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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day the 120th and Day the 121st

All right, all RIGHT, get OFF my back because I am soooooooooooo tired from unpacking and everything that, no, I didn't post yesterday.

Honestly, it has been...not a nightmare because everyone helped so much and because my housemate is a wonderful person. I am one fortunate woman.'s not a nightmare...

No, it's that unpacking and all the decisions and the "let's take this over to storage even though I thought I really wanted it but I really don't need it right now" is wearing. Not to mention, the Case Of The Missing Fafnir.

Fafnir is my 3rd cat, and I need to find a safe and loving home for him. I should have done this a long time ago and I did try, but he moved with me. the process of the move, he "got lost" at Pearl's and the next thing you know, she is wearing herself out looking for him and then...she found him yesterday, the little sneak.

And apparently, he was quite the handful to wrangle...and now, I have to pick him up and find a home for him. And pay for him to be neutered (which I never did because of $$$ or at least I thought that was the problem...) and have his basic shots. Oh yikes.

So...if you live in "my area" of the world, and you would like a lovely little male cat (a slender little fellow who is a yellow tabby with white paws and chest and amber eyes), let me know. He needs a home. And I need to have only two cats's too much $$$ and it's too much in terms of...beings running around harrassing each other.

No bagel yesterday either but a hot pumpernickel with honey-butter this morning. And then I thought, "Oh the butter counting as dairy because it's Ash Wednesday?" and then I realized...the chances were good it was margarine, which is a cousin of plastic...and I don't think that violates the fast...well, that's my story and I'm stickin' with it.

Last night, I went to Pei Wei with Debbie's son and daughter-in-law and also with Rachel, whose mother's wedding I was in...many moons ago. We had a great time catching up--middle-aged me and these Young Folk--and I had the Asian Chopped Chicken glad to have it. So glad. No edamame because I was tired...I had had salad bar for lunch...nothing exciting and who KNOWS where that coleslaw came from because it's not the great stuff they WERE serving...I may have to lodge a Coleslaw Protest...

And today...same know, I may have to start packing my lunch simply because I need to have more interesting foods to post. Am I sending you all to the Nation of Yawn?

Yes, today is the first day of Lent...and I am, as I said, giving up swearing and complaining (doing fine on the first for the most part; not so great on the second...) and adding in trying to pray for people...I must make a list. A major list. And then, I am reading a book by the Archbishop of Canterbury and I cannot REMEMBER the doggone name. No, "doggone" isn't swearing. It's...emphasis.

And tonight is both the Ash Wednesday Service (after I go to Pearl's and pick up Fafnir...which should be entertaining...) and then after the service, CHOIR PRACTICE. I imagine I will make it home very very tired. Not to mention that Fafnir probably will NOT like the carrier but what's a girl gonna do?

and yes, I need to get a set of scales this weekend, and next Wednesday, we will update on Weltha's Weight.

Right now, I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeep...and watch a movie first. But WHAT have I done with the remotes? And yes, I can hit the buttons but I hit the wrong one last night and am now not sure I can fix it with the buttons...I need the Remote know, clap my hands and they go "beep beep" or something like that.

Thanks for stickin' with me...I will (I WILL) do a better job of posting. Yes, yes I will.



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