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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day the 61st Saturday 1/8/11

Girlfriend here took a, not really a break from blogging as such, but a break from wandering around in the cold. Yes, it's cold here in Home Town, USA...well, we think it's cold...although I'm sure the good citizens of Alaska would snort and snicker at our concept of cold...

And now I have 30 followers. This is beyond exciting...I mean, I expected my friends, but now, I have some of The Ringmaster's crowd joinin' up and ridin' the Big Bus To Weight Control, and that's pretty tasty livin'...

Let's see...what did I do on Saturday? Reader, I cleaned.

Do you ever have trouble getting to those closests and drawers stuffed with...junk? I sure do. So...I vacuumed first and felt terribly virtuous. Then, I cleaned out the two drawers in the bathroom. And sprayed them to keep away the bugs and whatnot...then laid down that plastic see-through stuff that costs $1 at the Dollar Tree. (If you don't have a Dollar Tree where you live, raise a ruckus and get one. It's great...much better than some of the others that are really not stores with everything for $1.)

And then I threw things away with abandon. I mean, I'm becoming a new me, so I need to get rid of the non-new-me stuff. And I am...

I meant to go to the library, but by the time I had messed with the bathroom drawers, gotten dressed and just made myself look fabulous, there was no time. And because I'm mixin' it up these weeks in January, I tried to go to a library I have never visited, and I got there...too late. Ah well...after that, I went to the WONDERFUL D'Novo (thank you again, Grammy Jean, for my gift card) for a field greens salad with grilled asparagus and lovely raspberry vinaigrette dressing, topped with a chicken boob marinated in lemon grass. I know...I said "boob." Go with it, okay? Anyhoodle, it was...wonderful.

Then, off to Target to look. I love to look at Target...such great things to see. to one of our Barnes and Noble bookstores, where I read a book on activism and one by the Lee Brothers on Southern cookin'...when $35 is burning a hole in my pocket, that puppy is mine. I'm already in love with several of the updated Southern classics they feature.

Home, and to bed...and as it turned out, my 500-calorie meal at D'Novo was all I ate. This isn't a bright idea to lose weight...I just got busy. And skipping meals is never a good idea if your goal is weight control.

Oh, I had such a good Saturday...I did, I did.



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