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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day the 51st

Is there anything on earth better than being "up-to-date" with something?

I didn't think so, either. It's great being caught up on the blog--although with no personal functioning computer at home, I will get "off" again...but that shouldn't be such a major deal.

Tomorrow is Weigh-In Thursday. I gotta tell ya, I think the sugar in the frozen yogurt and the huge amount of cashew butter is gonna tell on me...oh well, too much good stuff is in it's not hard at all to get back with it. Actually, I'm back with it today--wasn't hungry this morning, and lunch was some baba ghanoush (from the grocery. Reasor's, I am sorry to say, cannot touch Helen of Troy's baba...)

One of the totally cool things about being a careful eater is that when you do have a treat--or too much of something--it's just not hard to get back with it. I mean, it isn't. You already have so many good habits in place that you don't freak out over it all. This is a Good Thing.

I tell ya, that sugar set me off on a wackadoodle couple of days. Never again!

I have a 21st follower--and I can't tell who you are except that I am delighted. It may be next week before I manage to post those new photos--I may have to post every two months (and that will show MORE progress!)

Anyhoodle, 21st follower, WELCOME! Feel free to comment or just watch--whatever. As I am fond of saying: sit back; relax; and leave the driving to me!

I'm having some post-holiday hangover--not the food kind but the emotional kind. Too much goin' on! and this is me talking, who purposely doesn't do a whole lot at this time of year will be better ( it comes....premonitas be forwarned is to be fore-armed...or words to that effect...)

Give me a few days, and I will have my sparkle back. Needin' my sparkle...

Be watchin' for tomorrow and the Weigh-In!



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  1. And....wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles...I now have TWENTY-TWO followers! Woo and hoo!!

    Love you all--and boy, did I need the lift today...




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