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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day the 59th

This one is short and you want the bad news or the good news first?

I'm going to be vague on the good news because nothing is definite...

But let's get the bad news out of the way...I am not feeling so fact, I have a minor, low-level headache due to my sinuses acting up just a very little bit. And I do mean a very little bit. Thank goodness...So...I'm not going to go to my church's Epiphany service, or to the dinner afterward (boo, hiss...yes, today is EPIPHANY, the appearing of the child Jesus to the Magi...yes, this is the origin of when we say "I had an epiphany" but right now, I am gonna pass on going into this. Let be your friend), or go to D'Novo for dinner (Grammy Jean, I am STILL going to use your wonderful gift card and was hoping for tonight, but alas! It was not to be...) because I'm not a big believer in eating much when you are sick.

It's not "feed a cold; starve a fever" as in those are the directions. No, it's "if you feed a cold, you will wind up having to starve a fever"--in other words, if you insist on eating a bunch of stuff to "keep up your strength", you will wind up probably sicker than ever. And don't let someone say, "Oh, you need to eat protein--here, have some steak, but don't eat salad because it's hard on you..." No, always go for the option of fresh and raw. Yes, you heard it hear first.

So...home tonight, a phone call that needs to be made, and then work, work, work after buying athe right size crochet hook for Jenny's baby afghan. I have never met Jenny, but I went to college with her mom Martha, and Jenny has become my friend through internet and FB...and when she was little, she had a doll she named Weltha. Jenny, Jenny--you just needed to get out more! Anyway, Jenny is having her baby in February, and it's so cool that this woman (whom I remember when she was a baby) is now having her first child and I get to make an afghan for him.

Oh...the good news. All right--as I said, I'm being totally vague because nothing is definite, but I just heard some news that might be a good thing for my future employment...not teaching (yet) but that will come at the right time. I am one of those people who never give up. Ever. Ever.

What I am totally loving about this blog is that I find my own life weaving in and out of the Big Weight Loss and Health Experience. That is...a good thing.

Here is hoping that you can post if you want...I am not much likin' that people have tried to post and "it" won't let them. Boo, hiss, snarl....

Yes, it has been a good day. I am...very happy.

Big love to you ALL--and welcome to my new followers--and to all the nations in which you all live....I was a little discouraged, but my hope is renewed--my determination is solid. I can't do this without you....



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