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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day the 78th

Yes, yes, this is posted a day late because the conjunctivitis left me NOT wanting to look at a computer screen.

I had some popcorn, and I found that in reasonable amounts (not the 10-gallon size at the movie theater) and without the "bad" additives (movie popcorn a killer...not to mention a half-stick of butter. I mean, I'm all for butter in its place because it's natural as opposed to the two chemical steps away from plastic that margarine is...but it's so easy to drench your popcorn in fat...) it is a GREAT snack. Yes, it's carbs, but we need carbs. And it has fiber out the wazooti...I love popcorn. Love it.

Here is how I make it:" I take my own heavy steel pan with a glass lid (Calphalon that I got at the WONDERFUL Tuesday Morning--if you don't know what Tuesday Morning is, you need to move, because it has great stuff at low prices...), ad a bit of good oil in the bottom, and sprinkle in 2 tsp of popcorn. That is TWO LEVEL TEASPOONS of popcorn.

Turn the heat up to high, and when I hear it sizzlin', I start moving it around. Then I listen to the pops and when the pops slow down to 2 or more seconds between, it's done.

Yes, there is a little oil--but not much. AND...I sprinkle it very lightly with grated parmesan. As in VERY LIGHTLY. You can add other spices to it, too. It's great.

And I eat. What a great treat or a fun dinner when I am just too tired to do much else. Of course, what matters is making sure that I have the right foods prepared. You can also put some diluted Tamari in a mister and spray your popcorn.

I hate air-popped popcorn and don't mind a little oil for better flavor. It's how I roll...



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