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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day the 58th

Oh. My. Goodness. Hard as it is to believe, I have readers on this blog from Russia, from China, from Iraq, and from Germany, in addition to people in the UK, in France, in Sweden, and in Canada. And of course, the US. I've gone international!

Talk about being shocked--I almost fell out of my chair (and that's not an easy thing to do) when I saw the map today. And 24 followers...can I get an Amen? Feel free to recommend me to your friends--and while we're at it, I have 3 blogs I am currently following: Life at Tracey Speed; Ribbonwood Cottage; and Because It's My Blog. All three are listed under Blogs I Love or whatever I'm calling it...please check them out. All three are real winners, and Debbie at Ribbonwood Cottage has her own Etsy shop online with a link from her blog. If you're all about country cute stuff, Debbie's Etsy shop is for you. Tracey talks about everything and is defo for all you Christian women who want something that challenges and is thoughtful. And Ringmaster at Because It's My Blog has the snarkiest humor on earth...I think her blog needs to become a book...I do.

No, I'm not being paid for this...

I know that some of you are having problems posting on my blog, and I have NO idea why because you shouldn't be having those problems. I tried to set where you don't have to be signed in as a member of the blog community to comment. Why, oh why?

Today...I had a lovely ice-cold Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit for breakfast--the whole thing, yum...I love how refreshing it is, and how sweet and tart at the same time. Then for lunch, I sliced up two ice-cold Gala Apples and lathered, I think would be the word, them with the wonderful East Wind Raw Cashew Butter...oh, I am in love, people. Honestly, this stuff is just the BOMB or the bee's knees or whatever. It's so smooth and creamy--and it is raw, as I have said before--full of what's good fer ya...and no salt. And the topper as I have told you repeatedly is that it is manufactured in the Beautiful Missouri Ozarks...I swear, you could produce food in The Home State that looked and tasted like sawdust, and I would rave about it, but truth be told, East Wind has made the most incredible Cashew Butter and I'm raving on and on and on...

There. I feel better. Of course, I have the same attitude towards Missouri politicians--I mean, they have to be ax-murderers or dislike babies for me to criticize them, and let's not get into politics because I know close to nothing. Not that this is something that has ever stopped me from airing my opinions, and usually loudly and at length...

However, I do know about tea, and I am drinking some incredible hot Zhena's Red Lavender tea, made with African Red Rooibos and real lavender, and it' good it's almost indescribable. And Karin the Alien Parisienne gave it to me...

Probably no exercise tonight because I do not feel so fact, I feel a little snively.'s home I go, after dropping stuff off with Kat the Fellow Alto, and then home to take a hot bath and snuggle up with the cats and crochet a baby afghan...and yes, it's for Jenny...well, actually, for her baby who is visiting planet Earth for the first time in February...

Yes, I must admit that I am not looking forward to next Wednesday, January 12, Weigh-In Wednesday because I keep thinking I "have" to arrive at some certain weight...and of course, I haven't been exercising as I ought...and I will tell you the truth no matter what it is...

Will not be able to post this to FB tonight know, you can just bookmark this blog and return to it whenever you want. I post to FB to drum up more business and interest...

And yes, I'm taking my Echinacea like a big dog tonight because I don't want to get sick again. I am sick and tired of being sick this year. Or whatever year it is.

My sparkling wit and I will return tomorrow, feeling much better!




  1. I'm not liking the whole 2011. It looks wrong and feels wrong when I write it. I think I might boycott

  2. Hey RINGMASTER...are you a "follower" on my blog because I sure am on yours--and WELCOME to new convert, I mean follower, Marisa Wagner! Thanks so much for joining this wackyosity and's madness, I tell you, MADNESS!


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