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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Gentle Readers All--and the moment you have been "weighting" for [did you see what I did there? I figure I can use this same lame joke about 2.7 more times before one of you hollers "Enough, woman!"]

My weight today is.....234, and I am delighted.

My former doctor, Doctor X, once told me that when a person is eating correctly, 2 lbs/wk is the outside of the envelope in terms of weight loss. 2 weeks ago, I weighed 238, and today, I weigh 234. I am right on target. I love it.

Yes, I did reward myself--I went to Scott the Bagelman's Bagel-O-Rama (all right...the real name is Old School Bagel Cafe), and yes, I purchased one (1) pumpkin bagel, toasted, with pumpkin cream cheese, and--decadence of decadence--sugar-roasted pecans. If you go there to get the pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, ask for the sugar-roasted was lovely, lovely, lovely. I know, I was a food reward, but I have learned that I am indeed loathe to eat "treats." So...unless I write that I am really struggling with wanting to faceplant in a box of chocolate-covered cherries (my favorites are Cella's...they don't have great chocolate, but the inside is cherry and liquid with no nasty fondant.'s nasty to me...), let's all assume that I am not sneaking spoonfuls of pre-made chocolate fudge frosting or up-ending a bag of Almond M&Ms into my mouth.

And no, those are not random examples either...

In other news, there is fun (and probably food) ahead...

Tomorrow (Friday) lunch, I am meeting with BFF Granny Jean to go to this wonderful place called D'Novo that has low-calorie entrees. Great food, not a bunch o' junk...hangin' with my friend...what's not to love? I will defo report back for those who live here in town...

Friday at 7 pm, I am meeting with another BFF Keith the English Prof at a coffee shop (Nordaggio's) to hang and catch up. Yes, I will probably get some eggnog...I don't want a latte or something like that, just the straight-up 'nog. I love it.

Saturday pm, I'm going to a "do" with Poodle and a friend, where I get to corner some people and discuss their take on some causes dear to my heart. Way fun.

Woodstock and I have had to indefinitely postpone Harry Potter because of his time constraints with grading for the class he taught and the ongoing slave labor of his diss. But we are in dialogue about going to see The King's Speech sometime soon at the wonderful Circle Cinema here in town.

All of these are fraught with food peril. But I have found that the more I eat correctly, the less I want to eat a bunch of junk. And "always go full" is my motto. Eat a bunch o' good stuff first; that way, you don't fall on the food-type items like you've come off a 2 week water fast.

OH, and Alyce (aka Pearl) and I are probably going to do our little Christmas thing on Saturday--it may involve going out and shopping (and due to her recent health hoo-hah, which is nicely clearing up, it may not. Yet.)

Methinks lunch may be a couple of grapefruits...I love those Texas Ruby Reds...and maybe a little coleslaw because I loves it so much, I's precious to precioussssssss...The Coleslaw of Power...

Oh, I'm trying Bach Flower Remedies. Will defo report on these because they are my newest romance...

BIG MAJOR WELCOME TO NEW FOLLOWERS--and BIG LOVE to all my regulars who show up whenever they can.

Love you all!



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  1. That's our girl. She is a winner! Congratulations! You are doing SO EXCELLENT! Have a wonderful weekend full of friends and fun. Thanks for the weight update. It is so encouraging. YYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY, you!


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