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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day the 37th

Yes, I wanted a Pumpkin Bagel today, too...but I didn't get one.

That's tomorrow's reward for Weigh-In Thursday.

I've been thinking, and here's what started it all...

On Saturday, as I have said, Woodstock and I went shopping for the charming new ensemble for his prospectus hearing for his doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Education.

When we had finished and paid for everything (and I do mean everything), he announced that he wanted to buy me a scarf of some sort "because you always pull your outfit together with the perfect scarf, and I want to thank you for helping today!" Nay, nay, I protested, that was perfectly A-OK with me to just come along for the ride and lend my hand and ability to say, ", not that one. NOT that one!" and how I didn't need any thanks, but he insisted.

So off we went to Women's clothing and there were scarves...mostly the ones you wear to keep warm, which was perfectly fine by me. I first saw a lovely chenille one--a sort of deep champagne color--and I liked it until I saw the price. However, Woodstock reminded me that a sale was indeed on. And then he pulled me over to other scarves where I saw this yummy amber brown scarf, all cushy and elegant, with a muted paisley print.

"Thar' she blows!" I shrieked, or words to that effect, and off we went to the checkout where Woodstock bought not only the paisley scarf, but the chenille scarf also. I protested for at least 15-20 nano-seconds and then graciously gave in. As in, "oh my goodness, I get BOTH of them." That sort of gracious...

Anyhoodle, I was wearing the lovely chenille one to church at St. Jerome's on Sunday and noticed that the fringe on one end had balled up into a major knot. I mean, it was the Mother of All Knots. Had the cats done this? No, because they wouldn't have left the rest of the scarf in pristine condition...and besides, I have more sense than to leave something cute and delicate out where the Masters of Destruction can get their paws on it. Most of the time...

Apparently, this lovely, elegant little champagne-colored chenille scarf had had balled up fringe to start with, and Woodstock and I were just too busy too notice.

So...starting Sunday, I began to gently unravel the knot. And I worked on it on Monday--at my breaks, at lunch, after work...and the same on Tuesday--at my breaks, at lunch, at home until some vile hour when I finally had all of the fringe untangled and straightened out--without having destroyed it first.

And I decided the fringe was a metaphor [Caution: English Language and Literature Master here...we see metaphors in salad dressing...and toilet paper...although not together. We hope...] for a number of things.

It wasn't particularly difficult to unravel the major mess of fringe--it just took time, and patience, and doing the right thing over and over and over.

Weight loss and regaining health are like that. It's not particularly difficult as such to lose weight. It's just a matter of time...patience...doing the right thing over and over and over and over and over again...and yes, vigilance that the fringe doesn't ball up again...

AND...if I had wanted to get the fringe untangled right now (or I guess that would be right then) I could have ripped it loose with my hands OR simply cut it with scissors. It would have done the job--but the fringe (and the lovely little scarf!) would have been ruined.

If all I want is to lose weight on the scale, I can do all sorts of things--but they will damage, if not completely ruin, my health. I think I'll pass on that one. It took time to do the job right on that fringe. It takes time to lose weight the right way...

And if this were a blog where I was going to preach at you, I'd include my observation that our lives are like this, and that it seems that God has to take much time and care in untangling them...and it helps if we aren't fighting the process...but this isn't that kind of I won't write that...

Coleslaw, Tabbouleh, Raw Spinach, Raw Broccoli...and lunch today. This morning, I ate the rest of my seedless Red Grapes--oh they were good and juicy...and sweet!

And tomorrow...I weigh in...

Thanks for joining in the Big Ol' Bus Ride To Excellent Health And Slammin' Body...



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