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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day the 123rd

It just occurred to me.

Yesterday, Day the 122nd, was 1/3 of the way through this Ride On The Big Bus To Weight Loss.

So hard to believe, and so much more weight that I need to lose. So. Very. Much. More.

Last night, girlfriend here ran a few errands--went to Tuesday Morning and bought some really cute placemats, bought some nails and a hammer at ACE Hardware (and resisted the urge to buy the Pink Hammer for Komen Cure for Cancer), went to the Dollar Tree and bought cheap placemats to put the cats' food upon, and lip shimmer and who knows what else....and went home and did a little toward the unpacking and sorting and shifting and then thought, "I'll just put my pjs on, and get in bed and watch a movie for a while.

And bingo! I woke up, it was midnight, I was tired, and...fell back asleep after turning movie and light off...with my makeup on (boo...) but did get up this morning as early as I had hoped...and needed to because there was a pile of unsorted laundry on my bed that needed to be...sorted. So I did.

I got some SmartFood popcorn at the Dollar Tree and enjoyed it thoroughly--it's simply white popcorn with white cheddar on it. Yes, that was dinner because I was...tired.

This morning--NO BAGEL (yes!) but rather a crisp, juicy Pink Lady apple for breakfast and then the ubiquitous salad bar for lunch. OH! I lodged my Coleslaw Protest yesterday, only to be assured that the Regular and Delicious Coleslaw will be returning next week. Now...if I can just get the folks who run the cafeteria and put the items for the day on the board to stop using an apostrophe in a plural, and learn to spell rotisserie correctly...I will be so happy.

I may or may not be having a dinner guest Monday pm--3 were invited and two have had to send their regrets. One still has to respond...actually, I am almost hoping we can't do it because I need mean, I would have to do a lot of the cooking on Sunday, and it's already "Spring Forward" which means that I am going to have to leave for church at what feels like 7:30 am because 8:30 am will be about the right time to get me there for our 9 am rehearsal...ah well...

GOT to get those scales because I cannot, cannot tell what's going on with my weight. I have eaten what feels like a TON of bagels in the last few weeks what with the Four-Phase Move and all, and I have no idea if I am the same, have gained weight (Please. No.) or if I have lost (not bettin' the farm on it...)

Yes, dear Readers, I am in a slump. So...I'm gonna mix it up a bit and go for a walk today and tomorrow. And Sunday. And that should kick-start getting back with it.

But will it fix these cliches in which I am writing...that's the bigger question...

But I am very proud of the apple this morning for breakfast. Go ME!



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  1. I am proud of your apple too! :o) Plus I am excited that you are so close to Heller Park and can take a walk whenever you want to!


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