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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day the 40th--Saturday, December 18

All right, Gentle Readers...I'm back.

Friday night I met Keith the English Prof at Nordaggio's Coffee House and we exchanged gossip, oops I mean news for a couple of hours and YES, I had some egg nog...It was wonderful and silky and rich--after I managed to explain to the "barista" [a term I so loathe...] that I didn't want it "steamed" or made into something. I just wanted a glass of egg nog. No embellishments, leave off that foul canned whipped cream, no don't put coffee in it...just put the nice cold 'nog in a plastic cup and pass it over to me, posthaste, please...sheesh...the stuff you have to do to actually get something simple these days...yes, it was wunderbar...

Saturday night, I went with Poodle and a friend out to eat--we had talked about going to a "do" but didn't. Instead, we went to Lucky's, and if you live here, it's great. The prices are...high medium, but the food is excellent, beautifully presented, and no snooty-osity going on. In other words, stellar but not pretentious. Oh yeah, that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) me likes it...(un huh, uh huh). This was my Christmas dinner from Poodle, and I had a cup of hot pumpkin soup with creme fraiche swirled in, a lovely salad with Maytag bleu cheese (which we all pronounced like the washing machine but which I have a hunch is pronounced like the German for May Day, which would be "my-tok" or words to that effect), and then...a lovely chicken-fried steak to whom I wanted to propose it was such a food-poem complete with sage gravy, bleu-cheese mashed potatoes (don't know if it was Maytag or not...) and grilled asparagus spears. It was delicious and I enjoyed every single second. Funny thing is that I hadn't eaten all day--not deliberately but the day got away from me--and I really didn't notice. I mean, I wouldn't do that on purpose, but it just sort of happened. And I didn't feel bad or anything.

Then, off we went to look at Christmas lights and finally, home.

And earlier in the day, I had spent time with Alyce (aka Pearl) and we had hung out and had a good time. WAY too much fun! And on Friday night, I ran by Akin's Health Food store and bought not one but THREE big jars of raw cashew nut butter...the Sovereign of the Nut Butters...perks up any vegetable just like that! All right...2 of them are for gifts...and this is without question a time of CELEBRATION!

Later today, I'll post about Sunday, which was indeed a truly stellar day!



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