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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day the 64th--Weigh-In Wednesday Tomorrow!

Oh yummy yum yum!

That's my response to last night's little dinner...of Fage Greek Yogurt, sweetened with raw amber Aguave, with walnuts (Omega 3s), blueberries (antioxidents), and...East Wind Cashew Butter. It was so good and so very easy.

Tomorrow is WEIGH-IN WEDNESDAY. And I'm not sure what will happen because today I had some of my microwave popcorn--a friend sent it at Christmas and it was only "salt added" and I got a...hankerin' to have some.

The bag was too big for one person. And I could taste and feel the oils in it (and not in a good way, either). By the end, I felt...sort of sick. And dinner for me tonight because I just don't feel like eating. At all. So, as lovely a gift as it was, I'm giving the rest away. I think it was too salty and just...not good for me. In the future, I'm going to pop a few teaspoons of popcorn at home, with good oils, and then...maybe a light sprinkle of Parmesano-Reggiano or whatever it is.

You know, I could have had more yogurt, but noooooooo...I wanted popcorn. Heaven only knows if this is gonna hold water weight on me like a big dog.

And of course, I haven't been exercising. I wonder if any other middle-aged women have this problem. Now, if I could find a spinning bike, set it up in the living room and spin on it while I watch a movie...there's a thought...

But it won't be Tony Little's "The Gazelle"--honestly, he wears me out to where I just want to go take a nap...

Lunch today was my typical salad, but I'm getting tired of the coleslaw at work and am going to HAVE to make Julie's recipe. And doctor it up. Life is too short to be getting into such a rut...

All right...tomorrow is the big day--see you tomorrow AND I will--I WILL be posting new pics this week. Just lazy is what it was!



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