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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day the 133rd - Day 5 of 30 Days Of Truth

Good morning, all! Girlfriend here is in a famously grumpy mood and is not lookin' to break out of it in the next 12 minutes as she types this blog.
Why, you ask? Because I have cried hard two times in as many days and that's more than I am likin' at the moment.
This is the continuation and fall-out of yesterday's knock-down, drag-out.
And then people wonder why I hate strife as much as I do...and why I think it's a danger...I know, boggles my mind, too.
So for the 2nd day in a row, SHEESH-A-MUNDO and I feel like CRAPPO. On top of it, wee Fafnir refused to get into his carrier today. neutering. And I feel like a Bad Cat Mom because he's very upset with me.
Add to this that I got on the scales this morning and either I have gained several pounds or at least one of the scales (old one vs new one) has been set incorrectly. Yes, very very depressing. And without occasioning political commentary (code for "I don't want any comments on this blog about Obama or the Democrats or the Republicans or General Kaddafi or anything of that ilk or so help me, I won't post your comment. And I will not be happy."), add to that that we are at war with Libya...I swear...anyone else want to have a piece of the US? How about Canada? Sorry, Canadian reader. You all are more civilized than we are in the US, and I'm only kidding. By the way, I have a CANADIAN reader and an ITALIAN reader. And of course DizzyLizzy from Aus and Evelyn from Sverige! And possibly someone in Ireland! And it means ever so much.
Foodwise, last night was INDEED yogurt+ and I almost didn't have that...and I indulged in a little retail therapy. No, I didn't go buy a pair of $500 shoes...I bought some things I had been planning to buy--a really great set of OXO (do you know that brand? I get it at Target and it's GREAT!) measuring cups and measuring spoons. The metal ones. The really nice metal ones. And then, a movie. And also some killer eye-makeup remover from...BOOTS of the UK. "Boots the Chemist"--when I was in the UK 6 years ago, I visited Boots almost every day. I love Boots. If you ever go to the UK, Boots is a must. I love me the Boots!
This morning, despite a longing for bagel-o-rama (and yes, I had a bagel yesterday morning. I have decided a bagel of any sort each week on either Saturday or Sunday--yesterday was a Jalapeno bagel with vegetable cream cheese. I would have made it onion-chive, but I was going to be singing in the Choir...had I known, I would have had a doggone GARLIC bagel with the ONION-CHIVE cream cheese...and maybe asked for a slice of REAL ONION. Yes, grumpy mood...), I had grapes. Of course, it is my very nice co-worker's birthday celebration today )and grumpy here didnt' even get her a card...when I get mad, I get selfish...), and we are going for India buffet at lunch. Yes, I'm stoked. Tomorrow, I'll report what I ate. I love Indian food...and I love this particular buffet!
All right. It's Day 5 of 30 Days Of Truth. And here is the prompt:
Something About Which People Compliment You
Okay, it didn't really say it like that, but I felt the need for Grammatical Correctness...
My hair. People compliment me on my hair all the time for a couple of reasons.
First is that DAN cuts it great. Really great. He's so talented and he really wants it to look good. He succeeds. If you live in "my town" and you need a great stylist, just contact me and I'll tell you ALL about Dan. He's Dan the Man in my book.
Second, it's always a great color, and I have the bottle to prove it! It has ranged from REALLY RED to a deep warm brown (right now it's the latter...)
Third, it's thick. I really feel for anyone whose hair is thinning (particularly women because we can't just go shave our heads...well, we can, but people gawk...) and mine is like astroturf. It's thick. Very thick. Too thick sometimes but if I had to have one or the other...besides, Dan is a Master with the thinning shears.
I mean people talk about my hair a LOT. I love that. I love it because I know it's sincere and to a degree, I can affect the outcome. I mean, I can get a great cut, give it a great color, try to style it the best I can. So...I don't feel uncomfortable with the compliment. I mean, it's partly because of me. It's partly due to my effort. The thickness is Mom and my genes...that I can't affect. That's okay.
Indian in half an hour. I am hoping a really good meal and great company will improve my crappo mood.
Sorry, I'll be doing better soon...

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  1. Hello dear one. First of all I remember your beautiful red season...and then the reddish brown season...etc. And you have been there for all my clairol moments as well. The good the bad and the ugly. Hey I got your message and I immediately went to the one who is above all things....
    You are very much missed here at the farm...loving your blog at the moment. It is like being in the same room as you. As I read your comments I can actually hear your voice! Awww and it makes me miss you.
    Give yourself a big hug..


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