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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day the 124th and Day the 125th

This move and the unpacking (and the concommitant exhaustion) have slowed me down on the blogging. And I am sorry...I mean, after all, I DID promise to post daily and to put my new pics on monthly (failed miserably there...).

Saturday was a day of shifting stuff around, unpacking more boxes, and just generally trying to make decisions and heft things that are heavy. Thus, I have all sorts of bruises on my legs because the bags will bang into my legs when I least expect it, usually when there is something sharp-edged and heavy inside. Yow-wow-ouch...

And all I managed to eat was two bowls of yogurt (Greek Fage!) with blueberries, walnuts, honey and cashew butter.

But today, I had--yes!--a pumpernickel bagel with honey-almond cream cheese and then a bowl of yummy homemade chili.

And this evening...probably more yogurt AND some popcorn. Not mixed together, you understand. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

The Lenten disciplines are...quite a challenge. Because I'm not giving up "my favorite food"--I am (as you have ad nauseum) trying to stop swearing when I'm under stress and trying to stop complaining, and wouldn't you know it? Opportunities to avoid both are coming thick and fast, and girlfriend here is doing...not so great.

And no, I'm not adding in the things I would like to add in. Yet.

Meanwhile...I am looking forward to buying new scales so I can get back to weighing every other week for Weigh-In Wednesday.

This is short today, but thank you for sticking with me. It's no fun to try to read a daily blog that isn't being posted daily, but plans are in the works to change that.

And to be able to post it daily onto Facebook. Which helps.

Comment if you can--I miss hearing from you all but have received many emails that people have had trouble with the commenting. I may have to change it all up to make it easier.



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