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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day the 28th

Oh, did I have a great weekend.

Nothing much to write home about but loads of fun with my friends at You Again, and then I took myself to The Town, Ben Affleck's 2nd foray into directing. I liked it. A lot. It haunted me, and his character haunts me still.

I had 2 bananas today because I have been low on my good for me, and one of them I sliced into Greek yogurt (Fage) with honey, blueberries (antioxidents), walnuts (for the Omega-3s), and cashew butter (because I love it.) I can tell when I haven't been drinking enough water--my joints aren't as loose, and my eyes sting some. Yesterday at church, I found that I walked up to the choir loft without having to "use" just one leg--my knees are better. I feel like renting a billboard, I'm so excited. Oh, and people are noticing that I'm thinner--and I love this.

One of my friends took some pictures of me and as soon as they are emailed to me, I will post them. Woo hoo...they had better make me look thinner.

I have 2 friends I mention frequently: Poodle and Woodstock (aka Pinky). Poodle is a long-time friend (28 years and counting), and we laugh at the same nonsense and tell each other everything (or as close to everything as a person ever gets). He's about 15 years younger than I am (so naturally, he's just finished kindergarten...) and has a wicked sense of humor. Yes, it was Poodle who long ago came up with Independently Weltha in case I ever wrote my autobiog. Of course, back then, blogs were...non-existent. Little did we know... Poodle it was who introduced me to GLEE and to Fage yogurt and is the one who loves Garlic Valhalla dressing on a salad. We have a whole repertoire of looks that communicate so much between us...and a series of private jokes that only we get...or find have one of those friends. You know you do.

Woodstock (aka Pinky) is one of those friends you have who is a few years younger than you, but everyone thinks you're the same age (thank you, people...). We are "reconnected" friends who met because I visited a church where a good friend and co-worker played the organ (no, this is not Scott the Organist, but it is the same church...yes, it's all connected...) and then reconnected when I started coming to that church a few years later and finally joined. He's working on his doctorate in Philosophy of Education and never has time to breathe, but we are going shopping for clothes next Sunday for when he presents his dissertation prospectus, and then we are off to Harry Potter. Oh, and lunch at Pei Wei. Lots of fun...

Tonight when I get home, I am defo going to jump on that dadgum rebounder and then use my lovely Shake Weight and its DVD with the impossibly cut and perky Lindsay "And 4....and 3...." I'll fill you in tomorrow on the results...

I find it fairly amusing that when a girl stops thinking about and obsessing over what she is going to eat next and how those brownies will taste and does she have time to stop by Wal Mart and get Almond M&Ms....she has much more energy to do other things. Or at least think about other things. Or think about doing other things.

And now, Gentle Readers, off to Facebook to make bothersome the lives of many...

O the humanity!



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