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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day the 41st--SUNDAY December 19 (Saturday below)

And in other news...

Let's see...I forgot to tell you, Gentle Readers All, that I received a LOVELY gift box from my friend Sue Ellen the Librarian in Virginia, on Saturday.

Reader, I opened it. It was filled with lovely Avon stuff (I adore affordable and so very good) and lovely Christmas sweets (more about this in a minute) and darling fuzzy socks infused with refreshing mint and shea butter (can you say "Spa Experience" anyone?) and finally, the single MOST gorgeous fuschia scarf I have ever seen, and which has spent MUCH time on my neck over basic black since almost that very hour.

Now that's what I call a friend. friend Martha the College Buddy has sent me a package, to arrive any day now, but I have promised to be A Good Person and not open it until...that's right, the Feast of the Nativity itself (Christmas Day to you non-Anglicans and non-Roman Catholics). Oh yeah, Martha the College Buddy is definitely a friend, too! She is the Queen of Loyalty. And so is Sue Ellen...

As to the sweets--and thank you Sue Ellen!--I shared them with Alyce [aka Pearl] who will be passing them off on her grandchildren. Woo hoo--they have been deeply loved and admired (especially those frosted spice cookies) but they won't be spending January making my posterior...bigger.

Now...on to Sunday.

Once again, not much eating in the morning BECAUSE I GET SO BUSY AND I FORGET! But...I was lector at St. Jerome's [read a passle of Scripture and then CHANTED--yes--CHANTED the Psalm for the day! Woo hoo! And didn't pass out from stage fright...]

And people said I did a nice job, and Francie May at St. Jerome's told me and Poodle that it was obvious I had lost weight AND that I was lookin' good. Francie May is a paragon of style and elegance so I took that as a MAJOR COMPLIMENT, and why not? Thank you, dear Francie May! And thanks to Poodle for passing on the "lookin' good" comment.

And then my friend Virginia the Fellow Alto said that someone I absolutely bow down to in terms of his intellect had referred to me as brilliant and oh, what can I say! And my friend Woodstock agreed that this was so, and he is brilliant beyond imagining...

Talk about gifts--those are some of the best I can imagine.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to hit the $$ movie (because girlfriend here had spent most of her spare $$$ on Christmas stuff and that's fine...the cats and I are not missing meals, the car isn't running out of gas, not about to be evicted for non-payment of rent and the utilities are not going to be cut off. Yes, very good!) and I saw Clint Eastwood's lovely film Hereafter. Now...I am a major Clint Eastwood the director FAN, and this was wonderful. Wonderful. Wonder. Full.

But before the movie, I went to this little Mediterranean place on Memorial and had a lovely chicken sandwich with Mediterranean pickles and garlic sauce in pita bread and enjoyed it. A lot. A whole lot.

Life these days is so much fun.

Now...I will soon post those dadgum pictures! I promise. It's just that I have to fool around with them in order to post them as I want.

After work, I will post for today..and then...I will be caught up!

Thanks for joining me on this Way Too Much Fun and Slightly Wacky Trip. I love having you all along with me...LOVE IT.

Oh, special shout-out to Scott the Organist and he knows why! You GO, brother...(just FYI, he is neither Scott the Bagelman nor Scott the Lector. Yes, 3 separate Scotts in my life...a girl can never have too much Scott in her life...)




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