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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day the 24th

Yes, I did it.

I used the Shake Weight thing and watched the video. Yikes is that Tracy--or whoever she is who demonstrates--skinny AND cut.

Anyhoodle...I popped the DVD in my player, picked up the weight, and had at it. Yes, I felt the burn. And I'm going to do it tonight when I get home.

Is this astounding work-out news? Probably not to people who exercise regularly, but to someone like me who thinks exercise is trying to memorize the major film makers in Das Neue Kino and French New Wave, yes, it's huge. Huge, people. Huge.

AND YES, I ate carrots today. Steamed the little buzzards and ate them with...sunflower butter. It was great. I am so proud of myself. And apple on the way to choir practice with Jeff the Choirmaster, Scott the Organist, and assorted other folks, including Woodstock (aka Pinky).

Drank lots of water today--which always makes me feel good and makes my mind clear--and my eyes blue. Well, it does. It does.

Remember...I don't get to post this on Facebook every day, but you can always bookmark this blog. You can repost if you're on Facebook. It would be a major hoot to turn this thing viral.

Speaking of viral, I am also proud of myself [yes, this is Weltha Decoration Day] for faithfully washing my hands really well every chance I get and especially when I need to. I do not want to get sick. It's a lousy way to lose weight, although I did that last year. The weight returned, doggone it.

Yesterday I posted the UPDATED version of the famous Garlic Valhalla dressing that Poodle likes. Oh! watched GLEE at Poodle's last night. I love GLEE. Love it. LOVE IT. But if Finn and Rachel don't get back together, I am not going to be terribly happy...

Good night little blog-friends...This Independent Woman is going home and going to bed. After using that doggone Shake Weight thing...



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  1. ok, did you make up the name of that dressing, or is there an interesting story behind it? (never know, it might come up on Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit). I know about the regular Valhalla, but not the garlic kind.

    I recently adapted a recipe for cilantro-lime dressing. It has LF mayo, so it is not ideally healthy, but it is incredibly yummy. I added a little LF sour cream and converted it to a veggie dip.


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