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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day the 143rd - Day 15 Of 30 Days of Truth

I love grocery shopping. I love coming up with cool recipes. I love food. Period. I think I am going to crack out the handy steamer and start steaming vegetables because I do so love them. And then, I think I will put them on whole leaves of Red Leaf Lettuce and make my very own steamed vegetable roll-ups, complete with my own homemade dressing...ah yes, this is food I can eat day after day, and vary so I get all sorts of goodies in my happy little system. Why, yes, I had a bagel sandwich this morning...what made you ask? I just did. I mean, I just did. And lunch was our typical...Work Salad Bar with the usual suspects...and at some point in the afternoon, I ate a banana...gave me energy and protein and potassium. All right, not so sure about that protein but still... And tonight--because I was waaaaaaay too weary last night--I am making the Vegan Dark Chocolate Mousse again. Last time, I put too much tofu that was a problem. And this time, I am adding...yes, I am adding vanilla. A very good vanilla. And a pinch of salt to pull flavors together. And then, I am going to use my hand mixer...we will see. And now, the moment you've been waiting for: it's Day 15 of 30 Days of Truth. And the prompt is... What Makes You Cry? People--have you got a couple of hours? I am a weeper. Did it start with being bipolar? Or did it coincide with it? Who knows and who cares, I say. I cry. Easily. And I'm going to list what makes me cry easily:

  1. Being yelled at. I cry like crazy if someone yells at me or scolds me.

  2. Feeling stupid and as if I am not "getting" something. Especially if it's a something I think I should get. Easily.

  3. Thinking about my parents and remembering how cool they were and how much I miss them.

  4. Melanie's death in Gone With The Wind, and Scarlett getting dumped by Rhett.

  5. The Book of Common Prayer...Rite I brings the tears like nothing else.

  6. God's goodness to me.

  7. When I'm mistreated or feel I've been.

  8. Some of our anthems and hymns at church.

  9. Million Dollar Baby

  10. Being afraid for my future--I have to work on not doing allowing myself to think this way.

  11. Talking to my therapist--I don't think Janis and I have ever made it through a session without me getting weepy at least a little.

  12. Feeling heartbroken (oh, like this makes me unusual)

  13. When my bipolarity acted up all the time and even meds didn't control it too well.

  14. When something bad or sad happens to someone I care about.

  15. When I'm sick--I cry constantly then. Constantly. I do not make a good sick person. Doctors, beware!

And that about does it. I mean, I cry so easily it's not even funny...I am Weltha--see me weep!



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