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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day the 128th

Tomorrow, I am going to "start something."

No, not a fight with someone...much as it sounds like I am.

I'm going to start "30 Days of Truth" in my blog. Tracey of "Life at Tracey Speed"--one of the blogs I follow and which you can find over at the right--did this some months back and posted the entire list of the "30 Days" prompts.

It seemed cool and a cool thing to do during Lent. Besides, you all have GOT to get bored reading that I had coleslaw with my lunch for the 87th consecutive day, or hear me wax eloquent on the joys of cashew butter (cool thing: one of my friends said she just has to try it so I gave told her the brand I use and the store where I buy it and another makes a cashew cream sauce which recipe I can hardly wait to get my mitts on....) I have to confess that I am not exercising at all. As in AT ALL, but I hope this will change because I am buying a used elliptical from a friend from grad school (back when I was there...) and I can put it in my room and...ellipticate?...while I watch a movie or read a book. How cool is that?

Yeah, I know...maybe, maybe not.

Anyhoodle, back to today. I had a cranberry-orange-walnut bagel with butter this morning...because I felt like it, OK? And then lunch can salad bar...and it is getting really good. Thing is that "they" have fruit on the salad bar and I'm a believer in eating fruit on an empty stomach, letting it digest and then...yes, eating your other food later--we're talking 30 minutes, but still..what to do? what to do?

Of course, I could have nothing but fruit for lunch. That's a thought. Not my favorite because I will absolutely have to eat something later...

Anyway (because I try not to say "anyhoodle" twice in one written item or it all gets waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too precious), I am looking forward to getting the doggone scales because we NEED to know what's going on with my weight. Period. Weigh-In Wednesday is a week from today--Wednesday March 23.

Choir practice tonight...and I am going to Target on the way to research prices on a few things....I'm nothing if not a careful shopper...

Remember, tomorrow starts 30 Days of Truth....

Love you all!



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