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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day the 33rd (FRIDAY is below)

Today is Saturday, and I am finally blogging for two days. Friday--Day the 32nd--is below.

WHAT a great day.

My friend Woodstock (aka Pinky) and I went shopping together. He has his hearing on his prospectus Monday for his doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Education. This is a major deal, and we went to Macy's to get something new and great for him.

Reader, we did it. Beautiful fawn-colored trousers and a jacket with the fawn brown and a subtle blue windowpane stripe. And socks. And a belt. And a tie to pull in all the colors including the gorgeous blue shirt we bought. Woodstock is very slender and elegant, and he had just bought beautiful new Italianate-styled wing-tip oxfords. This is going to be A Look.

His work is wonderful, and he will also be stunning them with how great he looks. This was so much fun. But on top of it all, when I get to my final weight, Woodstock is going to buy me an outfit. Something sexy. Not "hey, what street corner you workin' tonight?" but something that says, "She may be [long] past her 30s, but she's still Got It." What a sweetie...and the kind of long-term motivation I can really get on board with...

And then we went to Pei Wei--one of his first experiences there--and had way too much fun. And yes, I had the edamame and the spicy chicken salad.

And Tuesday night, to celebrate the prospectus hearing being over and done with, we're going to Harry Potter. I can't wait!

Today's big goals have to do with exercise. The Shake Weight [if you watched the last episode of GLEE, you heard Will Shuester mention that Sue Sylvester got a number of Shake Weights after she rigged Secret Santa to get all the gifts herself.] Who knew that it was a mini-cultural phenomenon? I'm getting out my DVD, and Lindsay and I are getting after it.

And then...the rebounder. Come hoo-hah or high waters, I am getting on it and running on it. Period. You heard it here first.

Next weekend, I am going to have some egg nog. One glass. How fun--and at some point, a piece of pumpkin cheesecake. I will probably be making it myself--had hoped to this weekend but plans changed and I have less time.

Welcome to all my new followers--we are now up to 18. I love that--thank you, ALL of you for being here on the Weltha Weight-Loss Bus, relaxing and enjoying the ride as I ... run out of this metaphor.

Still waitin' on my new pics so you can see me rockin' my Emma Watson hair cut...

Big love to you all!



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