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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day the 110th - Day the 116th...She's ALIVE...

Two words of advice: Never. Move.

Actually, that's sorta unfair to my friends and helpers in the move...they were STELLAR, but I am exhausted. Not to mention stomach problems (and let's not mention them...let's just was...something else and leave it at that) However, if you will read to the bottom, you will see the much-deserved shout-out to my movers.

The stress was pretty much off the charts at moments, but thanks to the fact that I am not swilling Coca-Cola and chowin' down on Tater Tots and heaven only knows WHAT else, I am not freaking out from it all. All right, I had some physical symptoms, but between our weather being one thing one day (we had a blizzard and sub-zero temps...) and another thing another day (it's in the high 60s and low 70s this week...) and everything going on with this move (which is a great deal more than I have let on...), I am happy that I haven't just totally freaked out, torn my clothes off, and run naked, screaming into the night...

Which would not be a pretty sight...I mean, there's less of me, but not that much less that I'm going to run around sans clothing...Actually, I wouldn't do that anyway, because...I just don't do things like that...(who knew?)

Food. You want to know, right? I won't lie--I have been Queen of Old School Bagel Cafe, mostly as a treat for eating well and not freaking out, tearing off clothes, etc. However, this has been balanced with salads, fruit, steamed vegetables, and the Deliberate Avoidance Of Naughty Foods. I even ate once at--gasp!--Sonic, where I am proud to say that I had the grilled chicken salad with a single packet of honey mustard dressing, no croutons. Why? Because that's what I wanted--not a hamburger, not french fries...a salad. One night, I had a soup-bowl portion of frozen green peas (heated, naturally) because that's what I wanted. Next night, frozen corn (because, etc. etc.)

Lunch today might be salad bar or might be apple-with-cashew-butter. Our work salad bar has been featuring a fruit salad--and I might have just that and drizzle some cashew butter on it...

Tonight, St. Jerome's has its annual Mardi Gras Fundraiser with dinner and silent and open auctions. It's a major deal for us--not just the biggest fundraiser of the year for our tiny parish, but it is also the major social event of our year. Poodle has "purchased" a table of 8, and I am one of his guests. What this means is that I get to sit with one of my BFFs, have lovely food, and enjoy delightful conversation with some very dear people. And yes, I will be having some of Bishop's special bread pudding BUT I am going to have one spoonful and that's it.

I have discovered that if I don't eat sugar and drink pop and generally abuse my body with grease, additives, preservatives, and artificial gunk, I don't have to take prescription meds. I do, of course use the Bach Original Flower Essences, particularly Rescue Remedy, but no prescription meds. And I remain...serene and feeling good.

Last night, the whole "move thing" and the "ongoing" for the next few weeks until all is unpacked and I have settled in, just got to me, and I decided that the best thing to do was to go to my room, shut the door, hang with the cats, and read a book. Which I did. And great equilibrium was restored. That's another positive effect of eating well--you can hear your own negative emotions and know what to do about them. They sneak up on you much slower, give more warning, and seem to dissipate much faster...

Next purchase: a set of scales. My old set was...very old and in not-so-great-condition for a variety of reasons. I am looking now for new scales. Meanwhile, I am going to continue good eating and start to get MUCH more exercise.

Thanks for stickin' with me during the Week Of No Posting...I may have a day or two in the next week where I don't post, but that should pretty much be it.

A MAJOR shout-out to the move helpers: Havah, Rack, Eric, Woodstock, Marke, Mike, Gary, Steve, Lee, Elmer, and Thomas. Havah, Rack, and Eric deserve special mention because went the extra mile on a second day...and never a word but helpfulness and kindness. Woodstock deserves special mention because he gave up valuable weekend study and rest time to help--and he doesn't have much extra time to just give away as it is. Steve and Thomas came along as friends and volunteers. And Marke fed me, Mike yakked with me, Gary was so sweet and hard-working...and Lee and Elmer drove an hour just to get here and help. All right, they ALL deserve a special mention! And Alyce..."Pearl" herself has been the best. Thank you, Pearl...I'm gonna be there for you if you need me when you move.

And that's about it for today...stay tuned, more to come, more weight to lose, more exercise to have, more fun and frolic, more great clothes to fit into...



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