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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day the Third

Tomorrow, I publish some of the GREAT ideas from some of my readers who didn't comment.
But first...yes, I dragged the rebounder out of the closet.

I didn't rebound on it, but it's out where I can--right in the living room. That's huge.
  • Eating lots of raw carrots and finding that the taste isn't too awful. I still need to make that drizzley dip for it or steam these suckers.
  • Managed an orange this morning. They are so much work, but a good orange is worth it. Note to self: buy the navel oranges you choose yourself, not the ones in the bag.
  • What would I do without my own personal trail mix of organic raisins and raw organic almonds? I buy both in semi-bulk and then have to nosh upon. Organic raw sunflower seeds are great with raisins or with dates (the fruit variety, not the "wanna go to a movie?" variety) Why raw? My doctor of 22 years ago--who shall now be referred to as Dr. X--told me that raw seeds and nuts have their enzymes intact--they are living food.
  • Drinking about 2 quarts of water a day--I have my quart mason jar at work (no, not filled with "sweet tea"; I prefer my syrup on waffles or pancakes...) and I try to drink a full jarful in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Will be eating an apple on the way from work to Choir practice tonight...that's about 1/2 hour drive.
  • OH...had some Wolfgang Puck Organic Chicken Noodle soup for lunch. Because it was fast and it was there, that's why.
  • Big goal is to have some yogurt tonight but am out of honey and any decent sweetener (and no $$$ until tomorrow for strawberries--thanks Jana. Brilliant idea.)
  • Tomorrow, will be buying Fage Greek yogurt (higher in protein, and just oh-so-good), more honey or some decent sweetner (brown rice syrup?), blueberries, almond butter (because it's good. As my friend Thad says, "It needs to TASTE GOOD." Word, Thad...) and of course, the "stuff" to make salads.
  • I LOVE SALAD. I am a salad junkie. One of the reasons I have been eating less--and "less fun" food is that when I get through about a week of that? I just crave salad afterwards. Salad starts feeling like this major sybaritic treat.
  • Let's see if I run on the rebounder tonight...with Choir practice, don't be puttin' money on it...


  1. Sister Weltha!!

    This is going to be FUN... well, for me, maybe not for YOU! LOL

    First suggestion... if I may... lose the carrots. Once digested, they are pure SUGAR!

    Low carbs works, but you don't have to count... just "be aware!" When you treat yourself to a good burger, lose the TOP bun and eat it openfaced! Instead of munching on those good garlic rolls before the Italian dinner, save them for WITH the meal. You'll eat less of them, and still have the satisfaction of having them included.

    Can't wait to read tomorrow's blog....

    Love ya!

  2. i also love organic raisins and raw organic almonds mixed together!


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