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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day the 122nd

What a difference a day makes...24 little hours...

I love that song. And how very true it is because:
  1. Fafnir stopped being mad at his mommy and cuddled up next to me last night and then acted all sorts of normal. I am so glad.
  2. Friends are paying for his being neutered. I'm paying for his shots, but a group is paying for the neutering. People, this is major. They volunteered. They know that not only do I not have billions of spare dollars but that moving took it out of me.
  3. I ate fruit for lunch today. All right, I did have a veggie sandwich for breakfast on an Asiago Bagel at...Old School Bagel Cafe, but hey! I'm celebrating something...not sure what...
  4. My check came last night. I mean, it NEVER comes on Wednesday, and there it was. Yes, I was delighted. I needed the $$$.

Honestly, there is not enough moolah this time to buy the scales because there are a few things I really need before then, and you know, the money only goes so far, but...

No, I'm not using this as an excuse to avoid Weigh-In Wednesday next's just that I really need some new scales and it isn't going to happen this week...dang it...

However, this will be a weekend of a LOT of exercise because I will be unpacking and hefting things around (I love that word "heft," don't you? I knew you did...)

And I need to shut down being Queen of the Bagel... (sorry Scott...)

Oh, how am I doing on my Lenten committment to use my words better by not swearing and not complaining and instead pray more and for more people and read a valuable book?

Well, the swearing kinda jumped up last night when I was trying to corral Fafnir into his carrier and then when I ran an errand for Pearl, and this nimrod pulled out in front of me so I couldn't make my turn because I'm just so important...

And I'm sure you can tell I'm complaining--even complained on FB about people who know zippidy-do-dah about Lent but knock it anyway...and of course, it came across as...sorta mean-spirited...I don't much like that...when I do that.

The praying? Oh, pretty much zilch (note to self: settle yourself down tonight and take at least 15 minutes and get after it) and the book? HA! I fell asleep to I, Robot last night and woke up to see...Will Smith doing something....

But with Scarlett, I say, "Tomorrow is another day." And it's a good thing, too.

One thing that really helped with this move--whether or not I lost any more weight or even if I gained a pound or two--is that I have not been eating junk, and that makes ALL the difference. I can't speak for everyone, but when I am eating fried foods all over the place, drinking Coca-Cola or iced tea, eating sweets and foods with lots of preservatives and artificial what not (and not eating plenty of fruits and vegetables), we all know it. I'm way too easily on the ragged edge.

I have cried exactly twice, all right, 3 times...over this move. Once when I was anxious that some of my stuff had been thrown out (it wasn't, and I knew to just leave it alone for the moment); when Fafnir went missing; and when I realized that some of my movers had done something extremely nice for me. As in extremely nice. Normal Weltha-gets-weepy moments. Not Weltha-has-a-meltdown moments...

That has been one of the best things about changing how I eat--I feel so much more stable in my emotions. This is HUGE, people--huge.

The gettin' thinner part? It's happening, and it will continue. I'm eating the way I am MOSTLY now because I feel so much better. Not to mention my joints don't hurt like they did when I was trying to drain the known universe of Coca-Cola....

Yes, I will try to post these onto Facebook...and please, try to comment if you have a gets lonely out here in Eatingrightville...



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