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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love the name Weigh-In Wednesday. As a literature major, I'm all about the alliteration.

What I don't love is the weighing-in itself and the anxiety of wondering if my weight will simply be the same, perhaps (please, God, please...if you're there...please) have gone down, or (horrors, look away from it...) have gone up for some mysterious and evil reason.

And here is the moment you are waiting for...233 pounds.

And no, I'm not thrilled. I'm not dropping weight as fast as I did back in 1988. Whoa! There's a news flash--at the age of 57 all right I said it and it's true, I'm not dropping weight as fast as I did at age 34. I mean, is anyone else not surprised by this? Come on, I'm...23 years older.

Yes, yes, post-menopause (sorry, Scott and all male readers...) blah-de-blah-blah-blah...but here is the real truth (as opposed to what? the "fake truth"? Are you like me and the phrase "true facts" makes you cringe because are there really false facts? I mean...isn't a fact something that is so, that is true?)

Woops...back to the real truth: I am not exercising. And that's a major part of it. I need to work off calories and build muscle--exercise itself will raise my metabolism and keep it higher, and muscle mass burns calories anyhoodle.

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and insist that Weltha here exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 x a week. I am hoping it's like the cleaning--once I get started on it, it will become...addictive. And I think I'm going to have to INSIST that I do it when I get home from work. And go home first rather than wending my way (I love that phrase...I love to wend my way...I think a way is more...romantic and leisurely when it is...went? wended? something else? I am too lazy to get myself on to one of our libraries first. Or at least, I can only go in and turn in books, etc. and grab new things, not get on FB and play Mafia Wars...

And that rebounder. DANG, but I'm going to have to get with it. And my Shake Weight? I could do that in the morning before work AND do it in the evening after work. I mean, it's SIX STINKIN' MINUTES with a DVD. How hard is that?

I might even have to resort to using a star chart...

Oh and yes, I did have dinner last night--I had an eggplant going bad (bad eggplant, bad need to turn your life around...) so I sliced it up and cooked it in olive oil (yes, the extra virgin variety and no, I'm not Rachel Ray who doesn't do it for me so I don't call it "EVOO"--what's the matter, Rachel? seven syllables too much for you? Sorry, I snark is coming out here...) and added Ume Plum Vinegar for whang and for the alkylinizing properities, sesame oil for oriental-osity, garlic for...garlic, Trappey's Bull Sauce for heat and flavor, ginger for that oriental thing goin' on, smoky Paprikah for...taste and smokiness and then cooked it until it was a purple batch of hot yummy, lathered it in fresh cilantro and gave it a shower of toasted sesame seeds. Yes, it was a lovely hot dish, and only with difficulty did I keep the cats from it. I will eat eggplant any way you can imagine. It is my one true food love.

You know, I thought of some really cool thing to talk about on my blog and now I have forgotten it. All right...memory, come back, come back, wherever you are...

So...I am going to post those doggone pictures later this week, and I am going to lead off EACH post with what I've done (or not done...and I hope I don't have to confess this...) in terms of EXERCISE because it's time to get serious about all of this.

And more salad at home.

Say a novena, burn incense, start a fast, but I need you on board with me for this exercise thing.


Thanks women (and men...). Can't do this without you. Can't. Just can't.




  1. Here's the thing...If I exercised, I would do it on my treadmill, which is in my room. It taunts me. However, I don't always exercise, choosing instead to nap in my bed. This is also in my room and apparently has a direct line to my brain. Dammit.

  2. Look, I'm not the one to be asking. At my house it counts as exercise if I fetch my own soda instead of having one of the kids do it! You can do better than that. Right?

    Tell you what- if you exercise tonight. I will come up with SOME form of exercise that I can do tomorrow. Now you have both of our health weighing on your conscience... muahhaha (evil laughter). Let me know if you do...

  3. Wait? Did I type "both of our health"? I think I'd rather it said "our collective health". You wanna redline that for me? LOL

  4. My wife has always loved working out and she goes to the gym, and also has a Curves membership. I go to the gym and also do P90x and Insanity. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We have just become Team Beachbody coaches and the group we are in can answer almost any question. We are facebook friends, thats were I saw your post.

    Doug Merfeld


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