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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day the 138th - Day 10 of 30 Days Of Truth

Yes, yes, I missed yesterday, campers! I meant--I really did--to get to the library but just didn't manage it. So....I'm doing TWO blog posts on Sunday AND two Days of Truth today and posting several days worth to both FB pages. Pretend this is Saturday 3/26/11... All right...Saturday...slept until 8 am and people, this is like sleeping until the late afternoon for me. And unpacked, and unpacked, and unpacked. And stressed out my joints and stuff and then went over to Kat the Fellow-Alto's house and we talked and watched Bride and Prejudice which is the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice and a really fun movie. Yes, a good time was had by all. Yesterday (Saturday...), I had yogurt+ twice and that's about it! Not much to tell other than lots of boxes to the trash, lots of things unpacked, three (3, count 'em, 3) loads of laundry done, and just generally trying to figure out where to put things. Anyone else find that moving seems to go on forever? I'm looking forward to the unpacking being OVER and DONE with so I can really enjoy my new place. Meanwhile, my housemate had her little boys with her--and they are three really great people. I am one lucky--blessed, highly favored, whatever you want to say--woman. And I know it. Very happy place to be. All right, and today (yesterday...Saturday...3/26/11) is Day 10 of 30 Days Of Truth. And the prompt is: Someone Who Has Made My Life Worth Living Spoiler alert: it's my time to talk about Jesus. He's the one. I don't say "Jesus" because I'm a Christian and I'm expected to say this and it's the "right answer" sort of thing--but because it's the truth. I almost didn't want to put Jesus--not because I'm ashamed of being a Christian believer--but because it seemed so...cliched. I mean, what's a Christian SUPPOSED to say but "Jesus has made my life Worth Living." But He's the one who has, and no one else on earth can even come close. Not even light-years close... And I'll make it simple. He--His sacrifice for me, His Kingdom, His plan for my life--has made my life have meaning. I can handle pretty much anything except a meaningless life. I've known my share of suffering--and the one reason I have made it through is because I believe Jesus really loves me and has a plan for my life, one that gives me purpose and meaning. One of my friends said, "You've been through so much in the last few years, and yet, here you are, still standing, still...present and willing. I don't know how." I know. It's because Jesus is not some fictional or historical being. He is a real person, and I can know Him. And his plan for me--his calling--his vocation (whatever you want to say) makes my life worth living. I believe I am on earth for a purpose and that it's a GOOD purpose. I believe I am here to teach, and as I teach, I make Him and His goodness known to others. That makes life worth living. I believe my life is of significance. Nothing can replace that. No riches, no position, no power, no importance, no possessions, no experiences--nothing at all replaces the sense that my life is meaningful and significant. So yes, it is Jesus and Jesus alone who has made my life worth living. Really worth living. And it is that sense of purpose that has seen me through the darkest days of my life and brought me out on the other side. He's real. We can know Him. And He's good. Independently, Weltha

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