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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day the 73rd

Woops...forgot to post yesterday...well, that is, the day got busy, and I didn't do it because we had snow-and-ice and just getting to The Job was...a slow and arduous process. But I made it safe and sound, and here I am on break on FRIDAY (Friday...Friday...) blogging away...

I just have to throw in that I LOVE the Watermelon Pink that I frequently use on this blog. There, I said it...

Yesterday, I had my apple for breakfast (and I am all about Fruit Until Noon when possible and it isn't always...and remember, that includes seeds and nuts--raw ones...), and then lovely salad for lunch. Our coleslaw at work mixes nicely with a little salsa and Louisiana Hot Sauce to make a great dressing on the veggies and the spinach. Then, Poodle had me over for dinner and some TV and laughter--and we had a lovely salad with avocado and a really good pizza that was barbeque with chicken. I mean, a good one not loaded with fat. I'm going to make a version that will have some really great BBQ Sauce (can you say "Annie's"?) and grilled, marinated tofu (which tastes like chicken but is much healthier for me) and also some soy cheese. It tastes great, and I know I'm eating good things for me. I get the tofu at the store, marinate it and grill it myself, and then get Melissa's Soy Shreds at...Wal-Mart!

I have come to a conclusion on the Exercise Issue.

I am going to have to treat it like brushing my teeth or washing my face and just DO IT. Enough of this whining around.

I mean, I eat things that are good for me, and I avoid garbage "food"--and I don't make a big deal out of that. If you watched me at the salad bar at work, you would notice that I choose certain things "because they are good for me" and because I want to EAT things that are good for me. Period. No, I don't particularly like raw broccoli. I just don't. But I'll eat some of it because it's good for me.


And that's it!



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