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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day the 68th

No, in answer to your question, I did not exercise last night. I do plan to today. As in MAKING A PLAN TO HAVE IT HAPPEN. Making a plan that makes it easy to exercise and hard not to...

I was just too tired.

I know, I know...if I would exercise, I would not be so tired. However, getting enough sleep matters too, which is why I am charting my sleep. And the truth is, I haven't been getting enough sleep due to the simple fact that I like to stay up late, but have to get up for work the next day. Dang it. Sounds like one more "opportunity" to say no to the not-so-great choices and yes to the great ones...including going to bed early. Where, oh where, is Mom when I need her to tell me it's bedtime, and no arguments, Missy...?

I've been a bit out of sorts from yesterday, but am much better today. I had a day at work where in 15 minutes, I was confronted with 2 mistakes and a "I wasn't quite sure on something and did a minor incorrect thing." And I suffer at moments from perfectionism, and I have a hard time some days facing that I am not perfect. Not now, not gonna be, not ever.

And then the whole, "why am I overweight?" thing starts kicking in.

But I did say to myself, "Weltha, you are not perfect. You make mistakes, and some days, you make more of them. And some days, you make fewer of them. And you are doing something about being overweight. So get over it." Which I did.

This is one great Saturday--I went to breakfast at Scott the Bagelman's Old School Bagel Cafe with my friend Keith the English Prof and had a great time. Poodle and I have been trying to reach each other and will connect later today. Went shopping for shirts (found two I adore...) and then on to the GREAT Central Library where I saw the grown-up son of old friends, Young Kenneth, and had a lovely chat with him and his girlfriend. Altogether satisfying. Oh, and last night, a very nice call from Kat the Fellow Alto. Very nice day...very nice...

I'm not hungry, and I like that...instead, I'm checking out DVDs, CDs, and books...soon, I'll clue you in on the latest grand passion in Weltha World.

Meanwhile, I'm keepin' on with this...the blog, the journey, the whole thing. OH, and a special shout-out to Jana for her very kind comment the other day on my blog. Thank you, you bright and interesting woman.

I love this life. I'm going to make the very most of it I can. I absolutely love this life. Love. It.

And I love my blog-followers. Thank you for joining in on this Flight To Freedom.



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  1. I was going to walk today. Didn't do it. Why? I didn't want to put my little one in the stroller and try to keep her happy while I tried to keep my heart rate up. I'm walking tomorrow dang it!


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