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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 117 and Day 118

Oh, here I am Gentle Readers All, begging your pardon for NOT posting as I has been...crazy. I'm ready to repeat my mantra of "never move, never move, never move" or at least the one known as "clean out all junk and stuff you really don't use, once every year."

But "it" is almost complete, and I am so...grateful. More shout-outs to people who went above and beyond the call on all of this move (which has been far more complex than I wanted to has had nightmarish moments...): Rack and Eric, and Woodstock. Honestly, these guys should be canonized (except we're Anglican and we don't do that, but they deserve it). Rack said he was just trying to max out on Karma points, but it's more than that. They are good guys. Really, really good guys. As in excellent guys. And Woodstock has a conference looming at the end of the month and helped me like a big dog and that paper isn't written yet...Anyhoodle, these guys KNOW what they did to help me, and for that, I say, "Thanks, men." And of course, a major, major thanks to Alyce The Pearl. Sister, you are indeed the Pearl of Great Price--you are a major lifesaver and that smothered steak, mashed potatoes and salad really hit the ol' spot!

Such good people. And I am so tired from it all...

Well, I have finally jerked the slack out of myself and as of Saturday, I had the last of the bagels for a while...I have really been tempted to eat "naughty foods" and I think that is the reaction to stress. I mean, come ON, for YEARS and YEARS at a time, my response to stress of any sort was Dr. Weltha's prescription of a bag of M&Ms or double-cheeseburger-and-monster-tots at Sonic or triple dip of Chocolate Fudge in a waffle cone at Baskin-Robbins...or perhaps a combination of all of these, washed down with gallons of Coca-Cola...

This morning, instead of stopping off for my "poor moved and now there is all this unpacking and the nonsense that goes with it" bagel breakfast, which is perfectly all right once or twice a month but not 7 days a week, I had a banana (because Work's cafeteria has bananas for $ .87, including tax) with...cashew butter. It is an incredible combo, and because I'm not the biggest banana fan but do appreciate how they contain soluble fiber and potassium, I am happy to have a way that makes me want to eat my 'nanas...

Lunch today is going to be Work salad bar and that's perfectly fine because there is a great deal of Good Stuff showing up on that salad bar....Me loves that. Me loves it loooooooooooooong time...

Starting next Monday, I think I am going to invite the movers over in small groups and have dinner for them. Right now, the best way to do that is on a Monday night because my housemate is out on Monday nights--and it's not like I don't want to include her because I do; she's great!--but because I would like a low-key, no introductions the first time I entertain these nice people who labored so hard.

Honestly, the men (and women...) of St. Jerome's have been the best in terms of this complex, complicated, multi-faceted move. I'm leaving out the details because...because I try to type happy stuff and not a bunch of "top this stressful situation" stuff. Suffice it to say that the St. Jerome's friends who helped took so much of the stress out. I have found moving stressful in and of itself but have NOT been a big "stress eater." Good for Weltha!

I did have one major treat in all of this and I may have told you: a bar of organic dark chocolate with chilis in it. I love chocolate with chili pepper in it--like the Incas (or was it the Aztecs? So not my era of if it were the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars....I know, I know...I'm sending you to the Land of Yawn...)

All right, I'm back to posting every day. I LOVE that people in Russia and in Spain are reading me. This is WAY cool! And we've had some readership in Germany and in Ukraine, too.

I will post later today (lunch...) for today's post, and then I am CAUGHT UP!

Love you all...comment if this dadgum thing will let you!



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