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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day the 57th

I'm sore...I am SO sore...and that's probably because--yes--I really got in some exercise last night, vacuuming, lifting, stooping, and carrying bags o' trash out to the dumpster. And the apartment looks...much better. I hope the sprayer guys were much impressed by it all. And I hope the cats eventually came out of hiding because they sure didn't like me vacuuming like a big dog. So to speak...

Keeping a journal is very satisfying...marking how much water and etc. has gone into me...making note of whether or not I actually exercise (I did last night!)...things for which I am grateful (often, it's people)...nice things I did for myself...kind things I did for mood...I'm glad I'm doing this.

I have to admit that I was sorta bummed by the lack of weight loss last week, BUT I have to realize that inhaling jars of cashew butter just doesn't constitute an "all-natural" diet. I mean, it is natural, and no salt added, but it's very concentrated. Add to that NO EXERCISE...and there you have it.

I HAVE REALIZED SOMETHING: if I want to lose this doggone weight and lower my blood pressure, etc. I AM GOING TO HAVE TO EXERCISE REGULARLY. I're shocked.

Last night, I did take myself to Pei Wei for the steamed edamame and the Asian Chopped Chicken is so fresh and good. I totally love Pei Wei. As in, this is my one true love...

In addition, Grammy Jean gave me a WONDERFUL gift card to D'Novo--the excellent restaurant where every dish is delicious and every dish is 500 calories. What's not to love about THAT? I may use it soon. This week and next week are sorta low-dollar weeks, where I have to be careful...

But enough of that! I'm excited about more exercise and more weight-loss. Women (and men...), I am FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD and I am convinced I can lose this weight and look good and feel great.

I enter this year so hopeful about the future. And here's a challenge--if you haven't posted your "adding to your life" resolutions here, I would love to have this be a place for you to do that.

And what are your dreams? Mine is to teach full-time at a college or university, to write some books, and to work with Christian schools to develop an excellent English curriculum and educate them and the families they serve concerning the value and power of literature.

That's not too much to ask, is it?



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