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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Days the 44th and 45th

And here I am, doing something I won't do often--combining 2 days into one post.

I tell ya, I love the holidays but it has been crazy...

First of all, I am working 40 hours in 4 days (the explanation is too long and cumbersome)

Second, I went to a movie Tuesday Night (Harry Potter with Keith the English Prof) and then Wednesday Night was Choir practice with Jeff the Choirmaster, Scott the Organist, and Kat the Fellow Alto and Virginia the Fellow Alto (and other assorted friends, including Woodstock but not Poodle. You'll get used to the cast of will...). And Virginia the Alto and I discussed her Annual New Year's Day Party (oh yes, I will be there...) and Kat the Alto and I discussed her kittehs and also the alto part on the Hallelujah Chorus. We've gotten it, we think...

Wednesday--I visited Janis, who said, "Hey, why don't you blog your weight loss?" It's all due to Janis! And of course, talked on the phone (a lot) to Poodle as we planned our Christmas Get-Together and Gift Exchange. Honestly, Eisenhower planning D-Day didn't have this much discussion and coordination going on...two busy people plus one holiday = MADNESS...Madness, I tell you! I ate a LOT of cashew butter, a salad at lunch, and drank water until I thought I should just live in the bathtub...

Thursday (today)--I started to get up mega-early (again) and decided to go back to sleep and go in to work at the regular time of 8 (which I did). And of course, I had told Poodle that I was getting up at 4:30 am...and he couldn't sleep so...that's right...he called me at about 4:50 am...and we talked briefly and I went back to sleep until 7. And got to work just before 8. And talked on the way...and decided that instead of doing a Christmas dealio tonight, we would wait until Saturday (aka Christmas Day--although I have to admit I thought it would be funny to write dba [doing business as] Christmas Day...yes, I am so funny...) evening and do a little gift-exchangement and some movieosity. I know, I know...and I was a language and lit grad student...Woodstock and I have agreed to go to The Circle Cinema on Sunday afternoon to see The King's Speech.

And this morning...I went to the charming and delectable Old School Bagel Cafe where my friend and fellow church-goer Scott the Bagelman is...the Bagel Man, and I had--YES, I DID IT--another pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and pecans, and got to watch Sharon at the drive-thru window CLIMB THRU the window to retrieve a customer's change on the ground. Wow, great food AND great entertainment--and I was that limber about...never...

By the Way--a major shout-out to whoever it is who is reading me from RUSSIA! How stoked I am when I look at my stats and there is Russia...and of course, France with Karin. Too cool for words...I would love to go viral and have all sorts of people on here with me. Russian woman--stay with me!'s Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, happy end of Ramadan (it's been a while, I know, but still...) and Happy WHATEVER to all of you. Stay with me because we are going to have way much more fun after Christmas, I guarantee it...or your money back...

I won't be posting on Christmas Eve (although that might change), Christmas day or the day after for sure, but I will be back and running my mouth on Monday December 27!

And girl, will I have plenty to tell, I am sure!

Seriously, you all have come to mean so much to me--and there will be opportunities for you to post as soon as we all get back on it together on the 27th.

And although it's not that kind of blog...God bless you and keep you through out this time and fill you with gladness.



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