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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day the 60th

Holy moly, I've been doin' this 60 days AND I have 29 followers. Thanks for joinin' up, newbies!

By the way, when I went to change this to Verdana (that's this font), I first hit Webdings and it looked so delightful, I just had to post it for all its squee-ness:

Holy moly, I've been doin' this 60 days AND I have 29 followers. Thanks for joinin' up, newbies!

Who knew?

Oh, am I looking forward to the weekend. I managed to get my apartment on the road to really clean and organized this week. I mean, there is plenty more to do (can you say "hidden inside the closets"?), but it was a start and there is light at the end of the proverbial cliche here...

It's funny that when you get just one area of life in some vague semblance of order (me not being the Queen of Sonic anymore...) that other areas seem to fall into line, too. I love this. Love it. Love. It.

Meanwhile, whatever sickosity was going on with me and the sinuses seems to have moved on--what with drinking the oceans dry, taking Echinacea, and going to bed [for me] early.

And now...a very true confession. I was a biology major as an undergrad (this is not the confession...), so I get a bit graphic at times. I never want anyone to be readin' away at this blog and go "Ewwwwwwwwww.....", but here it is. Last year, I had a bladder infection. We've all had those...most of us, right? Well, I had a doozy, and it just went on and on. Then, once it was done, I had...that's right...ding! ding! ding! ding!...incontinence. I once had to define this for someone, and I found that even more embarrassing if possible than admitting that I had it. Anyhoodle, I developed stress and urge incontinence (and you can Google these...), and it made my life a living purgatory. I mean, I won't go into the details, but I was having major problems. Major. I was even worried that I had some sort of permanent damage thanks to the lovely bladder infection.

Then I stopped eating junk. I started losing weight (as of 60 days ago...) and I am not having nearly the problems I was having. Week by week, this bad boy is going away. As in "away." Yes, I am very satisfied. I feel so much better. And not just physically either...I was feelin' old...and I'm only...57. That's right. Only 57 (and yes, pictures next week, all right and get off my back about it...;-Q

All right, enough with the clinical details.

Today, I drank loads of water, ate some lovely cashew butter, read about foods to help lose weight (and I'm eating most of them), and had a salad at lunch (because I LOVE salad....) and then had a whole avocado at my break. That's right, so buttery and smooth and subtle. I love avocados.

Oh, and last night I treated myself to the WONDERFUL Helen of Troy take-out and got baba ghanoush and warm pita. Took it home and while the cats were busy with their dinners, I had mine. Such a treat when I had felt so awful. So very awful. Not sick-sick, just...not good.

What a wonderful group of blog followers I have...I love you all. And welcome to the newbs out there...I am so tickled that total strangers are following me. Tell your friends...tell your relatives...tell it to the Marines...



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