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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day the 49th Monday Dec 27, 2010

I have heard the chimes at Midnight, Master Harry...oh, the days that we have seen.

There are worse thing to open a blog post with than a quote from Henry IV, Part 2 (all right, I think it's part 2...)

Of course, I don't want to look like Falstaff who uttered these lines, and that's the purpose of the blog.

You know...I really wish I had just had a bite or two of the chocolate frozen yogurt rather than a whole cup. Oh, did I learn a lesson...all that sugar and dairy in my system, and Monday was not a great day for me. Note to self: Just Say No.

My system has now become sensitive to sugar and such--and that's a great thing because it does show that I have really been off it. 22 years ago when I was off sugar for a year, I went with my friend Jennifer to Braum's [are we seeing a trend? that's where I had the chocolate frozen yogurt on the 26th!] and had..yes, a hot fudge sundae. I felt as if I were intoxicated. Probably because I was.

Anyhoodle, that frozen yogurt threw me into a tailspin, and I'm just now getting past it. Moral of our story: think about twenty billion times before you do this sort of stuff, and then have only a bite or two. I read somewhere that it's the first two bites we enjoy the most...after that, it's just overkill.

So...I am drinking lots of water. Water--so good for me. And hoping like crazy to get the sugar out of my system which in ONE DAY put pounds and pounds of water weight on me. Me no likee that...

And last night, to dinner at Pei Wei (why? "because I could!") and had the edamame, which I have entered into a serious relationship with, and the Vietnamese Chopped Chicken Salad--my new true love which is so much fresher than the Spicy Chicken Salad. But it's bland--so, I added a wee bit of the chili sauce and voila! perfection.

Today, my left eye is all sorts of bloodshot and we know what that means...detoxification. I hope it's in time for Weigh-In Thursday. After this week where I weigh in, I am going to change to Wednesdays (every other Wednesday) because I just love the name, Weigh-In Wednesday. That is the only reason! I just love that alliteration.

And post for today.



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