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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day the 80th

WELCOME to my new blog-follower! Thanks for joining in the Big Weight-Loss Fun. there anything like making major decisions? The last several days, I have been deciding whether or not I wanted to renew my lease at my apt. where I have lived for 15 years, and...due to a variety of factors (definitely too boring to share--I don't want you falling asleep and drooling while reading my blog...), I am not going to be renewing my lease. Boy, has it been stressful! And I haven't eaten too much while this decision was being should see a weight-loss, right? Always something good out of something difficult and stressful--but the decision is made, and don't you find that once you have decided, you just feel better? I sure do.

So...if you live in my town, and you know a good place to live without a deposit requiring one to indenture the life of one's first-born (no luck for me, cause me has no first-born...), and the possibility of the cats continuing on with me, let me know on here. Or if you have my personal email, send me an email.

Ol' me got on the scales this morning and the weight was a hair below 230. How delightful that was! So...I am indeed losing weight--and I look better.

Just last week--and I can't believe I didn't post this--I went to Dan who cuts my hair and when I took off my coat, he said, "Honey, you've lost weight!" Woo hoo thank you, Dan! And if I didn't post it, pretend that I did!

I love seeing my clothes fit a bit looser. I love seeing the scale go down--I REALLY love feeling my knees be less stiff. THAT is a great thing.

Exercise tonight? I think I will when I go home from the library. Yes, yes, I'll post about it tomorrow!

Love you all--this blog is the BEST thing. I can't lie to you all about my weight or my eating habits. And I have to tell you. Every single day. That's a good thing.

By the way, I understand that some of my readers are bloggers, too. Or bloggers-that-were who are going to be blogging again. Woo and hoo!

Thanks for riding along with me on this trip!




  1. Wow.. your doing so great.. the hairdressers notice everything and that is great..
    come and live over here in Aus for awhile..
    you will love it.. and I will help you exercise..
    take care Weltha and keep up the good work.. exercise is the key to it all .. have been there myself.. :)) ♥ Lizzy ;))

  2. Lizzy--thanks for this comment and I've always heard that US folks LOVE Aus because we're all a lot alike. And I adore the accent and--yes--I can even imitate you all. I just watched "We of the Never Never" and now, I probably sound like you. I hear that you go to Aus and you "never never" want to go back. I'm so glad we have stayed friends DESPITE you not being involved with MW anymore...I have to limit my interaction with it because if I don't...honestly, it would take over my life. Not a good thing. I mean...just too much to do! One of my friends calls it Mafia CHORES and I agree...Thanks for your comment--didn't exercise last night because I had coughing and congestion...a little stress and a lot of exposure to sick people...but I'll kick it this weekend!



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