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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day the 170th

Oh, Reader. I ate it.

First I made it; then, I ate it.

Granted, not all of it, but before I divulge my bad food behavior, let's recap yesterday.

Lunch was lovely sliced Roma tomatoes on a bed of...artichoke dip. No, not a very good thing to eat. Dinner was some homemade White Bean Chili With Chicken and this time, I cooked the onion and garlic until they almost carmelized, and the chili is now a rich brown broth with lovely chunks of chicken in it. And the White Beans. I love to cook.

Oh, and I took those 2 Eggplants that Had To Be Used Or Else and turned them into Baba Ghanoush - which is not easy. It's way too labor-intensive except for the most special occasions, and I also made it with browned onion, which adds a sweet and rich flavor. My Baba doesn't taste like the Baba at this great restaurant here in town, so I defo need to use the onion to make it a better dish. I love Baba, and I'm just not happy with mine, even though it comes from the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. I know...hey! if you have a great Baba recipe, please oh please post it. Please. I am begging you...

But I also made praline fudge and it was delicious and yes, bad me is having some this morning. I'm jonzin' for the sweets.

MOST OF THIS IS CELEBRATION! Remember that story of the Prodigal Son and how the other son whined and complained and the father said, "The son who was lost to me, who was dead, has come back! It's a time to celebrate."

Thing One [see yesterday's post] seemed dead to me, but has come back. Yes, a time for rejoicing and BESIDES, PEOPLE, IT'S THE HOLIDAYS. This is my excuse through the Entire Month Of December. Egg I come...

I'm also thinking about hosting a little Christmas Carolling Party of my nearest and dearest. Many folks from The Choir, but not all of them. I want to invite purposefully and not just a "mass invite" - plus, I have "non-choir" friends whom I want to invite. Yes, it's a spectacular that we are having - it's a Christmas Extravaganza. Woo to the frikkin' HOO!

And now...the Thought For The Day:


I'm a make-up - wearin' girl. I mean, if I were a lesbian (and I'm not...), I would be a Lipstick Lesbian. I like make-up. I like how it looks, I like the creativity of applying it, I like how other people react to how I look.

And I looooooooooooooooooooooove eyeshadow. It's wonderful. Actually, I love the whole 'eye make-up line.' But let's concentrate on the shadows...

I just bought this darling little set of 4 "baked" shadows. Most shadows are pressed into a small pan. Then, the beautiful-woman-to-be rubs the applicator over the pressed shadow and onto her lovely eyelids. Of course, there are loose powder shadows that are the very dickens to apply. They wind up all over your face. Moral of that story: if you're going to use loose powder shadow, put it on first and then apply the rest of the goo...

But these baked shadows are intense and can be applied dry (sheer, transparent) or with water (like water colors except the effect is...SPECTACULAR.) I'm totally all over them. They are dense, dense, dense, and intense, intense, intense. I love them. I do. I really do.

One of the things I loooooooooooooooove about eyeshadow is that you can contour with it around your eye socket to give your eyes, and I quote one of my men friends, 'depth.' You can also use an 'eyeliner' brush and apply a dark shadow as eyeliner. I love this. I think it's brilliant.

And let's talk about the colors.

I have blue eyes with some green in them and a great deal of grey. I can use brown (the more 'copper' the better), copper, mauve, and lavender, and I can line with either brown or black. I can even use orange - yes, orange - shadow with a little brown mixed in so I don't look like I'm trying to disguise my eyeballs as little Ronald McDonald heads [hey! Has anyone besides me noticed that with the New Look at Mickey D's - "I'm Lovin' It!" - that ol' Ronald McD has been retired? I mean, cool, casual, trendy doesn't exactly fit with a guy dressed like a rodeo clown, but I digress.]

Like most women, I'm of the opinion that A Woman Can Never Have Too Many Eyeshadows. Or various versions of the exact same color. the comments - and please, comment either on the blog or where I post the link on Facebook - I want to hear about eyeshadow from our women. Or men, too. Hey! I'm easy (but I'm not cheap...)

And a Happy Holiday Season to you - and remember, the Advent Postings start on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1!

Thanks for hangin' in here with me. I'm going to lose all this weight. I may slow it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down during the Holidays this year, but people, people, people, I have SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE!

Love you all.



Monday, November 28, 2011

Day the 169th

All right, all right, Reader. I didn't post over Thanksgiving. Is that so wrong?

But first, before I launch into my Sins Of Eating (and oh, they are many over this Thanksgiving Weekend), it's time to take care of a little business.

I left a name off my list of people for whom I'm thankful, when last I wrote on Wednesday-The-Day-Before-Thanksgiving.

I left off Mischa, my Polish prince. You know how it gets...sometimes, you leave people off. Here's why I'm thankful for him: he's a mensch. He's sober-minded. He tries. He is, as I was once taught many years ago, quick to repent. Good stuff all. I'm thankful for him.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I ate like a madwoman. I mean, I ate cookies, brownies (complete with praline topping), artichoke dip, an omelet filled with grease and goodness, and more, more, more.

People, it's the holidays. No, I'm not on the scales these days. I don't want to see. I'm not going to eat any ol' doggone thing in sight so nobody get kerrrrrazy on me, but I'm going to enjoy myself. A lot. I'm thankful. I've known lots of deprivation. I know what it is to do without. This year is a year of rejoicing during the holidays. Period. So, expect to hear about delicious Eggnog, Pumpkin Cheesecake (yeeesssssssssss!), and who knows what else? Oh, and my Christmas Tree which will be put up starting...December 1. I am all sorts of excited. favorite season of the year has begun: Advent. Yesterday was the First Sunday In Advent. And starting on what most people consider to be the beginning of Advent (December 1 - this Thursday), I'm going to be writing a little Advent Meditation (I almost wrote 'medication' and that's not far from the truth) or Advent Memory. Bear with me. Advent means a great deal to me, and on Thursday, December 1, this blog will tell you why.

This morning, I ate a whole sleeve of Kedem Biscuits, which charming items I find in the Jewish section of the grocery store. They are little cookies without a bunch of fuss and they are inexpensive, and I love that. A totally naughty breakfast, washed down with mint iced tea. What's not to love? I told you I would be honest. I am.

This weekend also had lots of White Chili in it and this time, I made a version without chicken BUT with mushrooms. It was lovely. And lots of low-fat sour cream and also some yummy cheese. So sue me. I enjoyed it. Tonight, I plan to make rolls, coleslaw, baba (because I have two - count 'em - two eggplants that need to be used or else), and more chili, o doggone it, I forgot to thaw the chicken. Oh well, quick chicken thaw...I can do it.

And now, the Thought For The Day:


For a variety of reasons, I have been thinking about this. And I have come to a conclusion. Love is an action born out of a good heart, and love requires committment.

Recently, I have had two people telling me they love me. Two men, to be exact. We'll go no further than that other than the first man mentioned hear meant "I love you" in a non-romantic but sincere friend way. The second meant it in a romantic way. I'm not sure, however, that that means much about this situation. I don't find one "better" than the other or more "real" than the other.

One had offended the socks off me. I mean, offended the very socks right off my size 7 feet. And he needed to be thankful I was not in his general vicinity with a heavy object in my hands.

The other had not offended me. Not at all. Had done something very nice for me, as in extremely very nice for me, in the last few months. Not that the offender hadn't done nice things. But the offense was great. Very great. And the other one (the non-offender) had been very sweet and charming.

Let's call the offender 'Thing One' and the non-offender 'Thing Two.' If you have read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, you know what I mean.

Here's the interesting thing about Thing One and Thing Two. Thing One offended the livin' crap out of me, hurt me deeply, and broke my heart. I mean, I was ready to start my own personal chorus of "Hit the Road, Jack, and Dontcha Come Back No Mo', No Mo', No Mo', No Mo'...."

Thing Two had been generous and charming and complimentary, and I was thinking of throwing caution to the wind. You've done this yourself.

But here's the irony. I believe it when Thing One tells me he loves me, and I don't believe Thing Two at all. Or rather, I think Thing One's love is real and Thing Two's is...not so real.


Because Thing Two made wordy protestations (okay, not that wordy...) of love but without any committment whatsoever other than not lying to me. And yes, not lying to a girl is big. It's huge. I appreciate that. But it was also the no cross no crown sort of love. Everyone - especially Thing Two - feels all nice and happy but it is meaningless. It carries no weight. Not that I want it to, but by golly, tell me you love me, and you better bring it. Period. Or else, just don't tell me. It's okay. My heart got a little...bruised is the wrong word...let's say 'dinged', you know, when a pebble flies up and dings off the side of your car. No harm, no foul, and you don't notice that it did it once you're a few miles down the road. But I sure bought into it. For a few days. And now, it's just a fading blip on my radar. Sorry, Thing Two, if you're reading it, but true. I do appreciate your generosity and your interest. But I don't think you much love me. It's okay, too. It really is.

Thing One nearly got the ol' ax. But it's funny...Thing One told me the same doggone thing: "I love you, O lovely Weltha" and I cherish it like I do my toy rabbit (named Bunny from Captain Kangaroo, but I digress) and hold it to my heart because you see, it was followed with an apology and a promise that took a great deal to make. An 'I'll Never Do That To You Again' sort of promise. And daily 'doing better.' And courage to say, "Yes, we can talk after Christmas, and I will man up and listen to you." Oh, and staying on my radar. That's important. Not falling off my radar. That takes courage when confronted by an Angry Woman With Big Blue Eyes And Steam Is Issuing From Them. Real courage.

So here is what I think: Love means doing. Love means committment. Love requires courage. I'm not saying Thing Two didn't have courage - he did, after all, put it out there. Kudos to Thing Two for that.

But Thing One...shows every sign of making something glowing and valuable of this whole thing. Shows promise. Shows the possiblity of Going The Distance. It was all tattered and tarnished there for a while. But I'm going to give it the old college try to recognize the mirror-like silver in the tarnished.

And I'm not going to be fooled by the shiny tinsel.

Thing One - you know who you are. Keep up the good work. And I'll do my part not to be shiny tinsel myself.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day the 168th Weigh-In Wednesday

Reader, I saw it.

And I didn't much like it.

I weighed in this morning, and here is the verdict:

223, almost 224.

The reason is simple. I've been eating things that I generally don't. And I can guarantee I'm holding some water weight due to it.

I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving. I'm cooking for myself, and just relaxing and enjoying time with the cats, with books and movies, and with my BFF Poodle. I've been entertaining too much, and I miss time to myself.

In addition, I need to unpack some more from The Final Move-In. I've done some, but not as much as I would like.

And...I want to go to the movies. I want to walk through My Favorite Park and shuffle through the leaves. I want to play my dulcimer and sing along. So much I want to do.

So...tomorrow is going to be my favorite Chili with White Beans And Chicken. And possibly Cornbread. And Rolls (well, why not?) And Green Salad With One Of The Signature Dressings. And possibly Brownies With Praline Topping. And maybe My Mom's Waldorf Salad. And maybe a Pumpkin Thing. And then this Green Bean Stuff I have wanted to make (no, not Green Bean Casserole with Mushroom Soup and Onion Rings...), but either Sesame Green Beans or Green Beans with Carmelized Shallots. We shall see. I'm not a Turkey fan. Maybe some lovely Cranberry Sauce that I make my own self.

And then a movie and some food-type stuff with Poodle. This will be great! I can't wait - can't wait - can't wait!

I'm on Total Overload for more reasons than I care to, this weekend will be a great time to recharge the batteries.

Will I blog? I definitely won't on Thanksgiving. Maybe, maybe not on the rest of the days of the weekend. We will see.

And, in true fashion - not wanting to let anyone down - the Topic of the Day:

She Lists The Things For Which She Is MOST Thankful

  1. God my heavenly parent, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Too many years ago to count, I said, "I'll serve you to the end." I meant it. I mean it today. I plan to mean it until my last moment on earth.

  2. My BFF Poodle. We are in it together until the end.

  3. My lovely new apartment - I could not be happier, especially with Neighbor Paula and The Wonder Landlords, Pete and Rick.

  4. Mimsey and Horatius - The Wonder Cats. I love you both more than you can know. You are the dearest two creatures, even when you lie on me and I can't turn over in the night and you nip the inside of my wrist because I didn't get up fast enough to feed you and you holler at me to put the food in the bowl right this very minute.

  5. My brothers - The Brothers, the Twins - Bud and Bill. I will always love you two because I look at you and I see and hear Mom and Dad.

  6. My job. No, it's not my 'Dream Job' as such, and here I am on my break, typing my blog, but I work at a GREAT place, with GREAT people, and I'm doing cool things that matter. I care about that. It pays the bills and gives me a chance to participate. I love that.

  7. Mom's China and Silver - because it is not only the memory of you, Mom, it's that I get to carry on your tradition of hospitality and entertaining. And I get to do it with elegance and style, thanks to you.

  8. The memories of my parents. My Mom and my Dad were the best. Not perfect, but they loved us. They loved me. I miss them during the holidays but really, I rejoice in who they were. The holidays just brings them back closer to me.

  9. My church. St. Jerome's - you rock, even in the moments where I think, "Is this the asylum and are the inmates running it?" I am so happy to be there.

  10. My friends. I have this tiny group of True Friends To The End: Poodle (of course,) Grammy Jean, Debbie and Mr. Debbie and family, Pearl, Melynda, Sue Ellen, Martha, Lencho, Matthew, and Travis. I couldn't do it without you. You all are the BEST.

Here's to a great Thanksgiving. We all have much more to be grateful for than we have to regret or wish different.



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day the 167th

This is short and sweet, blogglings...

Went to lunch today with Grammy Jean (way too much fun) and had French Onion Soup (it was okay...not a great version) and then a 1/2 Reuben Sandwich, 'cause The Weltha never gets enough of corned beef and sauerkraut. We exchanged gifts and I now have lovely Cotton Blossom Lotion and Cologne AND a beautiful handmade cap that goes with my good coat. So lovely!

I am ever so tired - and very few Thanksgiving plans! For once, I'm thrilled. I will have my own lunch with The Wonder Cats, and read books, and organize (I love unpacking and sorting and putting things away), and watch movies...

After The Dinner Party That Consumed My Life, I'm glad to have some time to myself. It's not simply the work and expense (although, boy! it was that...) but a difficult guest and the fallout from it. So glad this thing is in the past, now...

Tonight, I want to make more White Bean Chili With Chicken and a few more things to have my own delicious Thanksgiving Dinner With The Wonder Cats.

Next week, I'm getting my Christmas Tree! I'm so excited - I haven't had one in many years, and Mimsey and Horatius (the Wonder Cats) will be...interested, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, Topic of the Day is....


I'm a Lipstick Girl - I love lipstick. I love heavy, creamy-rich lipsticks that are so pigment dense; I love the sheerest glosses; I love the longlasting ones where you swipe on the liquid, let it dry, and then put a glosscoat over it.

It's a Girl Thing (and I can call myself a Girl), Baby, and you just wouldnt' understand!

One of the things I love is that I have this red lipstick called "Evangeline" that I use as a rouge - and it's perfect. I look so healthy and natural. And then a little rubbed into my lips, topped with gold gloss...exquisite.

I have these two glosses that I adore - one is sort of a pale, tawny gold, and the other is this warm toffee color.

I have these Colour Juices from one company that taste so good and look even better.

I love the feel of it, the smell of it, whipping it out and using it discreetly in a restaurant. I get favorite colors that I wear for weeks only to find a new favorite color. Or favorite texture. Or scent.

Men, you don't know what you're's the Ultimate Girl Accessory. My friend Debbie's daughter had this really awful lipstick when she was very little - a discard from her mom, a sort of chalky pink. And she'd smear it on her tiny little mouth and say, "Wook at my wipstick!" It was very cute.

I love sealing an envelope with a lipstick stain - "SWAK!" - Sealed With A Kiss.

I love putting lip balm on my lips and then just a glide of mouth looks so gorgeous afterwards...

Here is to being a woman. It's great. I love it. I love all the things that go with it.




Monday, November 21, 2011

Day the 166th

At this point, I am not blogging on the weekend. Can you all stand it? Of course you can.

Still, it remains "All Weltha, All the Time." Oh - my friends Rack and Eric took pix of me at church yesterday and when I receive them, will post. New pix! Woo and hoo....

Let us recap: when last we wended our way together through Weltha Blog World, I was heading for lunch with my dear friend LeAnna, hoping to buy fruit for breakfast, anticipating dinner on Saturday with Travis and Matthew, and then looking forward to All Things Church on Sunday.

Lunch with LeAnna on Friday was great! First, we caught up on her little boys and her extended family, and then on what I like to call anWeltha World of Fun and Frolic at the Shiloh Restaurant which features Good Home Cookin' and Plenty of It. Reader, I ate 3 rolls.

Not my little 'pocketbook' rolls but these Big Mambas that deserve the term 'cat's head.' In fact, one of the rolls was bigger than Mr. Boy's head, and that's saying something. And then, I had a half a BBQ sandwich and some macaroni and cheese. Brought the rest of the sammie back here only to forget and leave it in the refrigerator. It is, of course, gone. That's fine with me. It was good, but...

The very idea of weighing myself - and this Wednesday, 11/23/11 is a Weigh-In Wednesday - is rather sick-making, and I'm not likin' the whole idea. Nonetheless...

No, I did not get out the rebounder but I vacuumed. Somehow, this counts. I'm not sure as what, but it counts...

Travis and Matthew came to dinner Saturday night, and we had an Oh-So-Splendid time - until about 11:15 pm. WAY too much fun. We had White Bean Chili With Chicken, Green Salad (with loads of yummy vegetables), The Rolls [this time, cooked to perfection thanks to a handy timer. Who knew?], and 5-Chocolate Brownies. The extra rolls and brownies went home with them. Thank you for that, guys. Loads of great talk. Piles of laughter. Oh, we had hummus, cut vegetables, and Red Drink. I'm working on Red Drink to make it better, but it's a fun drink I adapted for those of us who want something interesting but reasonably healthy. Reasonably.

Yes, I ate a brownie or two. Yes, I ate rolls. Yes, I put sour cream and Jack cheese in my chili. They were wonderful.

And there is lentil-onion-beet salad in my lunch today and there is also green salad. AND...I bought black grapes this weekend and yes, they are in my lunch.

Tonight, I'm buying more garbanzos because by golly I am going to PERFECT that hummus or at least give it my best shot. Complete with veggies...and I may have to make more White Bean Chili With Chicken.

And I think some Coleslaw is in the offing....

Now, my Work Salad Bar has reopened and it's spectular. I think I will continue to bring my lunch BUT on occasion (and today may be an occasion...) buy some...wait for it, wait for it...EDAMAME and QUINOA on the salad bar.

Have you EVER heard the like? This salad bar is extraordinary! I adore both. I'm going to pretend my readers have heard of neither:

EDAMAME - steamed green soy beans and a lovely delicious treat. Good for you. Good for me! And good for my Work Salad Bar - very, very good!

QUINOA - pronounced 'keen-wah', this is an incredible grain that is very high protein and can be used in place of rice. I love it!

Last night, hung with Poodle - for oh-so-many-reasons - and took some brownies that I had made (these are the Best Ones So Far), complete with...yes, praline topping. I want to marry that topping.

We each ate one, and they are at work with me today complete with an email to my friends here at work to come get one - or two...or whatever. I want to take home an EMPTY PAN. Sorry, however, to say, that I drowned my sorrows in several of the brownies...ah well...

And now...the Topic of the Day.


As a very young girl, I bought into the Cult of Heroism and the Received Version of Various Heroic Moments. I mean, I bought into it with a vengeance, with extreme prejudice. [I mean this in the "Apocalypse Now" "terminate him with extreme prejudice" sense...] I bought in, as Mama used to say, 'whole hog.' Of course, that's how I live my life. There is one speed: full throttle. Then there is 'off.'

Over the years, I have imagined myself in Several Boy Roles (usually in a starring role...): in one, I'm a commander at Trafalgar on the British side (of course...), receiving Nelson's penultimate signal (meant to tease the fleet but branded into the heroic imagination: England Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty), sailing my ship of the line into battle, emerging victorious (and unscathed. This last is Very Important To Weltha. I cannot emphasize this enough...)

In another Boy Role, I am charging up Cemetary Ridge as part of Pickett's Charge, and again, ol' Southern Girl (remember, those of you who might be history-challenged - Pickett's Charge up Cemetary Ridge at Gettysburg was doomed, doomed, doomed...) survives.

Yet another Heroic Vision locates me as one of the first wave of American GI Joes landing on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944, D-Day, part of Eisenhower's Great Crusade to liberate Europe and establish a Second Front. And again, I manage to survive. Unscathed. Of course I do.

But the one that speaks to me most is the Received Version of the Battle of Britain. (because she's a Big Anglophile, that's why...)

You know, beleagered Britain, holding out Alone, after France has fallen. There is a wonderful poster of a cartoon Churchill, shaking his fist at the Luftwaffe and the legend reads, "Very well, then. Alone." I'm all over that. All. Over. It.

Outnumbered Britain with its little RAF, its few fighter planes, its lack of experience, holding out against the Might Of The Luftwaffe, a desperate group of young, inexperienced flyers going up against the battle-hardened huns (sorry, those of you of German descent...)

The truth is a bit more nuanced than that. Nonetheless, it is true that a small group of fighter pilots, bolstered by bombers and the Royal Navy ('The Senior Service') turned the tide in the sense of holding off and finally bringing invasion from Germany to a halt.

What appeals to me most is the vision of being heroic when it counts. Anyone can be heroic, anyone can pledge themselves to do-or-die when there is no threat, no temptation. But in the heat of battle, when the worst happens, when the very worst could happen...that's when what we do matters.

I have faced some temptations recently to despair and worse. And the example of RAF Fighter Command during the Second World War is of immeasurable help.

SPOILER ALERT: If the idea of me talking about God my heavenly Parent and Jesus my Sovereign King gives you the queasies, stop reading. I'm not pulling bait-and-switch, but doggone it, it is my blog and I'll write what I want.

I'm like anyone else - I need inspiration. I need an example set before me. I need to know that there are people who, in the time of crisis, did not bend or give in. It makes my tiny little difficulties seem much more surmountable.

The story of the Few always means something to me. I'm proud of them. I'm British myself, with an English great-grandfather who left Manchester in 1829 and came to these shores, and is buried in our family plot up in The Home State. Winston Himself is my hero. I want to be Winston. I want to stand when - in the words of a film I once saw - standing for something counts and is the most important thing. I want to be found Brave, True, Courageous when the wolf is at the door and the enemy at the gates.

That's really what I want. Heroism inspires me. I want to be a hero. I want to do what's right in the critical hour. I want to be found faithful. I want to rise to the occasion. I want to find the hour to which God has matched me, in the words of Rupert Brooke.

Weight loss, buying cool things for my wonderful apartment...those things and frustrations fade as I think about The Few, The Finest Hour, and how I face my own hours.

I am not ashamed of being a romantic, an idealist, a hero-admirer, and generally a little Boy Scout who dreams of being St. George slaying the dragon. I'm not Walter Mitty. I think I'm Winston as a child, knowing some day, my hour will come.

I want to be found faithful in God's hour for me. And here is to the Few - the 3000 members of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, and here is my salute to all those who survived, and to the 544 who died.



Friday, November 18, 2011

Day the 165th

And here we are again.

Honestly, I wish I were writing this right before retiring at night so I could echo Samuel Pepys: "And so to bed."

But I cannot.

However, I would like to propose a song, and you'll probably recognize the tune that goes with it:

Ding, Dong, The Cheesecake's Dead....

Yes, I have finished the Cheesecake That Would Not Die. Note to Weltha: Next time you make a cheesecake, send it home with someone. Threaten, bribe, do whatever, but get it out of your refrigerator. Period.

I have no idea what I weigh. I have no desire to know at this point.

Last night, I ate the rest of my lovely White Chili With Chicken, and will be making more for my friends Matt and Travis who are my informal little dinner guests on Saturday night. I'm looking forward to this - they are great. I love their socks off them.

Meanwhile, no breakfast today and I tell you now, this is a mistake on my part. I'm buying fruit this evening so I can have breakfast every single day. Breakfast is good, and I'm all about having an all-fruit breakfast every day. Why? Because that works best for me.

And honestly, this no-exercise thing has got to go. As in today. Tonight, the doggone rebounder gets moved. I run on it. Period. World without end.

I may even try to blog this weekend. We shall see...

In other news, I have sort of woken up a great deal in the last several days. These have been trying times. (Oh, the times that try Weltha's Soul...) But that's okay. I'm tough. And some of the things that make our lives trying are not always bad things. [great. I'm talking like a kindergartner, now. "It's a Bad Thing."] Good things can bring their own stresses. Ah well...we throw out the bad and we embrace the good and we try really hard not to sound like a stupid inspirational bumper sticker...

Off to lunch with my friend LeAnna today - out to lunch it is, and I'm excited because (1) She's the BOMB, and (2) I hardly ever get to see her, and (3) We're going OUT to lunch and I hardly ever do that. COULD I have more fun? I don't think so! Anyhoodle, will report tomorrow on the where and what, etc.

And now, the Topic Of The Day [I like that. It has a certain ring to it...]:


The lovely Pyrex company is now making something with which I have fallen deeply into materialist lust. They are making these cool storage and cooking vessels that have a lovely plastic lid that goes on them.

What does this mean?

It means I can bake some nice thing and then put the ready-made lid on it. It means I can store food in GLASS and not in PLASTIC. It means I can nuke things in the micro without worrying that I'm (a) destroying expensive storage stuff or (b) putting carcinogens and toxins right into my food.

They are beautiful. Lovely colors on the lids; lovely shapes for the vessels. (I love the word 'vessel' and use it frequently.) All sorts of shapes and sizes.

And here's the kicker - there is one version with these glass lids that fit on with a silicon seal. These remind me of the square glass 'refrigerator' bowls my Mama used to have. And that I am going to purchase just as soon as I see them show up at the Thrift Store / Yard Sales / Ebay, you name it. I love them. They remind me of everything I love about being a Southern Woman. I love the South...and I'll discuss her and her glories another day.

Back to Pyrex. I love this stuff and am collecting it as if it were Mama's Good China. This is stuff you don't just give away. You don't just let people run off with it (someone did this recently but replaced it for me. Very good.) I feel like a real grown-up when I use it. It's all over the place at Wal*Mart and Target.

And Pyrex should pay me for this advertisement.

And I love Mason jars. I have 3 in which I make salad dressing. Why? Because you can put the lid on and shake it for all it's worth. I have a Great Big Wide Mouth Mason Jar that I drink out of at work (complete with a Britta pitcher to provide lovely filtered water.) One of the guys passed me the other day and said, "Every time I see that jar, I think, 'Moonshine'." Of course, it was filled with water which looked, I guess, like high-test 'shine, so that makes sense.

Anyway, I am celebrating the Glories of Glass today. How wonderful it I love to drink from glass and feel that clink against my teeth and that smoothness against my lips and I love to store things in glass and not have any stains on it...How I love the sound glass makes when it gently chimes against another piece of glass...

O Glass, Weltha hath need of thee now...

Here's to eating better and exercising more. Here's to the great life. I love it.

And I love you all.



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day the 164th

Reader, I cooked. Yes, yes, I did.

I didn't do as much as I wished last night because although I did not make Vespers and went home first (so the argument might go that I had time to rest...ha), I also didn't do as much as I had once I arrived chez Weltha after Choir.

But I did make White Chili With Chicken and had some for dinner, and am having more for lunch. It's wonderful.

Were it a man (see yesterday's post about men) I would wish to marry it. Or at least date it very seriously. PS...many thanks to Sonnet XVII - Shakespeare, of course...Thought that one, dahlin'...

Ah well...and thank you to my correspondent who commented about men's abilities to set up things (I love that 'thing' word...) involving wires, cables, etc. Yes, I like that about men. Also, being My Father's Only Daughter, I have a certain amount of that ability myself. But, alas, not to the degree of men. I like men. I really like them...

Oh, where was I?

You probably want to know what I have been eating.

I ate more cheesecake last night and am having more for lunch.

Why? WHY? you ask.

Simple. For the same reason that men climb Mount Everest.

Because it's there.

You will remember that I had Dinner Party For Six on Saturday night. That cheesecake has been there ever since. Cheesecakes are large things (there I go again with the 'thing' word), and because none of my guests would allow me to send any home with them (drat), I had it in the icebox, leering at me.

I should have taken it to work, but I did not. Oh well. I don't do this every day. Or week. Or month. And the next cheesecake will be chocolate. With praline topping.

But I did have White Chili With Chicken last night. And it's here with me today. Along with some Lentil-Balsamic Onion-Roasted Beet Salad. And a piece of You-Know-What.

So sue me.

In fact, this chili is so excellent that I am posting the recipe. Particularly for one of you, and you know who you are...

White Bean Chicken Chili

1 medium onion, chopped
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped* (optional)
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
4 cups chicken broth
2 (15.5 ounce) cans great northern beans, rinsed and drained
2 tablespoons minced fresh parsley (or cilantro)
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 cup cold water
2 cups cubed, cooked chicken (or marinated grilled tofu)

In a large saucepan, cook onion, jalapeno if desired and garlic in oil until tender.
Stir in broth, beans, parsley, lime juice and cumin; bring to a boil.
Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Combine cornstarch and water until smooth; stir into chili.
Add chicken or tofu.
Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened.
Add sour cream and sprinkle of grated cheese if desired.

Honestly, I like lots of garlic in it, and as far as I am concerned, just go ahead and add the doggone sour cream to the recipe and have done with it.

Tonight, the plan is to cook some more. Or maybe hit a movie. I'm easy that way...I love to cook. I do. I love to watch movies, especially in the dark theater. I do. I'm your basic movie girl.

And now, to the Weltha Opinion Of The Day.

And the topic is:


Like Joan Jett, I love Rock 'n' Roll. Probably for the same reasons that I like men who have done their bit in the military, War and History, and Doc Martens.

Because of the masculine thing that goes with it. RnR is a boy's game, and the best women in it have a certain amount of the boy to them. I like hard rock from the 70s.

Excuse me, that's "I LOVE hard rock from the 70s."

There's this odd androgynous side to me, and one of my secret fantasies is to:

  1. Be really thin again like I once was (hence, this blog...)

  2. Wear a skin-tight black T-shirt

  3. And a pair of black leather jeans

  4. And a pair of black Doc Martens

  5. Complete with lots of black eyeliner, kinda smeared. Just kinda...

  6. And my hair sorta slicked back like a boy's. Just sorta...

  7. Sing my favorite dark, masculine, rock loves

What are those favorites, you ask? (You did; you asked; I heard you.)

  1. "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR. This one makes my blood rise. Especially the line about the voice of rage and ruin...

  2. "Brown Sugar" by the Stones. Especially that line "just around midnight." I always want to sing that one with one shoulder sort of jerking in time to the music. You know the move...

  3. "Start Me Up" by the Stones. If I have to explain why, you're hopeless. Hopeless, I tell you...completely and utterly hopeless.

  4. "Layla" by Clapton. " got me on my knees...Layla...." Any woman with this kind of power, I respect. Totally.

    And my all-time rock favorite:

  5. "Gimme Shelter" by the Stones. I have always loved the way it starts out with this sort of dreamy Eastern feel to it and then launches into really hard rock wackitude. I love the chaos of this song. Love it. Love. It. No one can make music like the Stones.

Rock 'n' Roll is all of my "I'm so tired of being the Little Nice Girl" combined with my love of Boy Stuff and Boy Adventures.

Joined to my Youngest Child Only Daughter thirst for being the Absolute Center of Attention. Not at all times; just at some times...

I have a feeling I'm going to start working out to some of these...I like the electricity, the darkness, the chaos, and the macho-in-your-face of it all.

And you had no idea...right? Right.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day the 163rd

Reader, I have a plan.

In addition to boring the hair off your head with my blah-de-blah-de-blah recital of what I ate, what I weigh, why I don't seem to exercise, why bagels are singing their siren song to me, I am going to give, each day, free of charge, one of the Opinions of Weltha because let's face it. The world does not get enough Weltha in it. Some of you agree about this. Good for you. [Warning: Ego Alert]

But first, the matter at hand. I'm cleaning up from my dinner party - you know, cleaning up those yummy leftovers and doggone it, I like to eat.

So last night, although I planned to make White Chili With Chicken and also make Julie's Coleslaw, I ended up eating a chocolate bar that was supposed to last days [okay, it was good quality chocolate with organic sweetener. Right. So good for me. Keep hummin' that tune, Weltha...], followed by the rest of the Artichoke Dip (not much) and the rest of the Hummus (again, not much.) And a slice of the Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Because I was on the phone with one of my favorite correspondents and you know who you are. Sorry, little blogglings, but when I'm being adored long distance, I drop everything and focus.

And this morning, what did I have for breakfast but the rest of the Sweet Potato Chips and the Mango-Cranberry Salsa. I wish I could claim to have made these, but I bought them. Maybe at Wal*Mart, but who cares? They were incredible. Am now looking for a Mango-Cranberry Salsa recipe online. And I'm convinced I can make Sweet Potato Chips. I mean, how hard would this be?

No, not a great breakfast - I should be eating fresh fruit. BUT, the small amount of each is now out of my refrigerator (the salsa; I have better sense than to put potato chips in the icebox...)

And lunch today will be...Lentil-Balsamic Onion-Roasted Beet & Pan-Seared Carrot Salad. Yes, I made it. Yes, it's great. Oh, and some of the rolls, bless their overcooked hearts. And a slice of the Cheesecake. Because I made it. Because it's wonderful. Because it's my precious...

And then right after work, off I race to Vespers [because it's a WEDNESDAY] and then Choir Practice, but I get out early because I start early. So...home by 8:15 and then I cook, cook, cook.

That's the plan. And I'll fill you in on the outcome...tomorrow. Meanwhile...

Today's Topic for Weltha's Opinions:


I like men. I feel like Sancho Panza singing about Don Quijote in "Man of La Mancha": "I like him...I really like him." Well, make that "them" and you've got it.

I don't mean I'm simply attracted to men ("like that") although I am. Its that I genuinely like men. And their being men. They do it so well...

Here's what I like:

  1. They tend to talk about history and war. I am deeply interested in those two particularly but not limited to: The Battle of Trafalgar; The Battle of Britain; World War II in its entirety; German High Command in WWII; Monty; Winston....well, you get the idea.

  2. Some of them have been in one of the services. Or as I like to say "The Service." Men who have been in the service have a sort of macho swagger and self-confidence that appeals to me. I want to be one of them. I want to do all the cool boy things they do.

  3. They tend to be protective of me. I cannot emphasize this enough. My motto is that if you're a man and you're not prepared to sort of adore me, then there's the door and don't let the doorknob hit you in the backside on the way out. Unless you're into that kind of thing.[This from Poodle. His comment. I love it.]

  4. They don't worry what other people are thinking and saying about them, unlike women. Unlike this women who has to be on guard with this sort of nonsense day after day.

  5. They are very good at toting around heavy things and will do it upon request. Especially when I make my eyes really big and round and say, "I just can't lift that. Could you possibly....?" I really think one reason God put men on earth is to lift heavy things. For me.

  6. Their voices tend to get all sweet and mushy when they are talking to me. I like that, too. They don't have to be potential boyfriends or even attracted to women. Please see #3.

  7. There is something so no-nonsense about them. Well, about most of them. The ones I like have this really astringent, no-nonsense thing going on.

I suppose I could list the things about men that I don't like but then the men in my life I do like don't do the things I don't like.

Not if they want to remain the men in my life.

Here's to all my men. I love you all, every one. You are my Band of Happy Few...



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day the 162nd and Day 30 of 30 Days of Truth

Reader, I'm back.

And I'm better than ever.

It has been (great; I'm starting a sentence with an unreferenced 'it'; so sue me...) over 3 months since I last posted (last post: August 11, 2011.)

Have I eaten right? At times. At other times, I have eaten anything that wouldn't run off. Okay, it hasn't been quite that bad...really, not at all.

Have I lost weight? A little. Mostly when I have been upset. And that's never a great time to lose weight. Or a great way to lose it.

You're thinking (please, God, let them be thinking...) that this all doesn't sound so great. Well, the voyage has had its moments, but I'm here in port. Yes, another Royal Navy allusion. Deal with it. I'm a woman who is madly in love with the Royal Navy at the Time of Nelson. It happens. I'm not your typical woman.

What all has happened since I last posted?

  1. I had the Rest O' My Stuff moved in to my apartment from my storage unit. I have everything. This is it.

  2. I've been entertaining like I'm making up for time (I am.) Individual guests, couples, a last-minute-decided-to-come-and-showed-up ( me first, oh wait, you're probably not going to be invited again anyway...), and finally, a dinner party last Saturday night. Or, I should say 'Dinner Party For Six.' Oh yeah, it was a big deal.

  3. Realized that Poodle is indeed my BFF. The BFF of my life. World without end. Amen. You spoke, I listened, I acted. I love you.

  4. Have allowed something to start dying. No, not a pet or even a plant. Just something that needed to die. Making the decision - very painful. But like most things, the anticipation was worse. The actual doing was a relief. Ever have to let something die? Yeah, me too. Actually, I'm glad. And 3 of you helped in the decision...many, many thanks.

  5. Allowed something to start. I call it "No Harm, No Foul." Yes, I could be more cryptic if you'd like, but the people reading it who know what I mean...well, they know what I mean. I like that. This is a good thing and like #4, took a wee bit (a big ol' bunch) of courage...but that's me these days. Nothing if not courageous...

  6. Figured out that it's time to do stuff, go places, make plans, and generally get after it. I'm all over that. I'm going to England in the next 2 years by golly - alone or with someone - but I'm going. I miss The Land of My Fathers. And Mothers. Note to self: visit the RAF Chapel at Westminster; Cabinet War Rooms; Blenheim (again); Bladon churchyard; Chartwell (again); Capel-le-Ferne; Portsmouth and the Victory; St. Paul's.

  7. And last, it's time to lose the rest of this weight. I weigh somewhere between 218 and 222 most days. I do not like this. I'm not a Big-Boned Farm Girl From The Home State. I'm a fine-boned girl who has never lived on a farm. And I'm carrying way too much. I don't like it. I don't like that I don't yet look like I need to and feel like I need to. But that's what I love about losing weight - it's a doable thing. It's not like dealing with drug use or alcoholism or heaven knows what else. It's a doable thing. I'm going to do it.

  8. Am keeping Pearl's cat while she's on vacay...this is interesting with Mimsey and Horatius, the Wonder Cats. Nonetheless, we gave a little stranger a home for a few days. This is a good thing. Happy to do it. Pearl - I listen to you. I love you.

Here's the plan:

  1. It's time to get that *(@&% rebounder where I can use it and....start using it. I love it. It makes me feel good. And it will be all to the good for my blood pressure, etc. And weight. And lymph system.

  2. I am falling madly in love again with salad. I love me a green salad made with one of the Two Signature Dressings. And there is always Balsamic Vinaigrette made right on the spot (mix equal amts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil [it's not EVOO to me; Rachel Ray is too fatuous for words in my book...] and Balsamic Vinegar. Press in a clove of garlic. Maybe add some cool herbs and spices. Shake like (%T*@!. That would be it)

  3. Walking and running along the River. I don't live that far away.

  4. Writing this blog every doggone day whether it's convenient or not. Enough is enough. And post this thing so people can see it.

I've been getting into White Bean Chili with Chicken (or Tofu...) in a major way because it's getting mighty cool here in My Town. I love it. I love it nice and spicy. And the lentil-balsamic onion-roasted beet salad. So delicious. I love to eat. I'm tired of being fat. Really tired of it.

I also decided to start making my bed every day (because I want to) and wearing make-up again every day. Just because I work in a cubicle does not mean I need to feel less than gorgeous. I have decided I'm still beautiful, and when I can get new pix, I'm posting them. You can agree or not - I don't much care. I'm lovely, and I know it.

And I'm pursuing some things I want to pursue for my future. More on this another time. I'm not tipping my hand. Yet.

Lunch today - because our work cafeteria closed for a season to update it and I got back into bringing my own favorite food - will be the lentil-onion-beet salad and some baba ghanoush and 2 rolls. Which got overcooked, bless their little hearts.

Tonight, I'm cooking for this week. I love to cook. Tomorrow night is Vespers (we have this now. It's great) and then Choir @ 6:30 for the WOMEN because... because we're entering Advent and have to practice our Special Music. I'm all over that.

And I'll be posting some cool things soon.

And now....the moment you've been waiting for: Day 30 of 30 Days Of Truth.

Today's prompt:


This is so easy - I love writing this, and readers, a couple of you will recognize yourselves. Thank you. A whole big bunch.

  1. "Your real friends make you feel good after you've talked to them or hung out with them at least 95% of the time. If it dips lower than that, you need to question just how good and real they are in your life." I heard that. I questioned. I came up with an answer. I'm acting. (because I'm not an idiot and I'm not going to act like one.)

  2. "This thing is poison and I don't want you to go back." I heard, I agreed, and I'm not going back. Thank you, queridisimo. We swore eternal loyalty and truth. In it 'til the end.

  3. "You have The Call." Got it. Heard it. Changed some things. Planning to change some more. Moving in that direction. [either you know what I mean, can guess what I mean, or are thinking, "Huh?" It's all good...]
Thank you all for rejoining me. In it to the end. To 365 Days. Even if they weren't continuous...


Weltha (who has got her mojo back on...)