The totally shame-free, actual-life, real-time blog where I tell all, show all--without nagging or whining (all right--maybe a little whining...)--in my attempt to stop being a fat middle-aged woman who avoids mirrors and clothing stores and start being a woman at home in her body...brought to you by a real woman, the Independent Weltha Herself. I won't give any advice, and I'm not asking for any--just companionship on my journey.

Every day...a new post. Every other real weight. Every pictures.

For every woman who has ever tried to just lose the extra weight and feel good...overall and about herself...and who lived to tell the story.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Day the 53rd New Year's Eve!

And the weight's already "down"--I knew it would be. Too much of the wrong stuff...It was a joy--yes, a joy--to get on the scales this morning. And besides....['s a secret] my undergarments are fitting looser...I KNEW I was losing real weight.

I think my SPARKLE is almost back! I hate losing my sparkle--do you know what I mean? When I was a little girl and I had been sick or was upset over something or was just "down in the mouth", my mom would say, "Honey, you seem to have lost your sparkle!" I think SPARKLE is one of the most important things to have--the sense that life is good no matter what, the enthusiasm to "get out there" and do what we need (and want!) to do, the sense of God's goodness in our lives no matter what. This has been a hard week in Weltha World, and I am so glad that it is ALMOST over and we are heading into a NEW YEAR. Sometimes, when we are saying good-bye to the past, it rears up and kicks us a good one. One of my BFFs had the same experience this week--and we have both decided life is too short to be involved in is to accomplish our purposes and it is also to be ENJOYED. I'm all about that enjoyment and that purpose-accomplishing!

Well, that's my story, and I'm stickin' wit' it...

My TWO RESOLUTIONS for the New Year of 2011:
  1. MORE...of movement and exercise, of raw and unprocessed foods--particularly fruits and vegetables, of the right amount of sleep each night, and of vitamins-minerals-herbs that my body needs. MORE of those things. And we know if I fill myself with MORE of these things, there's a whole lot less room for the other stuff.
  2. MORE...of great encouraging friends, of wholesome and healthy fun and frolic, of encouraging and loving other people, of being faithful at St. Jerome's and in the Choir, and of pursuing the dream and vision God Himself has placed in my heart.

Do you see what I did there? I decided this is not a year to be "giving up" things. I'm not giving up watching movies--or reading books--or just sitting and talking to friends; it's just that I will have to working these in with walking and rebounding and lifting weights. I'm not giving up chocolate--or ice cream--or cookies; it's just that I don't know where I will put them because I am going to be filling up with the good stuff.

I'm not GIVING UP--not on anything. is my New Year's Challenge:

  1. Make your life about MORE and not about LESS.
  2. Make your life about ADDING ON and not about GIVING UP.

And now, independent women (and men!) please post--either on my FB page or on this blog--what you are going to have MORE of in your life this coming year.

I don't use my blog to preach--partly because that's not what this blog is about and partly because some of my friends do not self-identify as Christian, and I'm not trying to badger them. However, let me say this about that: I end 2010 and begin 2011 more determined than ever to serve God my divine Parent and Jesus Christ my Sovereign and to accomplish by their grace and help--coupled with my own will and effort--the reasons I was put on earth, that is, the divine plan and purpose of God for my life.

Sermon over! [take up the collection!]

Let this be a GREAT NEW YEAR for you, and let us all allow the past to drop away as we forget what lies behind, and we reach out for that which lies ahead!

Thank you for joining me on my journey...I could not and can not do it without you! And what YOU are going to have MORE of in your life in 2011!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day the 52nd Weigh-In Thursday

And it's a humdinger...This morning I weighed....240 lbs.

Well, that's what the scales said, but I have my doubts...

Last night, I went with Alyce (aka Pearl) to Casa Bonita (this is a long, complicated story about how that happened...but it was a lovely treat on Alyce's part because I was on Holiday Overload) and I ate Mexican which was delicious but also gave me major acid reflux in the night (And we have a new lesson: continue to STOP EATING after 6 pm) and is sitting in my system...

I have a feeling that I did put on some fluid weight due to the sugar last week in the frozen yogurt (I'm still regretting that one...for a variety of reasons) and also the food sitting inside of me AND the way Mexican makes this girl hold on to fluid. This is no fun, I say!

I might have weighed 230 today--but I didn't. Notice I didn't say "I SHOULD have"--that's the thinking that defeats anyone trying to get weight under control.'s back to Drawing Board of Self-Discipline. I can do this.

Tomorrow, I post my TWO New Year's Resolutions for this Ride to Freedom. Both of them common sense, both of them easy.

And the reminder to us all: it's what we do every single day that counts. Girlfriend here is making some changes...and throwing out some baggage that just isn't part of her new self these days...!


To quote one of my least favorite poems--Invictus by Sir William Henley:


Will defo post tomorrow--and will wish you all a great New Year's THEN!

Thank you ALL for joining me on this ride!



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day the 51st

Is there anything on earth better than being "up-to-date" with something?

I didn't think so, either. It's great being caught up on the blog--although with no personal functioning computer at home, I will get "off" again...but that shouldn't be such a major deal.

Tomorrow is Weigh-In Thursday. I gotta tell ya, I think the sugar in the frozen yogurt and the huge amount of cashew butter is gonna tell on me...oh well, too much good stuff is in it's not hard at all to get back with it. Actually, I'm back with it today--wasn't hungry this morning, and lunch was some baba ghanoush (from the grocery. Reasor's, I am sorry to say, cannot touch Helen of Troy's baba...)

One of the totally cool things about being a careful eater is that when you do have a treat--or too much of something--it's just not hard to get back with it. I mean, it isn't. You already have so many good habits in place that you don't freak out over it all. This is a Good Thing.

I tell ya, that sugar set me off on a wackadoodle couple of days. Never again!

I have a 21st follower--and I can't tell who you are except that I am delighted. It may be next week before I manage to post those new photos--I may have to post every two months (and that will show MORE progress!)

Anyhoodle, 21st follower, WELCOME! Feel free to comment or just watch--whatever. As I am fond of saying: sit back; relax; and leave the driving to me!

I'm having some post-holiday hangover--not the food kind but the emotional kind. Too much goin' on! and this is me talking, who purposely doesn't do a whole lot at this time of year will be better ( it comes....premonitas be forwarned is to be fore-armed...or words to that effect...)

Give me a few days, and I will have my sparkle back. Needin' my sparkle...

Be watchin' for tomorrow and the Weigh-In!



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day the 50th (Day the 49th is below)

Oh, the joys of being back on track with my posting...

Honestly, all that concentrated sugar and dairy in my system felt like one of my favorite quotes from Paradise Lost: "Me miserable! Which way I fly is hell, myself am hell, and in that lowest deep a lower deep still threatening to devour me opens wide, to which the hell I suffer seems a heaven..."

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a wee bit, but there is nothing like the sick feeling of sugar coursing through your veins. Honestly, I go in the grocery store, wander over to the section with the candies (including those artisanal types that are supposed to save the rain forest or something...) and remember how yickety I feel with sugar in my system...and I almost RUN after that to the fruits and vegetables. Of course, I don't have to do that today because I still have this stuff in my system...Some peopl,e can handle sugar very well...I'm not diabetic, but I can't handle it. Period. I may be saying goodbye to all sweets except for dark chocolate and then only on rare occasion...and that's fine by me.

True confession: I have eaten WAY too much cashew butter, and I know that my weight is not doing what it ought. Not good...back to the Self-Discipline Drawing Board!

What lovely weather we are having makes me glad I am doing something about this weight, because I want to wear knee-length shorts, skinny jeans, and floaty little dresses this spring and summer...

Onwards and upwards! Thanks for joining in this Bus Ride to Weight Independence!



Day the 49th Monday Dec 27, 2010

I have heard the chimes at Midnight, Master Harry...oh, the days that we have seen.

There are worse thing to open a blog post with than a quote from Henry IV, Part 2 (all right, I think it's part 2...)

Of course, I don't want to look like Falstaff who uttered these lines, and that's the purpose of the blog.

You know...I really wish I had just had a bite or two of the chocolate frozen yogurt rather than a whole cup. Oh, did I learn a lesson...all that sugar and dairy in my system, and Monday was not a great day for me. Note to self: Just Say No.

My system has now become sensitive to sugar and such--and that's a great thing because it does show that I have really been off it. 22 years ago when I was off sugar for a year, I went with my friend Jennifer to Braum's [are we seeing a trend? that's where I had the chocolate frozen yogurt on the 26th!] and had..yes, a hot fudge sundae. I felt as if I were intoxicated. Probably because I was.

Anyhoodle, that frozen yogurt threw me into a tailspin, and I'm just now getting past it. Moral of our story: think about twenty billion times before you do this sort of stuff, and then have only a bite or two. I read somewhere that it's the first two bites we enjoy the most...after that, it's just overkill.

So...I am drinking lots of water. Water--so good for me. And hoping like crazy to get the sugar out of my system which in ONE DAY put pounds and pounds of water weight on me. Me no likee that...

And last night, to dinner at Pei Wei (why? "because I could!") and had the edamame, which I have entered into a serious relationship with, and the Vietnamese Chopped Chicken Salad--my new true love which is so much fresher than the Spicy Chicken Salad. But it's bland--so, I added a wee bit of the chili sauce and voila! perfection.

Today, my left eye is all sorts of bloodshot and we know what that means...detoxification. I hope it's in time for Weigh-In Thursday. After this week where I weigh in, I am going to change to Wednesdays (every other Wednesday) because I just love the name, Weigh-In Wednesday. That is the only reason! I just love that alliteration.

And post for today.



Monday, December 27, 2010

Day the 48th Sunday December 26

Church was lovely if light on the congregation--I had a bagel first (actually a breakfast bagel with ham and egg on Asiago) and then on to church where I ended up as the surprise accompanist on the anthem (yes, I do play the piano)

Then I took myself off to Border's bookstore to use up the rest of the credit on a gift card and lo and behold, ran into Woodstock--we were planning to hit the 5 pm showing at The Circle Cinema of The King's Speech so we hung out there and then on the theatre where we ran into...Poodle and some nice friends. Totally unbeknownst to me, but Poodle was planning to see it with friends, and wondered if we would be at the same show. So...the 6 of us went to the BACK ROW and enjoyed the movie WAY too much. And to Braum's with Woodstock to get frozen yogurt. Yes, I had chocolate frozen yogurt (which gave me acid reflux so I won't do that late at night anytime soon--or ever) but it was a fun holiday treat. Oh, lunch with the Choir and just had guacamole and chips because I wasn't too hungry from the bagel!!

A lovely day! OK, how was YOUR Christmas????



Day the 47th Christmas Day

A LOVELY CHRISTMAS began with the cats and me at home with an apple and some cashew butter and expanded in the late afternoon with a visit to Poodle to exchange gifts. Oh boy, he gave me a LOVELY gift cert to Pei Wei Asian diner and also one to my hairdresser's! And we had snacks and a lovely piece of pumpkin pie! Woo hoo!

Day the 46th--Christmas Eve was a lovely Christmas Eve - the BIG THING was Midnight Mass at St. Jerome's and I totally loved it. We sang our hearts out, Bishop preached a great homily, and I sorta forgot to eat that day. And for someone who used to PLAN her life around the next meal, that ain't bad!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Days the 44th and 45th

And here I am, doing something I won't do often--combining 2 days into one post.

I tell ya, I love the holidays but it has been crazy...

First of all, I am working 40 hours in 4 days (the explanation is too long and cumbersome)

Second, I went to a movie Tuesday Night (Harry Potter with Keith the English Prof) and then Wednesday Night was Choir practice with Jeff the Choirmaster, Scott the Organist, and Kat the Fellow Alto and Virginia the Fellow Alto (and other assorted friends, including Woodstock but not Poodle. You'll get used to the cast of will...). And Virginia the Alto and I discussed her Annual New Year's Day Party (oh yes, I will be there...) and Kat the Alto and I discussed her kittehs and also the alto part on the Hallelujah Chorus. We've gotten it, we think...

Wednesday--I visited Janis, who said, "Hey, why don't you blog your weight loss?" It's all due to Janis! And of course, talked on the phone (a lot) to Poodle as we planned our Christmas Get-Together and Gift Exchange. Honestly, Eisenhower planning D-Day didn't have this much discussion and coordination going on...two busy people plus one holiday = MADNESS...Madness, I tell you! I ate a LOT of cashew butter, a salad at lunch, and drank water until I thought I should just live in the bathtub...

Thursday (today)--I started to get up mega-early (again) and decided to go back to sleep and go in to work at the regular time of 8 (which I did). And of course, I had told Poodle that I was getting up at 4:30 am...and he couldn't sleep so...that's right...he called me at about 4:50 am...and we talked briefly and I went back to sleep until 7. And got to work just before 8. And talked on the way...and decided that instead of doing a Christmas dealio tonight, we would wait until Saturday (aka Christmas Day--although I have to admit I thought it would be funny to write dba [doing business as] Christmas Day...yes, I am so funny...) evening and do a little gift-exchangement and some movieosity. I know, I know...and I was a language and lit grad student...Woodstock and I have agreed to go to The Circle Cinema on Sunday afternoon to see The King's Speech.

And this morning...I went to the charming and delectable Old School Bagel Cafe where my friend and fellow church-goer Scott the Bagelman is...the Bagel Man, and I had--YES, I DID IT--another pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and pecans, and got to watch Sharon at the drive-thru window CLIMB THRU the window to retrieve a customer's change on the ground. Wow, great food AND great entertainment--and I was that limber about...never...

By the Way--a major shout-out to whoever it is who is reading me from RUSSIA! How stoked I am when I look at my stats and there is Russia...and of course, France with Karin. Too cool for words...I would love to go viral and have all sorts of people on here with me. Russian woman--stay with me!'s Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, happy end of Ramadan (it's been a while, I know, but still...) and Happy WHATEVER to all of you. Stay with me because we are going to have way much more fun after Christmas, I guarantee it...or your money back...

I won't be posting on Christmas Eve (although that might change), Christmas day or the day after for sure, but I will be back and running my mouth on Monday December 27!

And girl, will I have plenty to tell, I am sure!

Seriously, you all have come to mean so much to me--and there will be opportunities for you to post as soon as we all get back on it together on the 27th.

And although it's not that kind of blog...God bless you and keep you through out this time and fill you with gladness.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day the 43rd

Reader, I must make this brief.

So little time as the holidays approach--after work, off and running to meet a friend for a movie; tomorrow, an early, early start and time to forward proofing comments to the church admin for the Christmas Eve missalette; tomorrow evening, racing out to get to Choir practice on time; and Thursday, speeding away from work to meet Poodle for dinner and Christmas gift exchange!

Whew--I'm glad the Holidays are almost here!

Last night...I had earlier eaten some salad at work for my lunch, after devouring apple and cashew butter, and then...I went to Border's book store and decided to get a piece of Pumpkin spice bread. It was not that great--too dry for me! I was not well pleased to sacrifice one of my treats for something not-so-wonderful.

But Pumpkin Cheesecake awaits! Right now, I am finishing my break and eating a lovely cold crisp Jonathan apple (my favorites!) slathered with cashew butter. Mmmm....mmmmmm....GOOD! Earlier today was salad...I ADORE SALAD!!!

And tonight, off to Harry Potter with Keith the English Prof.

Thank you for joining the fun and frolic here on Weltha Gets Jiggy With Her Diet.



Monday, December 20, 2010

Day the 42nd--Sat. and Sun. below!

If you want to read Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19, they are below, waiting for you...

I'm in love again...and I love, love, love it...

Yes, it's official. I'm in love. With Cashew Butter.

And although I never advertise, I got to, got to, GOT TO mention this wonderful brand. It's called East Wind Nut Butters, made in the Ozarks of SW Missouri--from whence my own mother hailed.

Reader, it's delicious. And the price is good. And I can actually get cashew butter made from raw--not roasted--cashews with no salt added. Raw is always better--those wonderful enzymes are still active. No salt? Do I need to explain this one? It's slightly sweet because cashews are slightly sweet--swirl it in Greek yogurt, spread it on vegetables or crackers...oh yum...and it makes a great and delicious thickener for salad dressings that you whipped up from scratch with a little lemon juice and olive oil...throw in some garlic and baby, you're done.

Coleslaw at lunch today--I know, I know...but I love the stuff. And then lovely field greens and spinach and some raw cauliflower--because it's a cruciferous vegetable. SO good for you!

What I love is that I finish eating early in the day. I feel so much better when I do that.

Today, I totally forgot my knives that I use to cut open my grapefruit, and then my grapefruit knife and also my grapefruit spoon. Yes, it makes a difference!

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna have some steamed carrots for lunch. I'm craving them again.

Oh, and at least ONE grapefruit for breakfast. Yum.

I may go see Hereafter again...I didn't absorb all of it. All right, I fell asleep for a while and missed a big chunk in the middle...and still loved the movie.

Off I go...see you tomorrow, Faithful Bloggettes...



Day the 41st--SUNDAY December 19 (Saturday below)

And in other news...

Let's see...I forgot to tell you, Gentle Readers All, that I received a LOVELY gift box from my friend Sue Ellen the Librarian in Virginia, on Saturday.

Reader, I opened it. It was filled with lovely Avon stuff (I adore affordable and so very good) and lovely Christmas sweets (more about this in a minute) and darling fuzzy socks infused with refreshing mint and shea butter (can you say "Spa Experience" anyone?) and finally, the single MOST gorgeous fuschia scarf I have ever seen, and which has spent MUCH time on my neck over basic black since almost that very hour.

Now that's what I call a friend. friend Martha the College Buddy has sent me a package, to arrive any day now, but I have promised to be A Good Person and not open it until...that's right, the Feast of the Nativity itself (Christmas Day to you non-Anglicans and non-Roman Catholics). Oh yeah, Martha the College Buddy is definitely a friend, too! She is the Queen of Loyalty. And so is Sue Ellen...

As to the sweets--and thank you Sue Ellen!--I shared them with Alyce [aka Pearl] who will be passing them off on her grandchildren. Woo hoo--they have been deeply loved and admired (especially those frosted spice cookies) but they won't be spending January making my posterior...bigger.

Now...on to Sunday.

Once again, not much eating in the morning BECAUSE I GET SO BUSY AND I FORGET! But...I was lector at St. Jerome's [read a passle of Scripture and then CHANTED--yes--CHANTED the Psalm for the day! Woo hoo! And didn't pass out from stage fright...]

And people said I did a nice job, and Francie May at St. Jerome's told me and Poodle that it was obvious I had lost weight AND that I was lookin' good. Francie May is a paragon of style and elegance so I took that as a MAJOR COMPLIMENT, and why not? Thank you, dear Francie May! And thanks to Poodle for passing on the "lookin' good" comment.

And then my friend Virginia the Fellow Alto said that someone I absolutely bow down to in terms of his intellect had referred to me as brilliant and oh, what can I say! And my friend Woodstock agreed that this was so, and he is brilliant beyond imagining...

Talk about gifts--those are some of the best I can imagine.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to hit the $$ movie (because girlfriend here had spent most of her spare $$$ on Christmas stuff and that's fine...the cats and I are not missing meals, the car isn't running out of gas, not about to be evicted for non-payment of rent and the utilities are not going to be cut off. Yes, very good!) and I saw Clint Eastwood's lovely film Hereafter. Now...I am a major Clint Eastwood the director FAN, and this was wonderful. Wonderful. Wonder. Full.

But before the movie, I went to this little Mediterranean place on Memorial and had a lovely chicken sandwich with Mediterranean pickles and garlic sauce in pita bread and enjoyed it. A lot. A whole lot.

Life these days is so much fun.

Now...I will soon post those dadgum pictures! I promise. It's just that I have to fool around with them in order to post them as I want.

After work, I will post for today..and then...I will be caught up!

Thanks for joining me on this Way Too Much Fun and Slightly Wacky Trip. I love having you all along with me...LOVE IT.

Oh, special shout-out to Scott the Organist and he knows why! You GO, brother...(just FYI, he is neither Scott the Bagelman nor Scott the Lector. Yes, 3 separate Scotts in my life...a girl can never have too much Scott in her life...)




Day the 40th--Saturday, December 18

All right, Gentle Readers...I'm back.

Friday night I met Keith the English Prof at Nordaggio's Coffee House and we exchanged gossip, oops I mean news for a couple of hours and YES, I had some egg nog...It was wonderful and silky and rich--after I managed to explain to the "barista" [a term I so loathe...] that I didn't want it "steamed" or made into something. I just wanted a glass of egg nog. No embellishments, leave off that foul canned whipped cream, no don't put coffee in it...just put the nice cold 'nog in a plastic cup and pass it over to me, posthaste, please...sheesh...the stuff you have to do to actually get something simple these days...yes, it was wunderbar...

Saturday night, I went with Poodle and a friend out to eat--we had talked about going to a "do" but didn't. Instead, we went to Lucky's, and if you live here, it's great. The prices are...high medium, but the food is excellent, beautifully presented, and no snooty-osity going on. In other words, stellar but not pretentious. Oh yeah, that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) me likes it...(un huh, uh huh). This was my Christmas dinner from Poodle, and I had a cup of hot pumpkin soup with creme fraiche swirled in, a lovely salad with Maytag bleu cheese (which we all pronounced like the washing machine but which I have a hunch is pronounced like the German for May Day, which would be "my-tok" or words to that effect), and then...a lovely chicken-fried steak to whom I wanted to propose it was such a food-poem complete with sage gravy, bleu-cheese mashed potatoes (don't know if it was Maytag or not...) and grilled asparagus spears. It was delicious and I enjoyed every single second. Funny thing is that I hadn't eaten all day--not deliberately but the day got away from me--and I really didn't notice. I mean, I wouldn't do that on purpose, but it just sort of happened. And I didn't feel bad or anything.

Then, off we went to look at Christmas lights and finally, home.

And earlier in the day, I had spent time with Alyce (aka Pearl) and we had hung out and had a good time. WAY too much fun! And on Friday night, I ran by Akin's Health Food store and bought not one but THREE big jars of raw cashew nut butter...the Sovereign of the Nut Butters...perks up any vegetable just like that! All right...2 of them are for gifts...and this is without question a time of CELEBRATION!

Later today, I'll post about Sunday, which was indeed a truly stellar day!



Friday, December 17, 2010

Day the 39th [Not Posting This Weekend]

O M G ! D'NOVO has incredible food.

If you live in "my town," and you care about food and about not eating gross amounts of junk with the concommitant calories, get yourself to 61st and Yale to D'Novo. A totally sleek and elegant and minimalist design to the restaurant, really quiet surroundings, the serve-yourself-drink machine is hidden behind a panel, lots of calm off-white, and no entree above 500 calories.

That's read it here. AND...desserts not above 500 calories, including a flourless 2-chocolate thing that I must have as a reward when I break 200 (all right...that's gonna be a while. At least 17 weeks, and that's ONLY if I continue to lose 2 lbs a week which is--as Doctor X and I told you--the outside of the weight loss envelope...Let's say it's going to be 18 weeks, and that translates into...April 21st. Plenty of time to anticipate it...)

Anyhoodle, if you live here, go there. The food is wonderful--I had a chicken salad sandwich on a wonderful granola bread...real chicken, lightly spiced, delicate binder holding it all together, with lettuce and a slice of tomato...and a cup of Asian slaw that tasted as though the binder was...tahini? or did I taste a hint of peanut? with a little kick to it. And my gift from Granny Jean was a gift card to go there, so I am going to take one of the BFFs there...

Let me say this...who wants to eat junk? Not me. I don't want to eat food that tastes lousy or food that is nothing but chemicals and is horrible for me. Good healthy--and I really mean healthy--food can taste great and still not be high in calories. I am totally impressed with this place. Spread the WORD!!! Go there, support it--and I am happy to say that I saw Scott the Lector (not to be confused with Scott the Bagelman) from St. Jerome's there...way to support good stuff! Oh, this is a guy who makes his own hummus for when it's his turn to supply the treats for after church in the undercroft (as Bishop Rick says, that's Anglican for basement...) Oh yes, he knows good food.

I won't be posting Saturday, December 18 (Day the 40th) or Sunday, December 19 (Day the 41st) until Monday at lunch. The reason is that the fair Anglicans at St. Jerome's have an Advent calendar that advises not emailing, etc. over the weekend with no cheating. So...Sister Weltha-the-Anglican is going to stay away from the 'puter--no emailing, no Mafia Wars, no posting on the blog. Ba doomp boomp...

Also...a little advertisement: if you live here in my town, please consider yourself invited to St. Jerome's Feast of the Nativity (also known as Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve). There is a wine and nibbles reception starting at 10 pm on December 24th, and then the service--complete with incense, black-and-white robes (cassocks and surplices) on the choir, Bishop Rick in his Big Bishop Hat, and lots of singing, not to mention placing the Baby Jesus in the manger. We love this service--particularly because it was snowed out for the first time in the history of our charming church last year and it was a major bummer and let-down. We get all sorts of excited that we are celebrating that Jesus was born, a real baby in a real small town. And there will be all the lovely features of a high mass--the Scripture readings (fun fact: Anglicans read four portions of Scripture in every service: OT, NT, Psalms, and Gospels. We read loads of Scripture, for you that like that sort of thing. We like it), the Lord's prayer, confessing our sins, the Peace ("Anglican Meet-and-Greet"), one of the creeds (the personal favorite in my personal favorite version: Rite I--woo hoo!) and of course, the highlight of any Anglican service--the Eucharist. As Bishop Rick says, this is the greatest gift we have to offer--the Body and Blood of our Lord. So come if you can--even if you're not Christian or religious or spiritual or whatever, come join us. It's a great evening. You are welcome and will be loved and embraced!

Sermon over...I am going to meet Keith the English Prof at Nordaggio's tonight and get me some EGGNOG! It's been a day--I ate a bagel and later Pei Wei yesterday, and now...some EGGNOG. So yes, I am indeed celebrating. No, I didn't have my grapefruits yesterday, an omission I am remedying tomorrow, and no, I did not exercise--an omission I also plan to remedy tomorrow, too.

I'll see you on Monday and there will be 3 posts that day--Saturday's and Sunday's by 1 pm, and then Monday's after 5, I think. Don't worry, they will all show up on the same page: you won't have to carry out a search-and-destroy mission to find them.

Also, I will post my new pics on Monday. Believe me, they make me realize WHY I am doing this. I'm fat, and I don't like it.

On the postive side: FAT is something you can do something about and without superhuman effort. Just do the right thing, and do it over and over and over and over and over...and I'm doing it...over and over and over and over and over...



Thursday, December 16, 2010


Gentle Readers All--and the moment you have been "weighting" for [did you see what I did there? I figure I can use this same lame joke about 2.7 more times before one of you hollers "Enough, woman!"]

My weight today is.....234, and I am delighted.

My former doctor, Doctor X, once told me that when a person is eating correctly, 2 lbs/wk is the outside of the envelope in terms of weight loss. 2 weeks ago, I weighed 238, and today, I weigh 234. I am right on target. I love it.

Yes, I did reward myself--I went to Scott the Bagelman's Bagel-O-Rama (all right...the real name is Old School Bagel Cafe), and yes, I purchased one (1) pumpkin bagel, toasted, with pumpkin cream cheese, and--decadence of decadence--sugar-roasted pecans. If you go there to get the pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, ask for the sugar-roasted was lovely, lovely, lovely. I know, I was a food reward, but I have learned that I am indeed loathe to eat "treats." So...unless I write that I am really struggling with wanting to faceplant in a box of chocolate-covered cherries (my favorites are Cella's...they don't have great chocolate, but the inside is cherry and liquid with no nasty fondant.'s nasty to me...), let's all assume that I am not sneaking spoonfuls of pre-made chocolate fudge frosting or up-ending a bag of Almond M&Ms into my mouth.

And no, those are not random examples either...

In other news, there is fun (and probably food) ahead...

Tomorrow (Friday) lunch, I am meeting with BFF Granny Jean to go to this wonderful place called D'Novo that has low-calorie entrees. Great food, not a bunch o' junk...hangin' with my friend...what's not to love? I will defo report back for those who live here in town...

Friday at 7 pm, I am meeting with another BFF Keith the English Prof at a coffee shop (Nordaggio's) to hang and catch up. Yes, I will probably get some eggnog...I don't want a latte or something like that, just the straight-up 'nog. I love it.

Saturday pm, I'm going to a "do" with Poodle and a friend, where I get to corner some people and discuss their take on some causes dear to my heart. Way fun.

Woodstock and I have had to indefinitely postpone Harry Potter because of his time constraints with grading for the class he taught and the ongoing slave labor of his diss. But we are in dialogue about going to see The King's Speech sometime soon at the wonderful Circle Cinema here in town.

All of these are fraught with food peril. But I have found that the more I eat correctly, the less I want to eat a bunch of junk. And "always go full" is my motto. Eat a bunch o' good stuff first; that way, you don't fall on the food-type items like you've come off a 2 week water fast.

OH, and Alyce (aka Pearl) and I are probably going to do our little Christmas thing on Saturday--it may involve going out and shopping (and due to her recent health hoo-hah, which is nicely clearing up, it may not. Yet.)

Methinks lunch may be a couple of grapefruits...I love those Texas Ruby Reds...and maybe a little coleslaw because I loves it so much, I's precious to precioussssssss...The Coleslaw of Power...

Oh, I'm trying Bach Flower Remedies. Will defo report on these because they are my newest romance...

BIG MAJOR WELCOME TO NEW FOLLOWERS--and BIG LOVE to all my regulars who show up whenever they can.

Love you all!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day the 37th

Yes, I wanted a Pumpkin Bagel today, too...but I didn't get one.

That's tomorrow's reward for Weigh-In Thursday.

I've been thinking, and here's what started it all...

On Saturday, as I have said, Woodstock and I went shopping for the charming new ensemble for his prospectus hearing for his doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Education.

When we had finished and paid for everything (and I do mean everything), he announced that he wanted to buy me a scarf of some sort "because you always pull your outfit together with the perfect scarf, and I want to thank you for helping today!" Nay, nay, I protested, that was perfectly A-OK with me to just come along for the ride and lend my hand and ability to say, ", not that one. NOT that one!" and how I didn't need any thanks, but he insisted.

So off we went to Women's clothing and there were scarves...mostly the ones you wear to keep warm, which was perfectly fine by me. I first saw a lovely chenille one--a sort of deep champagne color--and I liked it until I saw the price. However, Woodstock reminded me that a sale was indeed on. And then he pulled me over to other scarves where I saw this yummy amber brown scarf, all cushy and elegant, with a muted paisley print.

"Thar' she blows!" I shrieked, or words to that effect, and off we went to the checkout where Woodstock bought not only the paisley scarf, but the chenille scarf also. I protested for at least 15-20 nano-seconds and then graciously gave in. As in, "oh my goodness, I get BOTH of them." That sort of gracious...

Anyhoodle, I was wearing the lovely chenille one to church at St. Jerome's on Sunday and noticed that the fringe on one end had balled up into a major knot. I mean, it was the Mother of All Knots. Had the cats done this? No, because they wouldn't have left the rest of the scarf in pristine condition...and besides, I have more sense than to leave something cute and delicate out where the Masters of Destruction can get their paws on it. Most of the time...

Apparently, this lovely, elegant little champagne-colored chenille scarf had had balled up fringe to start with, and Woodstock and I were just too busy too notice.

So...starting Sunday, I began to gently unravel the knot. And I worked on it on Monday--at my breaks, at lunch, after work...and the same on Tuesday--at my breaks, at lunch, at home until some vile hour when I finally had all of the fringe untangled and straightened out--without having destroyed it first.

And I decided the fringe was a metaphor [Caution: English Language and Literature Master here...we see metaphors in salad dressing...and toilet paper...although not together. We hope...] for a number of things.

It wasn't particularly difficult to unravel the major mess of fringe--it just took time, and patience, and doing the right thing over and over and over.

Weight loss and regaining health are like that. It's not particularly difficult as such to lose weight. It's just a matter of time...patience...doing the right thing over and over and over and over and over again...and yes, vigilance that the fringe doesn't ball up again...

AND...if I had wanted to get the fringe untangled right now (or I guess that would be right then) I could have ripped it loose with my hands OR simply cut it with scissors. It would have done the job--but the fringe (and the lovely little scarf!) would have been ruined.

If all I want is to lose weight on the scale, I can do all sorts of things--but they will damage, if not completely ruin, my health. I think I'll pass on that one. It took time to do the job right on that fringe. It takes time to lose weight the right way...

And if this were a blog where I was going to preach at you, I'd include my observation that our lives are like this, and that it seems that God has to take much time and care in untangling them...and it helps if we aren't fighting the process...but this isn't that kind of I won't write that...

Coleslaw, Tabbouleh, Raw Spinach, Raw Broccoli...and lunch today. This morning, I ate the rest of my seedless Red Grapes--oh they were good and juicy...and sweet!

And tomorrow...I weigh in...

Thanks for joining in the Big Ol' Bus Ride To Excellent Health And Slammin' Body...



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day the 36th


But too many cars in line at the drive through = no bagel...oh well.

I have Weigh-In Thursday this week, and I don't mind saying that I am sure the results will be underwhelming...ah well, at least I'm not eatin' junk, and that's a big one. A HUGE one...major kind of huge.

Tonight, I wandered through Akin's Health Food store and realized I had forgotten all the wonderful (and expensive. Very expensive) stuff they have. BUT...I found something incredible--this GREAT BIG JAR of raw cashew butter. I didn't get it, but I will on my next trip. I love cashew's so good in yogurt, or on...vegetables...I love it. Almond butter is good, too, but cashew butter is--and I quote from I forget who--"the king of nut butters." Or as I would say, "The EMPRESS of nut butters." Yes, I like that best.

Today at work I managed to make a big mess in the line to pay at lunch--apparently, I didn't calculate too well when I was stuffing my little styrofoam salad container for my $2 salad (and I tell you, it's a steal. I swear that if the Work Powers That Be ever figure out that I am wandering out with monster amounts of salad for $2, they will have a major bovine or something...of course, the woman who runs the cash register thinks it's great that I get so much in a 2-part fold-over styro container...) and there was Tabbouleh everywhere...and Tabbouleh juice. Of course, I had some of the Sacred Coleslaw and a slice or 3 of white onion--and the breath to prove it.

I loathe exercise. I really do. I just need to bite the doggone bullet and do it instead of--as my British friends say--whinging about it. I would much rather be at the library playing Mafia Wars or reading a book at home or watching a movie or yakking on the phone with Poodle. Speaking of whom, fairly soon I am going to go back and do labels for all of my posts--so you can follow comments on Poodle--and Woodstock, Jeff the Choirmaster, Scott the Organist--and many other habitues of my world...

My friend Alyce (aka Pearl) had some good news today--she thought she had some weird awful thing going on with her leg, and it turned out to be...not so terrible, and all she has to do is continue to do what she's been doing in terms of taking care of herself. I just had to throw that in--I haven't mentioned Alyce (aka Pearl) yet...and we ride to church together most Sundays.

But back to exercise...I just read today that between exercise and eating lots of whole grains, a girl's blood pressure can go back down toward (or "to." I'm going for "to") normal. I totally hate taking prescription meds. I think we've covered that one, but it's true. And the idea of not having to take a bunch of meds for my blood pressure...well, I'm all over it. So perhaps the exercise isn't the worst thing on earth. Let's see...exercise (which ups my metabolism, creates muscle, and generally produces those wonderful endorphins--did you see Postcards From the Edge where Annette Benning's character calls them "endolphins"? I know...I laughed, too. Really hard until whatever I was drinking came out my nose...) or prescription meds...hmmmmm......

All righty then, Bloggettes! It's been a day, and I'm signin' off...

I love all my new followers--thank you for joining--and my "old" followers? Thank you for staying!

Independently and with Love,


Monday, December 13, 2010

Day the 35th

Gentle Readers all,

Sunday's post is right below this one. I wasn't able to post on Sunday. What a day...

In other news, my friend Woodstock (aka Pinky) received a Satisfactory on his prospectus hearing for his doctoral dissertaion. This is a Good Thing because the only other choice was Unsatisfactory. I'm sure the lovely outfit I helped pick out made all the difference...right Weltha, keep on thinkin' that...that's how it works...anyway, there is rejoicing and mad abandon...

Woodstock told me on Saturday that I should post something I had just told him. And it's this--whoever it's for: You'll never find the right man (or right woman) if you're hangin' with the wrong one. There just isn't room in your life. You actually have to get the wrong person out of your life before the right one can come in...I had turned around and butted in to a conversation involving a total stranger.

This cute young girl was on the phone behind me patiently and calmly trying to explain to her boyfriend that she worked hard all week at the hospital (she was in her lemon-yellow scrubs at the time) and she just wanted to do something with him. Anything. Apparently, he had recently begged her to get back together with him--and now...he "just didn't have time" or he "just didn't want to do anything." For no reason. After she got off the phone, I waited a minute and told her that I was a total stranger and it was so none of my business and if she wanted, she could feel free to tell me to take a major hike, but that she didn't deserve that--she deserved a whole lot better--and that the sooner she kicked this one down the proverbial stairs of life and out the door, she would be that much closer to meeting someone who would be enthusiastic about spending time with her. I figure--and I may be wrong--that she is his "last resourt" booty call and he has someone else on the side...or as the main event.

I didn't mention that (yes, I still have all my teeth left...), but I did say that I doubted she was getting what she wanted. And she said she felt lonely, empty, and angry. Who knows what she'll do--but I hope she will cut this one loose...she didn't sound like a girl asking for something impossible of a man with no's just that he had no time for her...

I am in major detoxification--and that is part of the reason I have felt so irritable lately, why my eyes are burning, and why my mood has suddenly was 3 quarts of filtered water today at work...and I may eat very lightly tomorrow. As in very lightly.

The holidays are so full of stress and wackitude--even I am feeling it. I say "even I" because I don't get mixed up in lots of events and parties and activities and buying a bunch of gifts...and I'm feeling some of the...turbulence.

This isn't much about food tonight. Or exercise. Or the lack of exercise. It's just that I relize food is sometimes a metaphor--and sometimes a visual representation--of my emotional life. Maybe of all our emotional lives...And I also am uncomfortably aware that my friend with the swollen up leg, headed to the doctor tomorrow, trumps my "watch Weltha lose weight."

I enjoy this blog...but it's not curin''s not the magic bullet to life's ills and difficulties.

And some night soon, I will take myself for a little ride to see the Christmas lights...and drink a glass of eggnog...and maybe have a piece of pumpkin cheesecake...

And maybe some of the turbulence I feel is coming from not damping down what I'm experiencing with a bag of M&Ms.

Maybe. Maybe so.



Day the 34th (Sunday...posted late)

First things first...I didn't get to post Sunday, ergo I am posting for both Sunday AND Monday today.

And again, welcome to the new followers. On top of it all, I love going to my stats and seeing that I have followers in Sweden and France--Eveline and Karin, thank you, sweeties!

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY...what a day. Let's just say that I found out that despite all my careful eating that, not that I gained weight, but that I need my bipolar meds. This is painful because I have to confess to...let's say not telling all the truth. I have been off my meds--because I was doing so much better. And it's true...the better I eat, the better I feel emotionally.

But the truth also is that I cannot be off my meds at this time. I may be detoxifying, I may be lacking micronutrients, I may just by golly need those meds no matter what. Anyway, I found out on Sunday that I needed them--and when I realized that it was back to the doctor's I go, I burst into tears and didn't stop crying for a while.'s not "salvation by nutrition" as much as I would like that. Yes, it is really important that I eat well because my meds work so much better. But I apparently need them--and always have. I remember 20+ years ago when I "ate right" over a long period of time. I "did" much better...but there were some significant lapses that I didn't really think about until today. Of course not. Who wants to think of lapses when you have publicly posted that you are Just Doing So Well?

Anyhoodle, it was sobering...and embarrassing. Because I did manage to do this in a public setting all right now enough of this I'm totally off this subject and moving right along...

I'm just saying that ol' smarty here found out a few things...

I ate at Pei Wei for the 3rd time in 3 days on Sunday. Some of my fellow Choir women went out to eat and we chose Pei Wei. Fine with me and I got "something different" on rice, with vegetables and tofu. Next time, though, it's one of the salads again. I just love fresh vegetables and salad-type things.

It's coleslaw at work today--that makes it sound like a big vat of coleslaw and that's it. No, there is a little "vat" of coleslaw in the somewhat meager salad bar. I love this coleslaw. The fact that I'm craving it must mean that I need it--it's not like craving a Hershey bar heated in the microwave until it's all melty. I've never done that but rumor has it that it's...stupendous. Yeah, and too many of those and Weltha here will be stupendous...and not in a good way, either. Oh, and I smelled beef briskit and pulled pork BBQ today in the cafeteria, and went on my way with my broccoli ("she still hates raw broccoli but will eat it for its goodness"), and spinach ("I'm telling you again...raw spinach leaves are fun to eat") and...coleslaw. The coleslaw and I are having a private moment so leave us alone...

My friend Woodstock--with whom we bought beautiful clothes for his prospectus hearing today--is having his hearing right now. Total coolness, and I expect to be posting The Happy Results very soon.

Dang, but I need you all today. Really, yesterday was not my finest hour, and I am recovering (much faster than if I had been imbibing Coca-Cola and suckin' down the Tater Tots...but still).

Will post later today--perhaps this evening--about today's part in the journey...

Many, many thanks to Patrick B for his encouragement. I tell ya, this guy is the BOMB as far as Literature Studies go--and he has been the major encouragement these last days. Also, big love to Scott the Organist and a special shout-out to Jeff the Choirmaster. Love you two. Love you. Love. You.

And now...I can haz a date wif coleslaw. Weltha + Coleslaw = True Love



Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day the 33rd (FRIDAY is below)

Today is Saturday, and I am finally blogging for two days. Friday--Day the 32nd--is below.

WHAT a great day.

My friend Woodstock (aka Pinky) and I went shopping together. He has his hearing on his prospectus Monday for his doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Education. This is a major deal, and we went to Macy's to get something new and great for him.

Reader, we did it. Beautiful fawn-colored trousers and a jacket with the fawn brown and a subtle blue windowpane stripe. And socks. And a belt. And a tie to pull in all the colors including the gorgeous blue shirt we bought. Woodstock is very slender and elegant, and he had just bought beautiful new Italianate-styled wing-tip oxfords. This is going to be A Look.

His work is wonderful, and he will also be stunning them with how great he looks. This was so much fun. But on top of it all, when I get to my final weight, Woodstock is going to buy me an outfit. Something sexy. Not "hey, what street corner you workin' tonight?" but something that says, "She may be [long] past her 30s, but she's still Got It." What a sweetie...and the kind of long-term motivation I can really get on board with...

And then we went to Pei Wei--one of his first experiences there--and had way too much fun. And yes, I had the edamame and the spicy chicken salad.

And Tuesday night, to celebrate the prospectus hearing being over and done with, we're going to Harry Potter. I can't wait!

Today's big goals have to do with exercise. The Shake Weight [if you watched the last episode of GLEE, you heard Will Shuester mention that Sue Sylvester got a number of Shake Weights after she rigged Secret Santa to get all the gifts herself.] Who knew that it was a mini-cultural phenomenon? I'm getting out my DVD, and Lindsay and I are getting after it.

And then...the rebounder. Come hoo-hah or high waters, I am getting on it and running on it. Period. You heard it here first.

Next weekend, I am going to have some egg nog. One glass. How fun--and at some point, a piece of pumpkin cheesecake. I will probably be making it myself--had hoped to this weekend but plans changed and I have less time.

Welcome to all my new followers--we are now up to 18. I love that--thank you, ALL of you for being here on the Weltha Weight-Loss Bus, relaxing and enjoying the ride as I ... run out of this metaphor.

Still waitin' on my new pics so you can see me rockin' my Emma Watson hair cut...

Big love to you all!



Day the 32nd (FRIDAY)

Reader, I forgot.

Yes, I forgot yesterday to holler at me.

I was just thinking yesterday that I had seen myself in a window and thought, "Who is that overweight woman?" And then realized it was Weltha...

Is there anything harder than seeing what appears to be a very unattractive person who is not taking care of personal grooming, weight, dress, overall appearance--and realizing that yes, it is you?

I didn't think so.

But that is why I am doing this. I am going to lose this weight. And when I have lost it, I will also be very healthy.

I really feel better. My emotions are more stable. I feel positive.

This is a good thing.

Will I be skinny by Christmas? No. Not at all. I won't "be there" by Christmas. Or by New Year's. Or by Valentine's Day. And that's all right with me. This is a journey--and I am enjoying it like nobody's business.

I was thinking about Christmas, as it turns out. I miss my parents, but it's not some terrible grinding sorrow. I miss them, and I enjoy the memories I have of them. I smell the pine boughs decorating the outside of the public library--and I'm that elementary girl going with her dad to get the Christmas tree.

I smell Christmas spices, and I am a Junior High girl helping her mom make the fruit cake that she made every year. (and when I say fruitcake, I mean this moist, spicy cake with fruit she had candied herself, dates and nuts and a rich layer of sauce made of ground fresh coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice and sugar, all cooked into this stuff that made me was the most excellent fruit cake...and we devoured it.)

I go to a church event, and I am again that high school girl going to sing in a city-wide Christmas program on a Sunday afternoon, and then going with my parents just before twilight to get corndogs because that is what I wanted, and that was my reward for doing a good job in the program--I got to pick something fast and easy for my mom.

So although I do miss Mom and Dad, I am so deeply thankful for those memories. They are with me today, resonating in each holiday's celebration and adding to my deep love of the Advent season.

It really is Joy to the World for me.

Love you all--thank you for joining me on the journey....



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day the 31st

Today was COLESLAW day--and TABBOULEH day!

It's the little things that make me happy. Plus really good tomatoes for this time of year, white Spanish onions neatly sliced, mushrooms, and of course, broccoli.

I hate raw broccoli; it's official. Just wanted to say that.

I'm totally stoked about doing a pumpkin cheesecake this weekend (using, of course, a rather vegan tofu and "better sweetener" recipe.) I love pumpkin...I love that it is filled with fiber and beta-carotene. Oh yeah, and it's yummy, too.

I desperately need to make my pumpkin pancakes. I'm not a vegan, and I don't get upset (I almost said "wig out" but then I thought, what if someone reading this is a vegan...I bet they don't like being told that they wig out over things...) if I eat an egg or have some dairy (generally yogurt or kefir) or eat some sort of flesh food. I just don't do a whole lot of it if I have any control over the whole shebang. There is some fairly good sweetener in them, some buttermilk and an egg. So yell at me, all right?

Love the word it.

Anyhoodle, I ate coleslaw like a big dog today--and tabbouleh and raw spinach. If you have never eaten baby spinach raw, it's great. In fact, I want to make Eggplant Salad and eat it next week on top of raw spinach and Romaine.

I'm looking forward to whipping out my vegetarian cookbooks and making some things. I love salad, but it's cold outside, and I want some hot foods, too. Now that I'm in vegetable / fruit / tofu mode, I want to start expanding what I'm eating. And then blog about it.

Meanwhile, Choir practice was great last night, and I just love the fact that I go home and don't eat anything else. I mean, I totally love this.

And then there is the whole exercise thing. So help me...

OH, breakfast today apple (I love cold crisp apples) and...wait for it...A TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT. I cut them in half just like my mama did, and I use my grapefruit knife to cut the sections and I eat it with my narrow, pointed silver-plated grapefruit spoon. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone would put sugar on these. They are a deep red and sweet to start with--not pink--RED. And they are so good.

Let us now praise famous grapefruits...

This weekend, I may try for a grapefruit / avocado salad with some lovely homemade dressing...will report back on this.

Ah...the weekend approacheth, and I am ready for it...



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day the 30th

Still Waiting....Still Waiting for the pics...

My "person"--Rack B--is getting the pics to me that he took on Sunday after church. I think they will be worth waiting for...or at least that's what he told me when he looked at them...

I have discovered that I am going to have to get creative and also rather tough with myself. I don't want to exercise. I just don't. I want to read a book or watch a movie or play Mafia Wars or experiment with this yummy new lip gloss I just Dollar Tree, by L'Oreal...for $1--and it's raspberry colored and flavored.

I think I am going to have to start just MAKING myself move. And maybe set up a star chart for 5 times a week--and more than that gets a bonus...Obviously, I don't want the bonus to be food...Let me brainstorm--and if you have some bright ideas that don't cost much or reward me with a box of Godiva, I'm your girl...

I am groovin' on steamed carrots these days...sometimes with salsa and sometimes with sunflower butter...

And the Water Project is doing much better...I'm easily drinking about 1/2 gallon with not much trouble...That great big ol' quart size Mason Jar is part of the reason. And setting a goal of drinking an entire jar by 10 am helps a lot.

Something totally cool has happened--I have been doing so well not eating junk that I am sort of loathe to break my stride and start eating any Christmas treats...and that's not a bad thing. Actually, neither of those is a bad thing--having the occasional treat is not a bad thing and not eating any is not a bad thing. I don't feel deprived. I think that might be 87.42% of the battle...

Cool thing...although the salad bar where I work isn't much, it does have fresh spinach (love that potassium...) and sliced raw mushrooms and sliced tomatoes (which are looking particularly good right now because they are actually red) and TABBOULEH! I get to have some grains, which I need, and I also get the lemon juice and vegetables in the tabbouleh. Oh, and there are sliced Spanish onions in the salad bar. Because I'm not kissing anyone after lunch at work, I go ahead and have several slices. So easy and so good for me.

In fact, I have plenty of food, but I don't eat a whole lot of it. I have to make myself eat--and I like what I'm eating AND I'm not under stress. I'm eating better and I'm just not wanting to eat a whole lot. This is HUGE!

Totally different thought--I listened to "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room" which is written by the male half of ABBA (Benny and Bjorn) and it's beautiful...on a Christmas album from the Mormon Tabernacle's my new love...

I'm going to try out a pumpkin-tofu recipe this weekend and report back. Here's hoping it will be an OMG moment. If it's decent, I'll post the recipe. I know...a recipe.

And unless it's hiney-freezing cold this weekend, girlfriend here is goin' for a walk. I mean really. Really.

Am I the only one eating tofu in stuff? I'm going to post--not today--a recipe on how to make tofu highly palatable because it is already highly digestible AND really good for you.

How is everyone doing as we approach the holidays? I mean, foodwise...any really healthy things that taste so decadent and good? Let me know...



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day the 29th

This won't be much about what I am eating or whether or not I exercised.

Elizabeth Edwards has died. At age 61, she was only 4 years older than I am.

I can hardly type for the tears in my eyes.

So today, rather than the usual so-on-and-so-forth about food and movement, rather than my usual tongue-in-cheek smart aleckiness, I need to say what this means to me.

I remember when John Edwards first ran for high office on the national scene. Most of us were captivated by his good looks and Southern charm. I miss Southerners in the White House--I just do. And I think most of us women were curious about Elizabeth's ordeal--first with the death of a child and then with cancer.

We had no idea what lay ahead for her.

First, her cancer started up again, and we read that there was no cure possible. The best prognosis was to slow it down. I know I wondered what it was like to find out for certain that your days were going to be cut short. And then her husband was unfaithful to her, and she learned--as did all of us--that he had fathered a child. Then the woman who had born the child felt a need to speak out.

And again, we hurt for Elizabeth Edwards. Only this time, she was the main news, not her soon to be ex-husband.

Yesterday, I read that her doctors said that any further treatment was useless. She said goodbye on her Facebook page.

And just now, as I went to close down for the work day, I saw that she had died today.

Elizabeth Edwards was everything I want to be. She had immense dignity in the face of some of the worst indignities possible, because if there is much worse than the knowledge--and evidence--that your husband has betrayed your marriage vows at the time you are most vulnerable, and then that knowledge is made public, and his mistress chimes in for her 15 minutes, I don't want to know what it is, much less experience it.

She wrote books. She advocated for health care reform. She told us about losing her hair, losing a child, losing her marriage, losing her life.

Today, I honor Elizabeth Edwards, the epitome of an Independent Woman--but one so closely tied to her family and friends and nation.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Day the 28th

Oh, did I have a great weekend.

Nothing much to write home about but loads of fun with my friends at You Again, and then I took myself to The Town, Ben Affleck's 2nd foray into directing. I liked it. A lot. It haunted me, and his character haunts me still.

I had 2 bananas today because I have been low on my good for me, and one of them I sliced into Greek yogurt (Fage) with honey, blueberries (antioxidents), walnuts (for the Omega-3s), and cashew butter (because I love it.) I can tell when I haven't been drinking enough water--my joints aren't as loose, and my eyes sting some. Yesterday at church, I found that I walked up to the choir loft without having to "use" just one leg--my knees are better. I feel like renting a billboard, I'm so excited. Oh, and people are noticing that I'm thinner--and I love this.

One of my friends took some pictures of me and as soon as they are emailed to me, I will post them. Woo hoo...they had better make me look thinner.

I have 2 friends I mention frequently: Poodle and Woodstock (aka Pinky). Poodle is a long-time friend (28 years and counting), and we laugh at the same nonsense and tell each other everything (or as close to everything as a person ever gets). He's about 15 years younger than I am (so naturally, he's just finished kindergarten...) and has a wicked sense of humor. Yes, it was Poodle who long ago came up with Independently Weltha in case I ever wrote my autobiog. Of course, back then, blogs were...non-existent. Little did we know... Poodle it was who introduced me to GLEE and to Fage yogurt and is the one who loves Garlic Valhalla dressing on a salad. We have a whole repertoire of looks that communicate so much between us...and a series of private jokes that only we get...or find have one of those friends. You know you do.

Woodstock (aka Pinky) is one of those friends you have who is a few years younger than you, but everyone thinks you're the same age (thank you, people...). We are "reconnected" friends who met because I visited a church where a good friend and co-worker played the organ (no, this is not Scott the Organist, but it is the same church...yes, it's all connected...) and then reconnected when I started coming to that church a few years later and finally joined. He's working on his doctorate in Philosophy of Education and never has time to breathe, but we are going shopping for clothes next Sunday for when he presents his dissertation prospectus, and then we are off to Harry Potter. Oh, and lunch at Pei Wei. Lots of fun...

Tonight when I get home, I am defo going to jump on that dadgum rebounder and then use my lovely Shake Weight and its DVD with the impossibly cut and perky Lindsay "And 4....and 3...." I'll fill you in tomorrow on the results...

I find it fairly amusing that when a girl stops thinking about and obsessing over what she is going to eat next and how those brownies will taste and does she have time to stop by Wal Mart and get Almond M&Ms....she has much more energy to do other things. Or at least think about other things. Or think about doing other things.

And now, Gentle Readers, off to Facebook to make bothersome the lives of many...

O the humanity!