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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day the 74th (and Day the 73rd--Thursday--is Below)

All right, campers, as you will notice when you scroll down, I forgot to blog yesterday. The day ran away from me. I'm working on this not happening too often. Obviously, getting my own personal laptop up and running again will make a big difference. So scroll down on this page to see Day the 73rd (Thursday, 1/20/2011).

I have made a decision: I AM GOING TO EXERCISE EVERY DOGGONE DAY WHETHER OR NOT I "FEEL" LIKE IT (unless I'm sick, which is a different issue...)

Read yesterday to get my Declaration of Independence From Not Exercising And Then Whining About It.

Now...I just listened to a thing on the Internet that said something so important about weight loss and health--you can't be eating processed food, diet drinks and diet "whatever", chemical-filled foods, cutting out carbs and fats completely--and then expect to be healthy and at the right weight.

I mean, there are models all over who look like a bag of bones, who eat a head of lettuce ( nutrients or flavor at all...) and oh, are they thin, all right--and so unhealthy that they had better make loads of $$$ right now because they will need it to take care of their health when they are older.

If there is one thing I believe in--it's this: (well, apart from the Extreme Importance of Jesus in my life, and no, this is not turning into "that" kind of blog so get over that I said it if you don't feel that way. OK? OK.)

To be healthy and at the right weight, you have got to eat real, natural food--including loads of fruits and vegetables--and you have got to give up eating chemical trash, such as foods with additives that sound like college chemistry lab and so-called "diet" foods like diet drinks.

I mean, run like CRAZY away from diet soda pop and diet this and that. Read labels. Eat real food. Learn to cook. Honestly, eating a healthy salad with dressing that isn't a bunch of chemicals and sugar is not all that much work if you plan ahead. And if you're not single, enlist the family in the preparation. Someone can steam the vegetables that need steaming ("CARROTS") and someone else can wash the lettuce and spin it in a salad spinner (OXO makes a great one that lasts forever and you can get it at TARGET), and someone else can cut up the "hard" vegetables (which is my name for any non-lettuce item, "hard" or "soft") and you can make the dressing. In fact, you can make a LOT of dressing, store it in the refrigerator and there it is; you can wash and spin a LOT of lettuce, wrap it in an unbleached muslin dishtowel, and put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator and there you have it. Honestly, this stuff is NOT hard. And I do it with no help (because the cats are a lazy bunch...)

I know I sound really "finger-pointing" but the truth is, I have to make a decision to eat real food--or not. I have to make a decision to exercise--or not. is to healthy food...and I don't mean any of this to be condemning. It's just that the more bagged and sprayed and processed foods we eat, the less healthy we become. And no one who is un-healthy can sustain a healthy weight loss. Maybe an unhealthy one, but not the one we need.

I'm talkin' to Weltha, here. I'm preachin' this one to the Choir of One Weltha.

And the more healthy foods we eat--REAL foods--the healthier we become and the more likely to sustain healthy weight loss.

I can do it--you can do it.



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