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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day the 119th

Here we are, at Rancho Weltha, posting at lunch.

If you scrooooooooooooooooll down, you will see the posting for this weekend and sorry, get off my back about it. Girlfriend here was exhausted.

We are moving Weigh-In Wednesday from THIS Wednesday (March 9) to the following Wednesday (March 16) because moving has left girlfriend broke for the rest of the week, and she's not gonna shell out for a new set of scales when she's busy countin' change to buy lunch. And inexpensive lunch, at that.

Today's lunch was salad bar--and I chose the fruit. Cut up watermelon chunks, pineapple chunks (real fresh pineapple, not canned stuff), strawberry pieces, and whole red grapes. I made a discovery: cashew butter is fairly meh on things like melon, but put it on an acidy fruit (like the strawberries and the pineapple or even an apple) and it's really wonderful. The tart acidity and the sweet mildness of the cashew butter are a marriage made in food heaven.

Speaking of which...Wednesday begins Lent, and I am an Anglican. It's funny--lots of people get all het up about Mardi Gras, but I get all interested in Lent.

And of course, Wednesday (ASH Wednesday) is not only a day of obligation (translate: supposed to go to church, which I will) but also a day in which I am not supposed to eat meat or dairy--which I won't because I'm not young, elderly, or sick.

So...this year, I am "giving up" certain speech patterns (all right, I have been known to swear. Happy?) for Lent and also I am going to try to stop complaining (out loud or in my heart...) and I am also going to pray more for more people and read a book I have meant to read on Christian aesthetics.

I am comforted to know this is not an "all or nothing" competition. I am endeavoring with God's grace to subtract some thing and to add others. I will make mistakes--if I drop cat food cans on my foot, I may swear (at least in my mind...) and I will stumble over the not complaining thing quite a bit. Some days, I won't pray as I should...but I hope I can at least read the book!

And of course, it's easier to observe Lent in terms of the fasting because I am not eating a bunch of "stuff." Of course, there goes the chocolate-with-chilis for the next 40 days...



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