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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day the 63rd - Saturday and Sunday are below

Just scroll down, little blogglings, to see Saturday 1/8 and Sunday 1/9 (and I messed up the date on at least one and am I going to fix it? No.......)

Today, I had more yummy salad for lunch but didn't have breakfast. This is a bad habit and one I need to break. You have to put fuel in the engine to make it run--and by "engine" I mean your metabolism. Skipping meals is a GREAT way to slow down your metabolism. I will do better.

However, all things considered, fasting is great for you. Whether it's just water that you take in, or just fruit or whatever kind of fast, it's good for you. Yes, yes, there are all sorts of spiritual benefits, but this is not that kind of blog and I'm not beating my blog-following to death playing switch and bait...they think it's a blog on eating normally and losing excess weight, and next thing you know, I'm preaching at people...

Not gonna do it...wouldn't be prudent. Besides, I promised.

It's snowing outside. Not much, and it's not sticking on the ground. It's sticking a bit on vehicles, but looks as if it should come off easily.

Depending on what "it's like out there", I may or may not go to the library and then go to the store...and I need to get gas, and oh, I need to go by the health food store...what was UP with me? I should have gotten out yesterday but such a major cliche...

I am by golly going to get exercise tonight OR ELSE. (or else I won't...but I really need to do this...)

I wish it wouldn't snow...that is, I wish it wouldn't make driving crazy. If it only stuck where we don't drive and not on cars, I would be all over it...

And yes, I do know how to drive in snow so there...yes, I do too now stop arguing with me!

I think tonight's entree is going to be this eggplant salad I have been lusting over...will post results.

Thanks for stickin' in here...I hate missing blog days!



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  1. Or if we would only learn to drive in the snow. But Tulsa never has and probably never will. Oh well, at least we can make snow ice-cream. With tread marks. Your blog is brilliant, lady! Keep it going... Oddie B.


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