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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day the 42nd--Sat. and Sun. below!

If you want to read Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19, they are below, waiting for you...

I'm in love again...and I love, love, love it...

Yes, it's official. I'm in love. With Cashew Butter.

And although I never advertise, I got to, got to, GOT TO mention this wonderful brand. It's called East Wind Nut Butters, made in the Ozarks of SW Missouri--from whence my own mother hailed.

Reader, it's delicious. And the price is good. And I can actually get cashew butter made from raw--not roasted--cashews with no salt added. Raw is always better--those wonderful enzymes are still active. No salt? Do I need to explain this one? It's slightly sweet because cashews are slightly sweet--swirl it in Greek yogurt, spread it on vegetables or crackers...oh yum...and it makes a great and delicious thickener for salad dressings that you whipped up from scratch with a little lemon juice and olive oil...throw in some garlic and baby, you're done.

Coleslaw at lunch today--I know, I know...but I love the stuff. And then lovely field greens and spinach and some raw cauliflower--because it's a cruciferous vegetable. SO good for you!

What I love is that I finish eating early in the day. I feel so much better when I do that.

Today, I totally forgot my knives that I use to cut open my grapefruit, and then my grapefruit knife and also my grapefruit spoon. Yes, it makes a difference!

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna have some steamed carrots for lunch. I'm craving them again.

Oh, and at least ONE grapefruit for breakfast. Yum.

I may go see Hereafter again...I didn't absorb all of it. All right, I fell asleep for a while and missed a big chunk in the middle...and still loved the movie.

Off I go...see you tomorrow, Faithful Bloggettes...



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