, I read the LOLCats...your first clue?

Woo hoo!!! And many thanks to special encouragement today in my email from the wonderful Scott the Organist. Cool man, you know what you said--and I loved it! Big props to you, babe.

Yes, I enjoy talking as if I were in my late 20s...

Oh with the fun! Woo hoo!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am changing the "notice" when you post so it reads Independent Women and Men! Men, I know you are not women!



Day the 15th

Apparently, my name isn't Weltha...and yes, it's weigh-in day.

Oh, I had the best of intentions to go for a walk outside in our lovely 70-degree weather and then run on the rebounder--and I did neither.

Instead, I hung out at the library and played Mafia Wars on the computer. Yes, that ubiquitous Zynga game on Facebook is my addiction...and I'm a sort of read a book and watch movies kinda girl...

So...I hereby let myself off the hook--I will get to the exercise part of this whole journey soon. For Bob's sake, I have only been at this for 2 weeks! You don't change everything overnight. I have learned that. It's a change here and there and then, things kind of snowball. The more changes you make, the more you can make. I believe this.

So...I want to examine the changes I have made that I can ray-rah myself over:
  • I am OFF soft drinks. No more Coca-Cola. I need to be off. I mean, if I drank one, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world (it's not like I'm selling crack cocaine to 5th graders...or anyone...) but I feel better when I don't
  • I'm OFF iced tea. I really gave myself a pass on this one--because I don't ever use sugar in regular iced tea--the kind with the caffeine. [Now, I do make this wonderful iced tea from Lipton's (yes, Lipton's) Green Tea With Cranberry and Pomegranate and I do sweeten that with liquid stevia. It's so, so good! And it's good for me!] My point is: I'm off the stuff with the caffeine in it. No, I'm not preaching the gospel of no-caffeine--it's just that I do better without it.
  • Obvious sweets--I'm not having a date with Ben & Jerry, or any of their friends, such as M&M. This is a great thing--could I have a little? Sure. But I'm not right now, because I just don't do so well with sweets. I love them too much.
  • Portion control--I am so pleased with me and the one slice of pizza at Poodle's. Good job, Weltha.
  • More vegetables--more fruit--more raw things--fewer concentrated foods. What's not to love about that?
  • I did get that rebounder out of the closet. That's HUGE, I tell you--HUGE.
  • Drinking a lot more WATER! Now this one takes effort and being conscious of what I'm doing. My quart-size mason jar is sitting right next to me and is now slightly over half full, having just a few minutes earlier been completely full. WTG!!
  • Thinking about and enjoying what I'm eating and how I feel when I eat it. Food should be a celebration--not something that causes anxiety and guilt. If I'm eating too much, I don't feel good! But if it tastes good (that pumpkin pie Saturday night!) then it's great to enjoy it. One piece--great enjoyment and no guilt.

And...the things I believe:

  • If you can only make 2 changes right now--or 1 change--make it. Every change adds up. Better to do 2 things "better," than to wish you could make 10 things right and not do any of them. Giving yourself permission to change habits slowly seems to ensure success in a way that trying to go cold turkey doesn't.
  • Looking at it as "changes" rather than "giving something up" makes a major psychological difference.
  • It's better to eat raw and fresh than count a bunch of calories that involve highly processed and artificial. And it's so much easier.
  • I don't count calories. I don't. I don't have time or energy for it.
  • I eat colorful foods--I mean colorful the way they naturally come (like carrots or blueberries or pumpkin or red bell peppers or edamame) and not the way they have been "colored" to look (like that horrible blue punch I see at the store!)
  • I am gentle with myself. I think, "Would I talk this way to a close friend who was really trying to do better?" If the answer is NO, I don't talk that way to Weltha.

And the part you've been weighting (see what I did there?) for: I'm at 242 this morning. Good job, Weltha. And I feel....good. At work today, I'm planning to take a walking break--yes, I brought those shoes with the curved soles...

And a big shout-out to Sara B--woo hoo on the pregnancy and you GO girl in terms of making changes. I am so happy for you! And thanks to Granny Jean, to Judah, and to Woodstock for the comments, some here on the blog, some by email!

Here is to all the Independent Women and Men! I'll post tomorrow about today.



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day the 14th

In which, Gentle Reader, Our Heroine Confesses to Many Shortcomings...

No, I did not run on the rebounder last night. I was just too doggone tired. Yes, yes, I know that if I exercise more, I will have more endurance for the slings and arrows of day-to-day life, etc. But I was tired...

However, this afternoon, I will--I WILL--take a walk in my walking shoes and then I will--I WILL--run on the rebounder or my name isn't Weltha...

I was a little down yesterday because I got on the scales and they didn't say what I wanted them to say. Actually, I have to battle wanting to be thin NOW. And yes, I battle making it all into weight loss instead of good health with concommitant weight control. Very different things, they are.

But...great moments! Last night, I had one slice (a big one, but just ONE) slice of yummish pizza at Poodle's (one of the BFFs), and also the most delicious salad of yellow grape tomatoes and red pepper and colorful and so good. And then we had pumpkin pie and I had one slice. And felt that maybe--just maybe!--I had eaten more than I was comfortable with.

PEOPLE--THIS IS BIG...IT'S HUGE! I love to eat...and have gotten into that bad habit of just eating WAY too much--and the wrong things, in the wrong combination (more about that on another post...) and now, I am back to eating normal sized amounts...and good foods...and good combinations! Later this afternoon, off I go to the wonderful Pei Wei and get steamed edamame.

Anyway, NOTE TO WELTHA--it's not about the scales. It's about being healthy.'s the challenge--I have had one absolutely incredible salad dressing other homemade salad dressings with good ingredients? Please, oh PLEASE feel free to post!

Here's to that rebounder and a walk.

And here is to the Independent Women and Men who are following this blog and going on this journey with me: you are priceless.



Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day the 13th


And I'm not sure why I made a big deal of it, but I do love Saturdays.

Right now, I am taking a break from my major vice - Mafia Wars on Facebook - and doing today's post.

Here's what I have discovered: I don't much get into exercise yet. I am, however, wearing my walking shoes with the curved soles and that is taking some getting used to.

But I'm not really going out walking or running on the rebounder. I need to get with it.

To complicate the issue, I am going over to my BFF "Poodle's" place tonight for some pizza (albeit good pizza) and a movie.

Okay, Weltha--how about running on the doggone rebounder AFTER you get home this evening? Yes, I think I will. Will post tomorrow!

I'm moving toward making more really good things to eat (delicious AND health-promoting)--and although I am not there yet, I will be soon. Very soon. Plan to start with Julie's Coleslaw and mojoandkiki's Salad Dressing. Reasonably soon, I am going to post my two signature homemade salad dressing recipes--I originated them, so get ready for Garlic Valhalla and Thai Pepper. Believe me, either one is guaranteed to make a person want to face-plant in the big salad bowl.

So...good-bye for today, dear followers. Please encourage me a bit if you can--I need to get with it on the exercise. If I put a movie in, it makes the running on the rebounder soooooooooo much easier. And it's perfect walking weather--yes, I plan to walk tomorrow afternoon. Will be posting about all of this soon...and yes, I love watermelon pink because it reminds me of what joy good foods bring into our lives.

Thought for the Day: Whoever came up with the idea of steamed edamame was a flat-out genius!

Can't do it without you all--CAN do it with you!



Friday, November 19, 2010

Day the 12th

Who knows? This thing could go viral (or not...)

This is on my break at work so it's quick on a Friday.
  • Talk about a major rush--reading the comments, realizing we have people inspiring other people--and I post on occasion to FB, so there are comments there--just makes my eyeballs wanta fill up with big ol' tears. No seriously, I love the fact that this is doing what I hoped it would--inspiring and encouraging other women at the same time that it is helping me.
  • Some great comments yesterday--Day the 11th--from mojoandkiki and from Kirsten. Thanks you, independent women! mojoandkiki had a killer salad dressing and Kirsten mentioned hemp protein (who knew??)
  • I have been buying clothes. No, I'm not your basic shop-til-you-drop woman, but all of my clothes are falling apart (not wanting to buy expensive new ones in the large economy size, not to mention wearing only jeans and shirts at grad school a few years back) so....I went to WAL*Mart and bought a bunch of great tops and bottoms at rock-bottom prices--the sort of thing that will "grow down" with me until I can wash them and hand them off to Salvation Army. I love those Salvation Army folks, and I am excited that at some point in the future, other women can benefit from my new wardrobe. And it's cheap, cheap, cheap--and cute. I have needed to feel cute as I board the weight-control train...and I do! Woo hoo for the cute!
  • I was a biology major so sometimes, I get a little clinical. Let's put it this way: when you're middle-aged, additives in restaurants (like the ubiquitous MSG) can make desperately to the nearest Women's just a few minutes after a meal. And I don't even want to think about what happens with too much grease...between the yogurt (love those active cultures) and not eating junk, I am not having "out-to-eat-run-to-the-Women's Syndrome."
  • NO, I did not run last night on the rebounder because I got home late after shop, shop, shopping at Wal-Mart. I did buy this thing called Shake Weight--that uses some kind of ergonomic or whatever energy thing...I will report on using it and any results (for arm muscles--and boy, is the woman in the pictures totally cut...) So....tonight...we're going for 3 fast minutes on the rebounder... will post results tomorrow.
  • Went to Pei Wei last night for edamame (no salt--they are salty enough without adding more!) and Pei Wei Spicy Chicken Salad (with extra cilantro because I loooooooooooove it and I think it might be good for me--but mostly because I love it). In my "before" life, I would never relax enough to get the salad because of other "things" in it--this time, I'm enjoying the journey...still, it's a good salad with lots of vegetables in it. And I don't sneeze or get wierd side-effects afterwards so this is a good thing. The sneezing? Food allergies--and that's not a good thing.

Your comments are the best! You're keeping me on track...



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day the 11th

In which Our Heroine finds...
  • that she can get a little salad of her own making from the cafeteria at work for $2. Now, to start making my own salad dressing again from scratch and bringing it to add to the salad. Not to mention other goodies, such as cooked quinoa or raw sunflower seeds and sliced cucumbers. I always get the celery because it not only is raw and has fiber but it is also alkalyzing in the body. That is so good.
  • that actually jogging on the rebounder is a different animal than just sort of...shuffling (but not off to Buffalo...) and only managed 2 minutes last night but was breathing harder with accelerated heart rate (good thing!) and is going for 3 minutes tonight. Can you say "badly out of shape"? Thought so...
  • that she is enjoying this blog so much that it's more fun than eating M & Ms or chocolate chip cookies or even--dare it be, Reader?--pumpkin cheesecake.

That's pretty much it today--had grapes for breakfast (why? because I like them!) and salad and then yogurt with blueberries, etc. for lunch and later, some carrots which I am going to steam in the microwave (I know, I know...) and some almonds and an apple for the way home.

Here's the dealio...I LOVE eating this way. It's really healthy for me not to be eating later, to be eating raw and unprocessed foods with no additives--and I LOVE IT. That's 75% of the battle--eating food that is good for us, in reasonable amounts, and liking it. Oh, and getting so jazzed about exercise that we have to do whatever it is instead of "Fooey, I have to [run, go to the gym, use the BowFlex]" True story: I had this friend who bought a BowFlex and it sat on his enclosed front porch, being used...3 times?...because his boyfriend didn't like to work out...Hmmmm....I would just say, "Hey, do whatever because girlfriend here is gonna get crunk with the BowFlex...see ya later..." (I have no idea what "crunk" means but I sorta liked it. If I said something terrible, forgive me, and let's move on!)

Every single day, you all are my silent--and sometimes not-so-silent--cheering squad, and I cannot do this without you. So feel free to jump in, tell what you have done that works or doesn't, and not only cheer me to the finish line of good health (and body set-point weight) but cheer each other!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day the 10th

What a pleasant surprise this morning! In fact, what TWO pleasant surprises this morning...

First, mojoandkiki posted a comment and said that this blog was encouraging. Woot! That put a major big smile on my face. So...big INDEPENDENT SHOUT OUT to mojoandkiki. Thanks a whole boatload full of sunshine and butterflies for this.

Second, I found that I had THREE, yes THREE, new followers, so a big thanks to Scott, April, and Cecily. Welcome aboard to this blog version of a Greyhound bus (minus that "bus odor") where I do the driving, and you enjoy the ride!

And now...down to business:
  • Yes, I ran on the rebounder last night. All right, it was just for 5 minutes, but this is the first time I've done more than just bounce on it. It wasn't much in the way of running, but it was a beginning. Tonight: 6 minutes before I head off to Choir Practice with Jeff the Choir Master and Scott the Organist. And my fellow choir...mongers. There, I like that word!
  • No, I didn't walk today at lunch or break. I just didn't. Besides, lunch was tied up with watching last night's GLEE on Fox Online. I have my priorities, people...Love GLEE. Completely. Love. It. But I think it's about time for something featuring Santana in a big way...although the ongoing Kurt Hummel story arc is way too exciting to miss. Any thoughts?
  • I had major saladage (do you see what I did there? Saladage, sort of like the salad version of bloggage--which I am writing right now) for lunch today at work from our excellent cafeteria. Lots of lovely greens, raw spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, celery, and pico. No coleslaw in sight, for Bob's sake. Speaking of Coleslaw, go to Day the 5th Part Deux for the wonderful recipe that Julie passed on to us--and a great link and book title.
  • Jules--the rounded soles on the walking shoes aren't making me want to run screaming into the night yet so keep your fingers crossed. Of course, I plan to road test them on Saturday outdoors so we will see...
  • Made a little dip from Fage Greek yogurt with picante and spices, but truth be told, I need to just bite the bullet and steam the carrots. I don't like raw carrots, and that's the fact, Jack. Even a little steaming will help...Tune in later for this one.
  • Ate red grapes this morning until the world looked...all sorts of rosy and fruitful (see what I did there? I know. I'm getting tired of it, too...)
  • Had yogurt w/ blueberries, walnuts, honey and cashew butter again. Seriously, if you have never had cashew butter or almond butter, get yourself to a store that sells it. Almond butter is good, but I am in a relationship with cashew butter right now...I'm expecting a ring any day...
  • On the way home tonight, I plan on apple and some almonds. I love a pick-up meal like that. So easy, so nourishing, so "on the go." Now, there is some fast food that does go through
  • My area has just gotten a filtered water hoo-dodgie (technical term) and I am so excited about it. I have been drinking from the fountain, but now I can fill my big Quart-Size Mason Jar from the filtered water.

Tomorrow, expect an update on "Did Our Heroine Run for Six Minutes on the Rebounder Like She Said?" I'm certain it will be riveting reading...

I love this blog--I love my blog followers, whom I have facetiously referred to in the past as Minions of Weltha. You know...I still sorta kinda like that...



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day the 9th Part...


Oh, the things I have learned:
  • I think much more clearly when I haven't had a lot of sugar and salt. Yesterday at work, I was in training and my brain wasn't quite as sharp. I had had plenty of sleep--but I think it was the sugar and salt from the Choir Party. Some people are fine with sugar and salt; I'm not one of them.
  • If you are middle-aged, you know the kind of problems you can run into if you go out to eat--or worse, have fast food [it isn't called "fast" for nothing]. Let's just say that a ban on extra sugar and grease (not to mention no MSG or other food additives) + yogurt = fewer problems, and let's leave it at that. Fast food: you're not my digestive system's friend.
  • Oooooh, yummy, yummy: I had Fage yogurt + blueberries + walnuts + a bit of honey + [wait for it...] cashew butter for lunch today. It was great.
  • I think I will make a dip from Fage and spices + herbs for the carrots. Let's see how that works out. Will post after lunch tomorrow.
  • Tonight: I need to go to the library to return books and get new videos. THEN, it will be time to get on that doggone rebounder. One of my problems is the lack of balance--I just don't have the balance I once did (and will have again) right now. I have really been lazy in making time to run on it.
  • I plan to bring my new walking shoes to work because our company promotes walking and fitness. A great thing to do at lunch or at my breaks.

Looking forward to comments. I love the comments women make about what has worked for them and what hasn't; great recipes [Julie's coleslaw on Day the 5th part Deux]

Thanks, women! Comment away if any of this sounds good or doable--or if you have your own version that you have road tested (including the "I tried X; it didn't work...")



Day the 9th Part Uno

Just a morning quickie...

Go to Day the 5th Part Deux for Julie's bangin' coleslaw recipe! It sounds guaranteed to dress up any sad little veggie sandwich into something spectacular.

In addition, I have enabled comments so ANYONE AT ALL can comment--I will still moderate them (because I'm way too controlling...) but anyone reading is welcome to comment!



Monday, November 15, 2010

Day the 8th

Yes, it's Monday and it's weigh-in. You didn't think I had forgotten, did you?

And here it is, in bright Watermelon Pink: 247

It would have been lower--in fact, it was lower over the weekend, but I went to Jeff the Choir Master's party for the choir--the "thank you all so much for your patience and hard work at the all-afternoon Sunday rehearsal to meet the Advent and Feast of the Nativity music" party.

Before I talk about food, etc., a big shout out to V, who was the hit of the party and brought up some extremely interesting topics; to JV who was his usual sardonic self which I love; to RKH+ who showed up and stayed despite the busy schedule; and to GA, who helped make the party wonderful, as he always does.

All right, on to the event itself. I enjoyed myself immensely and decided to drink mostly water but some cranberry cocktail. And then the actual food--great catering and lots of vegetables--lots of them, which I ate. Then lots of hot artichoke and parmesan dip and finally a few little sweet things. Literally a few (and they were indeed little), but I realized that if I had just had 2 of 3 of the dark chocolate dipped dried apricots, I would have been just as happy. So...I enjoyed myself so much--and realized that I could have eaten raw veggies with the vinaigrette and then a few of the apricots in chocolate and drunk just water with lime in it--and been just as happy. In addition, I wouldn't have had so much sugar and salt in my system and would have felt just fine this morning and would also not have retained so much water. Today's weigh-in would have been lower. Oh well...I still look thinner and feel better! That's the point.

The nice part, however, is that I feel no guilt--it's sort of an experiment and lesson learned kinda deal. I like that. What I really like is knowing how much I like eating raw foods and drinking water. I know this is not for everyone--but it is for me. I've always like this way of eating--and now...I have found that the treats of the season are not as appealing to me. I will still make an exception for the occasional glass of egg-nog and the occasional piece of pumpkin cheesecake, but my goal is to make it through the season without gaining. If I do that, I'm ahead of the game. After all, it's the holiday season--the time of the Holy Days--and it's a time for feasting and enjoyment. Which I realize doesn't mean the same thing as "stuff myself until I am sick and can't think beyond taking a nap."

No, I didn't run on the rebounder at all. I have realized I need to make it a priority, which I have not--yet.
  • On the way into work this morning, went by Reasor's and bought Fage yogurt; local honey, blueberries, cashew butter (yes, cashew butter), and seedless red grapes that I could not resist.
  • Oh, and some Gala apples. I am set for lunches and dinners this week with the addition of these few items--and I didn't have to drag it into my apt and then out to the car this morning.
  • One thing I am doing that I like is that I stop eating around 5 pm. I feel so much better when I do that.
  • The coolest thing is to realize how much I like feeling good.

Thanks, Independent Women [and men!] who follow this blog.

I couldn't do it without you!



Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day the 7th

One week of seven whole days DOWN, out of 365!

And weigh-in is tomorrow.

What a lovely weekend--our weather is glorious. Blue sky and cold, crisp air. Sometimes, a minor breeze, and the leaves crunch and rustle underfoot.

Yesterday, I made it to Pei Wei and had the Dan-Dan noodle bowl with vegetables and tofu. Too noodley for my mood these days--and not spicy enough--but I had steamed edamame and loved those.

Today was church followed by loooooooooong choir practice (preceded by Jeff the Choir Master ordering in pizza--and chicken and dressing for the salad for those of us who are not big pizza eaters. Had a great salad and was not sleepy when we started the 2 1/2 hour practice.)

Also...Marke B at church asked, "Have you lost weight?" Yes, yes I have--and even though this journey is not about the weight loss as such (I have to remind myself that it's about getting healthy through responsible eating habits), weight loss is a desired and natural consequence of what I am doing.

In a few minutes, off to Jeff the Choir Master's for the Choir party. I'm a non-drinker for a variety of reasons having to do with my health (I have no problem with people who drink; and I have no problem with those who don't. I have a problem with people who make a big hairy deal about it...but these aren't those people.) I'm going to enjoy myself, drink water or tea, and eat what I want, slowly, starting with anything vegetable-based first. I am CRAVING vegetables these days.

My eyes are stinging mostly from our town's allergens, but partly because I am beginning to detoxify. So much not fun, but the results...those I like.

Tomorrow, I will post about the party and IF I managed to run on the rebounder in my new walking shoes.

Jane--let's go walking. I will email you! I'm ready to walk and talk, talk, talk.

Big shout out to my commenters--Nancy and Jane--and many thanks.

Blog fans--I could not do this without you. You are my cheering section, and I love it! Pass this blog along to your friends, and let's get lots of women on here being independent and getting healthy.



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day the 6th

Saturday afternoon, Saturday afternoon--two of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Particularly here, where the sky is so blue today and the air is like wine--not crisp yet but cool and fragrant.

Today...I got Baba Ghanoush--and I had forgotten how garlicky it is, so I have breath that could fend off vampires, but it was so good. I am not "counting calories" [shudder] but I eat enough to not be hungry, and I am eating really good things.

Later, off to Pei Wei (the fast-food version of P. F. Chang) for edamame and salad. Tomorrow is Big Choir Day with lunch brought in by our Choirmaster and then a cocktail party with nibbles at his house afterwards. Looking forward to Monday's post about that.

Yes, bought those little walking shoes--the ones with the curved bottom that are supposed to be so good for you, and I'm trying them out this evening. And of course, the rebounder lurks in the living room...

Readers, you are the biggest motivation, the greatest fun that I have ever had in trying to eat right. Even though we have had no comments for a few days, I feel like you are cheering me on.

So...comments? Encouragement? Shout-outs? Ray-rahs? Thanks for letting me drive this bus while you lean back and enjoy the ride...



Friday, November 12, 2010

Day the 5th Part Deux

I get so excited about this blog that I post early in the day...

and I shouldn't, but whatcha gonna do? So here is part deux (a nod to Karin)

Cool thing: where I work has a cafeteria and for $1, I can get a mini-salad of really good greens + mushrooms, broccoli, and pico de gallo. AND...cole slaw.

I am aware that cole slaw is, for so many, an ewwwwwww food, and I am convinced that part of it is due to the sticky sweet, overly creamy versions made in bulk and plopped down on a plate at restaurants. This isn't the world's greatest slaw, but it's not overly creamy or sweet--lets me know I'm not dumping untoward amounts of sugar and fat into my system.

Red Alert! Red Alert! I want to know your ewwwwwww foods. You know, the ones that are "good for you" but you just can't stand. And for many of us, let's consider liver to be a default. Actually, I don't eat liver but not because I don't like the taste. It's because it detoxifies all the junk in the system, and I don't think it's healthy to eat, despite the iron levels. This is from Dr. X, and I have stuck with it.

And if anyone has a great coleslaw recipe that uses an alternate sweetener (by that, I mean something NOT refined white sugar, and lower on the glycemic index...) and that uses cider vinegar, please, please post...I'm jonzing for some great homemade slaw...

See you tomorrow...


Weltha (I know this is "pink" but I think of it as WATERMELON...such a healthy food in season)

Day the 5th--and it's FRIDAY!

Yes, I jumped on the rebounder last night. Happy?

Good, because that makes one of us. No, it wasn't the worst thing on earth, but I'm going to go in sloooooooooowly...on it because it has been...oh let me see, 10 years since I have even been on it? I'm going for 5 minutes tonight. Yes, 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. And then see about increasing my time 1 minute every day for a while until I get to 30 minutes. Years ago, I jogged on it for 45 minutes at a time. Will keep you all informed.
  • Today is Pay Day (not yesterday...) and among other things, I am going to buy a pair of walking shoes. And yes, I plan to walk tomorrow. Anyone interested? Let me know!!
  • I have an event to attend tomorrow evening at Camille's and then a party tomorrow night at my Choirmaster's house. So...I plan to enjoy myself some in terms of the eats--"Weltha, I am giving you permission to have a little fun." I find that giving myself permission actually keeps me from planting my face in the food...
  • The Holidays Are Coming! and that I have decided that I may feel free to eat as many as 5 single treats a week. Of course, I don't have to...but I can. Let the party begin! Here is what I want: Braum's real, creamy egg-nog; pumpkin cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory; and...actually, I think that's it! Oh, and my own pumpkin pancakes...made with good, organic ingredients. Woo hoo!
  • Will look today for a recipe online for pumpkin pie made with silken tofu and a good's so good for me, and it tastes so yummy. In fact, I like to open a can of pumpkin, add a sweetener to it (honey, molasses, brown rice syrup) and pumpkin pie spice, heat it, and eat like a vegetable.
  • Baba ghanoush, here I come after work today!

And in other news, I feel good: my joints work better, my "insides" are behaving (middle-aged people know what I am talking about), and I am waking up earlier in the mornings, looking forward to the day.

I could not do it without you all!



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day the 4th THE SEQUEL! It's a good one, too...

You know...Mom was right.

"Think first," she used to tell me. But did I? Do I? not always...

When I first started the blog--lo! A few short days ago...

I didn't think. Well, I thought, all right, but not on all the right things. I was sort of like my friend who lives in another country and some time back, dated a guy of a different religion. This mattered to her--it would matter to me, too, but not to everyone--and she wrote a long email airing her thoughts.

So naturally, all of us pounced on her and gave her unasked-for advice. And she felt overwhelmed. That's because she is an Independent Woman--and so are we.

And of course, so are you. I love that about you, o readers of this blog.

But I have already found that I am overwhelmed with advice because I didn't make clear what I was doing before the start of it all. And then...I wrote the first part of today's blog this morning...on the fly before work started.

So...who knows? Perhaps I could use advice, perhaps not.

So...let's make a deal. Think of this blog as reading a novel and enjoying it although the heroine sometimes doesn't use the best sense. Go "tsk, tsk" in your mind, but on the blog, just share what you have done that works for you. Let's not get into the "don't do this" or "don't do that" mode. Instead, you are relieved from having to give advice--and I'm relieved from having to read it and then stress because I can't/won't/shouldn't take it. I'm not weight-obsessed...just determined to get healthy and get this weight to where it ought to be.

Here is what I should have begun with: I'm following Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. It not only works for me, but I love eating that way. Here's why I have a blog: being on Fit for Life worked great for me when I had a doctor to talk with each week, to be accountable to, to discuss the story of my journey to good health with (which is what this is really about--you can't have good health if you are carrying more weight that your body needs! But the health comes first. The follows. I love that about it. It's sort of like a little lost sheep...). But now, I don't go to that doctor any more. all are my fellow-travelers.

However! There will be times I just might ask for advice! I will headline those posts with:

Red Alert! Red Alert! Weltha is requesting advice!

And then...I will really want all the advice comments I can get. Until then, let's just enjoy this journey together--no stress on anyone's part, no overwhelming feelings on mine...
  • From my friend Dixie--she has lost weight following the Skinny B*****s who advocate eating really high quality food--organic, without animal lard, preservatives. What a brilliant idea--and she says she was able to eat lots of things that she enjoyed (cookes, chocolate!). Sounds brilliant to me!
  • Dixie also has tried stir fry for those pesky veggies we can't stand to eat totally in the raw and of course, the lovely hummus as a dip for "stuff."
  • I'm jonzing for baba ghanoush and my lovely city has a restaurant that makes an incredible, garlicky version! And they do take-out...yummmmm.
  • Tonight, I am going to jump on the rebounder. But those of you who live in "my town", hey! I want to take you up on walking together. What a great way for women to reconnect--and get healthy at the same time.

I love all of you--and a special shout-out to Brenda from the Atlanta area--you are the BOMB, woman.



Day the 4th

Today's post will be short...I love that people are responding, and I don't want to be a curmudgeon, but if you will remember from the first post (I long ago...), I said that I was not giving advice and I wasn't asking for any, either.

and yet...a few readers have already forgotten that! So...I am going to ask very nicely...I LOVE hearing what you are doing, what you have done, great suggestions as to things you like for food or exercise, but let's say ix-nay on the advice. Believe me...I know (I know...) what to do. It's the doing of it day-to-day that gets all of us down. You have no idea how jazzed I am to do this every day and know that people are watching--and more importantly, cheering me on!

So...let's please limit comments to things you have done or are doing...and I'm going to continue to eat carrots ;-) Why? Because I know they are good for me, and this is about good health, too. Besides, steamed baby carrots with a little flavored olive oil or a drizzle...yum, yum, and good for me.
  • Got home from Choir last night and too tired to run on the rebounder. Oh's there, and soon, very very soon!
  • Today is Pay Day so...going shopping for food this weekend when I have time and am not racing through the store!
  • Lots of water is making a difference--I feel better, my eyes don't burn and sting with allergies, and wonder of wonders, my joints feel better. And I can tell my digestive system is enjoying the break from junk!
  • My friend Dixie suggested broccoli with a bit of honey! I am going to try that with some steamed broccoli soon and report back (I'm also thinking of a honey-garlic sort of thing, too!) Dixie had some other great ideas in terms of things to do with vegetables.
  • Love to you all! I'm looking toward the weekend--and going to Pei Wei for edumame and this great salad.

Let's hear it for the Independent Women out there!