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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day the 39th [Not Posting This Weekend]

O M G ! D'NOVO has incredible food.

If you live in "my town," and you care about food and about not eating gross amounts of junk with the concommitant calories, get yourself to 61st and Yale to D'Novo. A totally sleek and elegant and minimalist design to the restaurant, really quiet surroundings, the serve-yourself-drink machine is hidden behind a panel, lots of calm off-white, and no entree above 500 calories.

That's read it here. AND...desserts not above 500 calories, including a flourless 2-chocolate thing that I must have as a reward when I break 200 (all right...that's gonna be a while. At least 17 weeks, and that's ONLY if I continue to lose 2 lbs a week which is--as Doctor X and I told you--the outside of the weight loss envelope...Let's say it's going to be 18 weeks, and that translates into...April 21st. Plenty of time to anticipate it...)

Anyhoodle, if you live here, go there. The food is wonderful--I had a chicken salad sandwich on a wonderful granola bread...real chicken, lightly spiced, delicate binder holding it all together, with lettuce and a slice of tomato...and a cup of Asian slaw that tasted as though the binder was...tahini? or did I taste a hint of peanut? with a little kick to it. And my gift from Granny Jean was a gift card to go there, so I am going to take one of the BFFs there...

Let me say this...who wants to eat junk? Not me. I don't want to eat food that tastes lousy or food that is nothing but chemicals and is horrible for me. Good healthy--and I really mean healthy--food can taste great and still not be high in calories. I am totally impressed with this place. Spread the WORD!!! Go there, support it--and I am happy to say that I saw Scott the Lector (not to be confused with Scott the Bagelman) from St. Jerome's there...way to support good stuff! Oh, this is a guy who makes his own hummus for when it's his turn to supply the treats for after church in the undercroft (as Bishop Rick says, that's Anglican for basement...) Oh yes, he knows good food.

I won't be posting Saturday, December 18 (Day the 40th) or Sunday, December 19 (Day the 41st) until Monday at lunch. The reason is that the fair Anglicans at St. Jerome's have an Advent calendar that advises not emailing, etc. over the weekend with no cheating. So...Sister Weltha-the-Anglican is going to stay away from the 'puter--no emailing, no Mafia Wars, no posting on the blog. Ba doomp boomp...

Also...a little advertisement: if you live here in my town, please consider yourself invited to St. Jerome's Feast of the Nativity (also known as Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve). There is a wine and nibbles reception starting at 10 pm on December 24th, and then the service--complete with incense, black-and-white robes (cassocks and surplices) on the choir, Bishop Rick in his Big Bishop Hat, and lots of singing, not to mention placing the Baby Jesus in the manger. We love this service--particularly because it was snowed out for the first time in the history of our charming church last year and it was a major bummer and let-down. We get all sorts of excited that we are celebrating that Jesus was born, a real baby in a real small town. And there will be all the lovely features of a high mass--the Scripture readings (fun fact: Anglicans read four portions of Scripture in every service: OT, NT, Psalms, and Gospels. We read loads of Scripture, for you that like that sort of thing. We like it), the Lord's prayer, confessing our sins, the Peace ("Anglican Meet-and-Greet"), one of the creeds (the personal favorite in my personal favorite version: Rite I--woo hoo!) and of course, the highlight of any Anglican service--the Eucharist. As Bishop Rick says, this is the greatest gift we have to offer--the Body and Blood of our Lord. So come if you can--even if you're not Christian or religious or spiritual or whatever, come join us. It's a great evening. You are welcome and will be loved and embraced!

Sermon over...I am going to meet Keith the English Prof at Nordaggio's tonight and get me some EGGNOG! It's been a day--I ate a bagel and later Pei Wei yesterday, and now...some EGGNOG. So yes, I am indeed celebrating. No, I didn't have my grapefruits yesterday, an omission I am remedying tomorrow, and no, I did not exercise--an omission I also plan to remedy tomorrow, too.

I'll see you on Monday and there will be 3 posts that day--Saturday's and Sunday's by 1 pm, and then Monday's after 5, I think. Don't worry, they will all show up on the same page: you won't have to carry out a search-and-destroy mission to find them.

Also, I will post my new pics on Monday. Believe me, they make me realize WHY I am doing this. I'm fat, and I don't like it.

On the postive side: FAT is something you can do something about and without superhuman effort. Just do the right thing, and do it over and over and over and over and over...and I'm doing it...over and over and over and over and over...



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