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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day the 26th

Reader, I ate a pumpkin bagel.

I got it at Old School Bagel Cafe here in town, and it was wonderful. Toasted, so it was warm and nummy, with pumpkin cream cheese. And an iced green tea with blackberry and jasmine (it looks like panther pee, and it tastes divine...)

That's my big weekend treat! And it's enough to tide me over to dinner when I get together with one of the BFFs--Poodle--and we eat...something...and watch A Single Man, a movie with the wonderful Colin Firth and the lovely Julianne Moore.

Here is my theory: the people who say, "I'll 'eat right' all week and then do what I like on the weekends" are pretty much saying, "I don't care if I soe fact, I don't care if I gain weight and I sure don't care about my health."

Because it's not all about weight loss--you can "lose weight" doing all sorts of things that are not good for your health. I know. I have done them in the past. It's about good health which leads to a better chance of a long and happy and strong life. That's what I want.

Despite the fact that I "gave" myself permission in an earlier post to have as many as 5 treats a week during the Christmas season, I have decided to have ONE a week. Why? It's because I'm getting addicted to eating in a way that makes me feel good and gives me energy and makes all my various medications (all right...the very few I take) work as they should.

And I've recovered my love for vegetables and salads. I mean, I totally crave salad. CRAVE it, I tell you. CRAAAAAAAAAVE it. I'm fortunate because this is a healthy way to eat--and I love it.

It would certainly be a different animal if I hated salad or hated steamed carrots (okay, I hate RAW carrots for some reason, but I adore the steamed ones) or hated edamame or fruit or tomatoes or cashews or almonds or blueberries, but the thing is--I love them. I am in a relationship with them--and I think a ring is going to arrive any day from them...I'm ready to plight my troth with salad...

This afternoon--after I get back home and start some fun chores--I am going to get ON that dadgum rebounder. And use my Shake Weight.


I confess to needing a little ray-rah! There, I said it.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying Advent like nobody's business. It's great. I have a cute little Advent calendar and open one more window each day. It's way too much fun. And then I have an Advent circle, complete with candle holders and the candles. That too is way too much fun!

If I don't post tomorrow, it's only because my schedule didn't let me get to a computer, in which case, I will post twice on Monday--once for Sunday and once for Monday. And all things equal, NEW PICS on Monday.

Love you all and love this journey.




  1. Weltha, this is wonderful and I applaud you! (clapping and cheering loudly)

    Kudos, kid!
    Bonnie Hare

    P.S.I love the name of your blog!

  2. Anxiously waiting to see new pics of the new 'do. We should do Pei Wei for lunch sometime. It's handy, and I have to confess I've never had their edamame. I've had it in salads, but never by itself.

  3. I posted a few days ago but it never registered. So sorry. But to sum up. I am so proud of you for not giving up. I think about you every day and am so happy for you. Your body is getting stronger. And your mind is clearer and your eyes are bluer. You have reached a whole month of change. I've heard it takes 28 days to break a habit or establish a new one. Congratulations! Don't give up! Go,Team, Go!


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