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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day the 50th (Day the 49th is below)

Oh, the joys of being back on track with my posting...

Honestly, all that concentrated sugar and dairy in my system felt like one of my favorite quotes from Paradise Lost: "Me miserable! Which way I fly is hell, myself am hell, and in that lowest deep a lower deep still threatening to devour me opens wide, to which the hell I suffer seems a heaven..."

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a wee bit, but there is nothing like the sick feeling of sugar coursing through your veins. Honestly, I go in the grocery store, wander over to the section with the candies (including those artisanal types that are supposed to save the rain forest or something...) and remember how yickety I feel with sugar in my system...and I almost RUN after that to the fruits and vegetables. Of course, I don't have to do that today because I still have this stuff in my system...Some peopl,e can handle sugar very well...I'm not diabetic, but I can't handle it. Period. I may be saying goodbye to all sweets except for dark chocolate and then only on rare occasion...and that's fine by me.

True confession: I have eaten WAY too much cashew butter, and I know that my weight is not doing what it ought. Not good...back to the Self-Discipline Drawing Board!

What lovely weather we are having makes me glad I am doing something about this weight, because I want to wear knee-length shorts, skinny jeans, and floaty little dresses this spring and summer...

Onwards and upwards! Thanks for joining in this Bus Ride to Weight Independence!




  1. I'm so proud of you, Weltha. I have been on a very similar journey of my own, somewhat because of weight, but more because I was not doing well, feeling like crap. I have been off sugar (and gluten, and dairy), more or less, for 20 months, but admit that sometimes I am "on" more than "off," with sugar anyway. It's so addictive! Well,I've not gone back to levels in my former existence. Mostly because I find that when I do eat it, it makes me feel SO sick later, I can't handle it. I can very much empathize with the past couple of posts. :)

    I thought of you today in Paris. I was in the bookshop called Shakespeare and Company with my friend. I looked on a shelf in an upper room full of old volumes, and what did I see but Fanny Burney's Camilla. I took a picture for you, and hope to post it to FB later!

    Much love & good luck jumping fully back on board that healthy wagon.


  2. Oh Karin...this is so sweet of you--and can't believe you saw some Fanny Burney!! I LOVE Camilla the best, I think. Yes, the sugar sent me for a spin! Can't stand the stuff anymore...but love you a big old bunch--and I love being thought of in PARIS!! That is so cool--thanks for your encouragement...I sure need it these days....sugar + bipolar = no good.

    Big hug to you from me!


  3. I'm going to post the photo right now, real quick!! (I'll tag you in it so you'll get the alert when it's up.) Thanks for putting up your new posts on Facebook, too. It is another good reminder to come check in and read! :)


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