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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day the 36th


But too many cars in line at the drive through = no bagel...oh well.

I have Weigh-In Thursday this week, and I don't mind saying that I am sure the results will be underwhelming...ah well, at least I'm not eatin' junk, and that's a big one. A HUGE one...major kind of huge.

Tonight, I wandered through Akin's Health Food store and realized I had forgotten all the wonderful (and expensive. Very expensive) stuff they have. BUT...I found something incredible--this GREAT BIG JAR of raw cashew butter. I didn't get it, but I will on my next trip. I love cashew's so good in yogurt, or on...vegetables...I love it. Almond butter is good, too, but cashew butter is--and I quote from I forget who--"the king of nut butters." Or as I would say, "The EMPRESS of nut butters." Yes, I like that best.

Today at work I managed to make a big mess in the line to pay at lunch--apparently, I didn't calculate too well when I was stuffing my little styrofoam salad container for my $2 salad (and I tell you, it's a steal. I swear that if the Work Powers That Be ever figure out that I am wandering out with monster amounts of salad for $2, they will have a major bovine or something...of course, the woman who runs the cash register thinks it's great that I get so much in a 2-part fold-over styro container...) and there was Tabbouleh everywhere...and Tabbouleh juice. Of course, I had some of the Sacred Coleslaw and a slice or 3 of white onion--and the breath to prove it.

I loathe exercise. I really do. I just need to bite the doggone bullet and do it instead of--as my British friends say--whinging about it. I would much rather be at the library playing Mafia Wars or reading a book at home or watching a movie or yakking on the phone with Poodle. Speaking of whom, fairly soon I am going to go back and do labels for all of my posts--so you can follow comments on Poodle--and Woodstock, Jeff the Choirmaster, Scott the Organist--and many other habitues of my world...

My friend Alyce (aka Pearl) had some good news today--she thought she had some weird awful thing going on with her leg, and it turned out to be...not so terrible, and all she has to do is continue to do what she's been doing in terms of taking care of herself. I just had to throw that in--I haven't mentioned Alyce (aka Pearl) yet...and we ride to church together most Sundays.

But back to exercise...I just read today that between exercise and eating lots of whole grains, a girl's blood pressure can go back down toward (or "to." I'm going for "to") normal. I totally hate taking prescription meds. I think we've covered that one, but it's true. And the idea of not having to take a bunch of meds for my blood pressure...well, I'm all over it. So perhaps the exercise isn't the worst thing on earth. Let's see...exercise (which ups my metabolism, creates muscle, and generally produces those wonderful endorphins--did you see Postcards From the Edge where Annette Benning's character calls them "endolphins"? I know...I laughed, too. Really hard until whatever I was drinking came out my nose...) or prescription meds...hmmmmm......

All righty then, Bloggettes! It's been a day, and I'm signin' off...

I love all my new followers--thank you for joining--and my "old" followers? Thank you for staying!

Independently and with Love,


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