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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day the 83rd Sunday 1/30/11

It's still the same old story...the fight for love and glory...

Oh wait a minute. This isn't Casablanca and I'm not Sam singing "As Time Goes By."

No, it's just that Sunday 1/30/11 and Saturday 1/29/11 are so similar...very little appetite...feeling kind of yicky, coughing, etc.

I did manage on Sunday to get out to the laundromat and do two loads of clothes. Why, you ask, when I was terribly sick, albeit getting better?

That's so simple--I was out of clothes. I mean, out of clean ones. No clean slacks, no clean underwear (blush...), no clean black turtlenecks (the staple of my wardrobe) no clean pjs (that hurt. The no clean pjs. It did. Terribly.) and my black hoodie needed a bath. I mean, really, people... I was way behind in doing laundry, and had I not been sick earlier in the last week, I would have, etc. etc. But I wasn't, and I didn't.

So...out we went, all bundled up and doing 2 loads of laundry. Which was not the worst experience of my young life. Quiet, efficient, and done. Then, it was off to Wal Mart to get some grapefruit because I have been craving it...not the craving that says, "Go ahead, order a pizza and a liter of Coca-Cola and while you're at it, run by Braum's for a hot fudge sundae..." No, the craving that says, "My body wants and needs this." I figure when we crave good food, we're on the right track.

And I read something at Wal Mart that made me sad...Jack LaLanne died.

Do you remember him? When I was a kid, he had an exercise program on TV--really kitschy, and he was so impossibly enthusiastic and peppy. But as it turns out, Brother LaLanne exercised every single day, didn't eat sugar, didn't drink caffeine, and lived to a healthy 96 years old. And in recent years, he hawked juicers and all sorts of cool things that lead to a healthy life on infomercials. The man was tireless.

All right, all right, I'm sure my younger readers have NO IDEA about whom I'm speaking. But you old gals (and guys...) do know exactly who Jack LaLanne was.

And he was all about good health, exercise and eating right back when America was smack in the middle of its brand-new love affair with labor-saving devices and Jello and TV dinners and heaven only knows what else.

So...this blog salutes a man who stood for--and actually did--everything that I am trying to do. You were a great guy, Jack, and we'll miss ya...

And as I have said, until I can say "I have found a place to move into", I'm reminding you that if you live in "my town" and you know of a place with reasonable rent, a nice place to live, and which will take me and 2 cats, let me know. I'm asking everyone to keep ears to the ground. Especially if it's a place that maybe belongs to someone as a garage apt or a (really nice) basement apt or "guest house" apt. Pretty soon, we'll be doin' that little victory dance...

Oh...and my weight is down at 225...okay, okay, some of it HAS to be not eating at all, but still...but still...



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